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* Junior Drake Gail black leather handbag

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* Junior Drake Gail black leather handbag

Junior Drake Gail leather handbag. I've carried many designer bags throughout the years and this bag is my favorite. The leather is soft and supple, while the crossbody strap is comfortable and practical. Overall this bag wears well and always looks fantastic.
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lisabeezCute. Can you add a pic holding it by it's handles? Any wear and also a pic of the inside?
May 31 08:42AM
nickidicki@lisabeez Sure! More pics coming up. :)
May 31 10:15AM
lisabeez@nickidicki thanks! Never heard if this designer but after researching seems that the leather is lambskin and buttery soft. Love soft leather bags despite all the hoopla of LV and MK I still am a sucker for soft leather
May 31 10:27AM
nickidicki@lisabeez I added some pics of the inside, and I'm going to post more holding it soon. As far as wear goes, the lining is silk and has some tiny pulls here and there. On the inside left corner of the lining there is a yellow (highlighter?) spot, but it doesn't show up in the pics. The outside is in great condition-only real signs of wear are small scuffs on a few pieces of the hardware. I love my LVs, MK designer handbags too!! So I was really impressed when I bought this. Even if you don't buy this one, I would recommend a JR Drake if your into luxury materials like lamb skin and silk fabrics.
May 31 12:54PM
lisabeez@nickidicki thanks for the extra pics. Will wait to see you holding it bc that's usually how I hold my bags like a satchel
May 31 02:37PM
nickidicki@lisabeez Here you go! Let me know if you need any more pics or have any questions! Thanks so much!! (Love your closet, btw :)
May 31 04:27PM
lisabeez@nickidicki wow that's🔥🔥🔥! It seems very large! Do you know the WxHxD.
May 31 04:33PM
nickidicki@lisabeez It is a larger bag! This style is actually called the "Gail Mini Skinny Satchel" which is ironic because this bag is neither mini nor skinny... The dimensions are approx 16"x14"x5"and the crossbody strap is 42" but is adjustable up to about 6" (so you can go from about 36" up to 42"). :)
May 31 04:53PM
lisabeez@nickidicki devastated!😩I think it's too big for me! It's seems almost like a messenger rather than a satchel. I just took the measuring tape to be sure and I just don't think I can manage it. If I was still working in manhattan I would have totally rocked this and just about thrown everything in there including my extra pair of shoes! This bag is amazing. I'm so sorry for taking up all of your time and asking SO many questions. You definitely introduced me to a designer I had no idea about and will be sure to share it every chance I get💖
May 31 05:01PM
nickidicki@lisabeez No problem!! Glad I could help :) Thanks so much for your interest and for all the shares!!! Definitely a great brand to keep in mind if you happen upon a smaller one!
May 31 05:30PM
alba330And there it is! I love it! Good taste, we have 👍😃
Jun 10 03:08PM
tm4shopIs this your lowest?
Jun 20 08:56AM
nickidicki@tm4shop I'm definitely willing to negotiate if you are seriously interested. What price were you thinking?
Jun 20 12:20PM
nickidicki@tm4shop Hi! Are you still interested in this? If not, no problem, just wanted to touch base with you! Hope you are having a great day! :)
Jun 21 01:06PM
tm4shopI don't want to lowball you, I'm in a very tight budget. If I sell I will make an offer. Thank you so much
Jun 21 01:11PM
wildshenanigansI want this. Is it possible to hold it for me until the 30th. I have to get this.
Jun 21 01:18PM
nickidicki@tm4shop No problem!!! If you want to make an offer, I won't be offended, but that is totally up to you- No pressure!! Your ultrasound pic is adorable! I have 18 mo old twins and I remember those days, I was so huge!! Good luck with your pregnancy and thanks for stopping by my closet! :)
Jun 21 01:21PM
nickidicki@wildshenanigans Absolutely! If your seriously interested, I can pull it for you and hold it until the 30th. Just want to make sure your in love with it before I put it on hold! :)
Jun 21 01:26PM
wildshenanigansyou want $55.00 for it right?
Jun 21 01:28PM
nickidicki@wildshenanigans I can give it to you for $45 if you purchase right now, otherwise I can hold it for you for $50. It's an amazing bag, you'll be pleased with it, it was a hard decision for me to part with it! Lol!
Jun 21 01:34PM
wildshenanigansHold it for me. I'll give you 55.00 for holding for me. Thank you.
Jun 21 01:37PM
nickidicki@wildshenanigans Deal! I'm putting it on hold now just for you. :)
Jun 21 01:40PM
tm4shopThank you i was 20 weeks and now I'm 32 weeks!! Almost there 😀😀 well here I go with my offer would you take $30 if not I'll try to sell I need a diaper bag. Don't like regular diaper bags 😝 thank you so much
Jun 21 01:43PM
wildshenanigansthank you again! I love it.
Jun 21 01:52PM
nickidicki@tm4shop Aww, I just put it on hold for another posher til the 30th! However, if that sale doesn't come through and you're still interested, I'll sell it to you for $30. I know how expensive everything is when you are getting ready for a baby. Don't know if you already have bottles yet, but if not, just FYI, I have a whole set of Dr. Browns bottles,nipples, etc that I will send to you for FREE if you are interested. I just remember we spent a fortune on all that stuff!!! Wow! 32 weeks, you're in the home stretch now!! Good luck! :)
Jun 21 02:35PM
tm4shopThank you so much, please let me know if she doesn't buy it I'll get right away 😘😘😘😘 and yes everything is SOOO expensive. Take care I'll be waiting 😉
Jun 21 02:38PM
showme2themall😥I was thrilled to see this "news" and it's on hold
Jun 21 03:38PM
nickidicki@wildshenanigans Hey girl! Just checking in with you! Since today's the 30th, I'm going to go ahead and mark it "available" so it's ready whenever you are to purchase! :)
Jun 30 09:48AM
wildshenaniganscan you leave it on hold until around 7:30pm I left my debit card home. I don't want anyone to get it. lol
Jun 30 10:17AM
nickidicki@wildshenanigans Ok no problem!
Jun 30 10:45AM
wildshenanigansThanks girly!
Jun 30 10:48AM
nickidicki@wildshenanigans Ok girly, I am editing the listing for sale! I know you will love this bag, can't wait to send it to you! :)
Jun 30 05:32PM
wildshenanigansI am excited! Thank you Girl :-D
Jun 30 09:45PM
nickidicki@wildshenanigans Yay! Going to ship this afternoon!! :)
Jul 01 06:36AM
wildshenanigansHey girl I love my bag. I carry it every day. It is so comfortable. Nice doing business with ya!😊💖
Jul 19 11:42AM
nickidicki@wildshenanigans I am so glad!! It was one of my favorite bags. I'm happy it went to a good home!! :)
Jul 19 12:14PM
harp625Wish this was still available! 😪
Sep 23 09:31AM

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