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L.A.M.B. Alston Satchel

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L.A.M.B. Alston Satchel

L.A.M.B Alston satchel in great condition. Great bag. Very roomy. Used a couple times as an overnight bag. Minor scuffs at the corners but very minimal. Can send more pictures if interested.
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Sep 26 06:03PM
tedreawHi, is this bag still available @ming24nj
Jan 03 08:40AM
ming24nj@tedreaw yes, it is.
Jan 04 11:39AM
dgual511@ming24nj hello, I was wondering, would you take $180?
Jan 18 10:04AM
ming24njHi @dgual511! Thanks for your purchase! I'll ship the bag this weekend and send you the tracking info once I have it. Thanks!
Jan 22 08:47PM
dgual511Thank you! And thank you for lowering the price!
Jan 23 03:52AM
dgual511Just wondering if this was shipped yet.
Jan 26 01:34PM
ming24nj@dgual511 Hi! No, it is not. I wanted to ask you if you want me to send it now or hold off until the storm. I ask because I'm just wary that the package might get lost or take a longer time since it's being sent via USPS. I've had orders thru Poshmark that was lost in the mail before. Let me know and I'll act accordingly. Thanks!
Jan 26 03:34PM
dgual511Yeah that's actually a good idea, thanks!
Jan 26 03:39PM
ming24nj@dgual511 Hi Dayna! I'm thinking of sending the bag either tomorrow or Saturday and just wondering if you think it's ok now. I live in California so I'm not sure how bad the blizzard affected mail this week. Let me know. Thanks!
Jan 29 12:39PM
dgual511Hello, @ming24nj my mail was back to normal yesterday, so if you can send it tomorrow that'd be great. Thanks!
Jan 29 12:40PM
dgual511Has this been shipped out yet?
Feb 01 07:59AM
ming24nj@dgual511 Yes, it was. I will give you the tracking info. I have it in my car.
Feb 01 10:06AM

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