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High waisted houndstooth skater skirt.

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    High waisted houndstooth skater skirt.NWT

    High waisted houndstooth skater skirt. Size LARGE. Model pictured is 5'2" and wearing a size small.
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    farfalla92Love this.. Is there any stretch to it? I have large assets 😏
    Apr 29 12:40PM
    laurabethgoins@farfalla92 yes ma'am. It's very stretchy.
    Apr 29 11:08PM
    May 28 03:10PM
    mattie35127*would you accept $11
    Jul 18 06:50PM
    laurabethgoins@mimitippitt if you'd like for me to bundle anything please let me know! I give great discount on bundles! :)
    Aug 06 07:08AM
    laurabethgoins@marymakebelieve I posted a photo with the length. I also have a large left in a black pleather skater skirt as well. :) Let me know if you have any questions.
    Sep 08 11:26AM
    marymakebelieveOh okay awesome! One more question: what is the waist width? Thanks!
    Sep 08 11:34AM
    laurabethgoins@marymakebelieve I will measure it as soon as I get back home.
    Sep 08 11:43AM
    marymakebelieveGreat! Thank you :) And I don't mean to be picky!! I just like making sure things fit before I buy
    Sep 08 11:51AM
    laurabethgoins@marymakebelieve no problem! It's not being picky, it's just making sure that it will fit and I'm the exact same way. :)
    Sep 08 11:56AM
    laurabethgoins@marymakebelieve the waist width is 15 inch
    Sep 08 12:18PM
    laurabethgoins@graceav78 if you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask. :)
    Sep 10 11:29AM
    graceav78Is the skirt in the 1st and 2nd picture the same skirt in the last picture??
    Sep 10 11:35AM
    laurabethgoins@graceav78 it's the same brand, I had a friend model the size small. She is 5'2" and normally a size 2/4 however, the only size I have left available is a size large.
    Sep 10 11:44AM
    lisaxjang@laurabethgoins can you do 15? I'll buy now.
    Sep 19 01:17PM
    laurabethgoins@lisaxjang price has been changed doll.
    Sep 19 01:21PM
    lisaxjang@laurabethgoins thanks! Great closet!!
    Sep 19 01:22PM
    lisaxjang@laurabethgoins has this been shipped yet? If not, do you know what day you can ship?
    Sep 23 08:17PM
    laurabethgoins@lisaxjang I dropped it off this morning!
    Sep 23 08:18PM
    lisaxjang@laurabethgoins great, thank you!
    Sep 23 08:27PM

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