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Hunter Green Rain Boots and a Dress

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Hunter Green Rain Boots and a DressNWT

Words can't describe how sad I am at the moment. I wanted these boots for a very long time... And finally my mom got em to me for my birthday... But they are too small for me😭 We couldn't return em, cuz she bought em almost 2 months prior to my Bday... And the store wouldn't take em back. The box says 6, but they fit like 7.5-8 New, Never Worn and still in the original box. 🚫No Trades🚫
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maurdanzlet me know if you will take a lower offer
Mar 07 10:40AM
shoebug@maurdanz what price do u have in mind? 😊
Mar 07 11:20AM
Mar 07 11:35AM
shoebug@maurdanz do u think u can go a little bit higher?
Mar 07 11:45AM
maurdanzAre you sure they are an 8?
Mar 07 11:48AM
shoebug@maurdanz yes. I am 8.5-9... And I still can wear em, but they are a little to tight... If u wear 7-8 they will be perfect for u. The actual size is (38) which is 8 in US. So I don't know Y they put em down as 6
Mar 07 11:55AM
maurdanzIm affraid they might be too tight on me too I wear an 8
Mar 07 12:17PM
shoebug@maurdanz if u r 8, I think u will b ok. But it's up to u. 😊 if u have hunters at the mall, try same size and see how it fits u
Mar 07 12:24PM
maurdanzok I'll do that let me know your best price please
Mar 07 12:27PM
Mar 07 10:18PM
shoebug@abmart18 lovely closet, but I don't trade. SorryπŸ˜”
Mar 07 10:22PM
Mar 07 10:22PM
cinde0603How tall is the shaft
Mar 12 06:41AM
shoebug@cinde0603 I'm not sure.. I can measure when I get home. But the are ur standards Tall boots 😊
Mar 12 07:06AM
cinde0603Thanks I'm short. We don't have those boots in stores here so I can't try a pair on.
Mar 12 07:26AM
shoebug@cinde0603 oooh! Ok! I'll measure em first thing when I'll get home.
Mar 12 07:28AM
shoebug@maurdanz sorry for the late replay. Had lab till very late, and then I had some HW due at 12.... So the boot is 15"-15.5" tall 😊 feel free to ask any other questions! 🌻
Mar 12 10:47PM
bella4@shoebug these are adorable and a steal. I paid $160 for mine. Good luck selling. Will glad me share;)
Mar 16 06:42AM
kmintzlovely boots, is it still available and what's the lowest price you'll take?
Apr 07 08:25PM
shoebug@k hi!! ❀️ I really don't want to discount em... But I can do 115? Will it work?
Apr 07 08:27PM
rdexter11@shoebug I would happily take this and the polkadot crochet dress from you for 138. Let me know if you are interested! :)
Apr 08 05:02PM
shoebug@rdexter11 alrighty, they are urs... I'm drivin right now... But as soon as I'll get home I'll make a bundle for u😊❀️
Apr 08 05:54PM
shoebug@rdexter11 alrighty it's all set up!
Apr 08 06:11PM
thriftymom8The box says 6 Male and 7 Female...
Apr 16 07:13AM
nicoleshier@shoebug are these still available? If so, would u still take 115? If not, I understand. LMK 😊
Apr 23 06:11PM
shoebug@nicoleshier yes. I still have em 😊 hold on let me change it for u!
Apr 23 06:16PM
nicoleshier@shoebug thxπŸ’•πŸ’•
Apr 23 06:45PM
shoebug@nicoleshier thank u soo much! I am packing those for u right now ( and weeping 😫)
Apr 23 08:54PM
nicoleshier@shoebug Lolol. 😁😁 thxπŸ’—
Apr 23 08:56PM
shoebug@nicoleshier hopefully there be plenty of rainy days so u can rick these out ❀️
Apr 23 08:59PM
nicoleshier@shoebug haha. I'm not sure why I wanted rain boots. But once I had that idea in my head, I had to get some. I can wear them outside if I attempt to do yard work. Lol 😊
Apr 23 09:04PM
shoebug@nicoleshier looool at least u will b doing yard work in styles πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
Apr 23 09:09PM
nicoleshier@shoebug haha. Totally 😎
Apr 23 09:18PM
shoebug@nicoleshier btw! Have u read 50 shades of grey?
Apr 23 09:43PM
nicoleshier@shoebug no, not yet. I have it in my iBooks, I just haven't gotten to it yet 😁
Apr 23 09:50PM
shoebug@nicoleshier oh ok! I was gona ask if u want the paperback? It was one of those "who spends 100$ first in my closet gets it... " 😁
Apr 23 09:52PM
nicoleshier@shoebug haha. Well thanks anyway 😊
Apr 23 09:53PM
shoebug@nicoleshier if u don't really want it... I can take it out.... πŸ˜† it's not that great of the book to have it in all possible forms looool
Apr 23 09:56PM
nicoleshier@shoebug if it's an ready packed, don't worry. Whatever is easier for u. I don't need it, but if u already packed it all, it's ok 😊
Apr 23 09:57PM
shoebug@nicoleshier ok! Silly book is out.. I put somethin else instead.. Hope ull like it😘
Apr 23 10:31PM
nicoleshier@shoebug Thanks! Ur too nice 😊
Apr 23 10:31PM

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