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HOTTEST New Miss Me Style for 2014! Been debating whether I could let these go but I have had them a month and tags are still up for the taking! Inseam is 30" Rise 8"
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gggina169@erikagannon I w that you bought the dress from Suhan!!! It's amazing! You will make a beautiful bride in it!! Don't forget me when your on your mission to find more of these!! Love. Love. Love. If they run true I wear a 27. I like at least 31 inseam. Just a reminder!! Promise not to torture!! I even looked at Buckle and didn't see any?!
Mar 14 03:03AM
erikagannon@gggina169 I'm on a hunt too! I found another pair of 27 but they're only 30" inseam...still stalking for more!!! I will def keep you posted!!!
Mar 14 05:14AM
gggina169@erikagannon Thank you. You make me smile!! You are on a mission!!!
Mar 14 05:57AM
erikagannon@tallison these babies!! Aren't they ahhhhmazing?!?!
Mar 14 03:53PM
erikagannon@gggina169 @tallison I am on my way to our western wear store to see if they have more!
Mar 14 03:54PM
tallisonThose are! 😍
Mar 14 03:54PM
erikagannon@tallison I've got a pair in 30" inseam that I am hanging on to.... Too short for me really but I keep saying...maybe with flip flops?!?! Lol
Mar 14 03:55PM
gggina169@erikagannon I just got off work and saw your post!! The 30" inseam would look ok with flip flops in the summer!! Then you can sell them to me for the second half of summer!!! Lol! I do prefer longer myself. I'm only 5'4" on a good day!!
Mar 14 09:23PM
maxedoutI love the pattern!!!😍
Mar 22 10:57AM
maxedoutI know what can do with the 30"s....teehee
Mar 22 11:00AM
erikagannon@Maxedout 30" inseam fits u??
Mar 22 11:02AM
Mar 22 11:04AM
maxedoutWhich fit are these, rise? I'm still learning lol
Mar 22 11:04AM
erikagannon@maxedout these are my new faves!! 30" inseam really is too shirt for me... I ordered another pair in 32" inseam... Never ordered from the site but I have to have these...paid top dollar...way more than I sold these for on here! I hope they come thru!! If so I am listing these and I'll tag ya mama!!😘😘😘
Mar 22 11:06AM
erikagannon@maxedout no worries. I love talking miss me! These are boot but, signature rise...that is a low rise...had been 7.5 but now MM seems to be increasing that a bit...these are 8". Also new to market is the mid-rise...I tried them n at huckle and like them too...they are abt 8.5" rise if I'm not mistaken...
Mar 22 11:08AM
erikagannon@maxedout sorry for not proof reading 👆
Mar 22 11:08AM
maxedoutHaha...No worries my dear...your final grade wo t be affected lolol
Mar 22 11:17AM
maxedout🐪🐪🐪🐪WOOP WOOP🐪🐪🐪🐪 How much begging & groveling is needed? ROFL😘😘😘
Mar 22 11:18AM
erikagannon@maxedout no grove king necessary!! You are a dear friend!! I am on a hunt for me & @gggina169 too!
Mar 22 11:27AM
gggina169@erikagannon Have y been able to find any yet?? I have looked at a few online, they are Sold out. Hopefully they get busy making more. Lol
Mar 22 11:43AM
erikagannon@gggina169 I ordered a pair off a site I've never used...for $125 😝 but they had 27x32!!! I hope it works out... I'll know next week!
Mar 22 11:51AM
gggina169@erikagannon Keep me posted!!
Mar 22 06:36PM
erikagannon@bellarocca Thanks so much for the like!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Me! cant beat the quality and detailing...not to mention the fit!!! 👖💖👍pls lmk if i can answer any questions for you!!🙋
Mar 23 09:22AM
nicole42867@gggina169 @erikagannon I wear these jeans everywhere I go now! My bf probably thinks I'm crazy for wearing them so much. They are gorgeoussssssss omg. 😍😍😍 best jeans I've ever bought!
Mar 25 12:21AM
erikagannon@nicole42867 yay!!!! That is music to my ears!!🎶🎶 nothing beats a happy customer...much less a happy customer I've helped with Miss Me's!!👖💖👍 thanks so much for letting me know!! And don't worry...these babies are HOT... Your fb doesn't mind seeing them every day!😍😍 (FYI...I posted a couple new pair in your size!👍) I hope you have a great day!
Mar 25 03:53AM
maxedoutYa find me sum theseeeeee😘 miss beautiful bride to be👰
Mar 26 03:40PM
erikagannon@maxedout I'm working on it! I have urs right here if I can find a longer pair to keep!😘😍😘😍
Mar 26 03:41PM
maxedoutOoooo, ooooo didn't ya c allllll the MM I tagged u in the other nt in @savvyj cloz?
Mar 26 04:06PM
erikagannonL@tallison I am going to hate myself for this!!! I have these in 27x30 that I have been holding on to!!! I was going to try to wear them but alas 30" is a bit too short....barely. I will offer them to you @gggina169 and @maxedout 💖💖💖😘😘😘
Mar 28 05:09PM
erikagannon@maxedout these may just go up for sale tonight....I have had too much interest not u still want them? U have first dibs!!!😍😘💕
Mar 28 05:25PM
tallisonUr so sweet! Thank-u! 😘 Bday is still a week away but hey I like to celebrate the whole month of April! I like these but completely obsessed w/ the others!! 😢
Mar 28 05:29PM
erikagannon@tallison I understand and agree! I will burthdaybhunt!! 28 right?!?!😍
Mar 28 05:31PM
tallisonI think 27~ if they fit similar to Paige or COH. That's what size I wear in those brands. Thanks! Very much appreciated! 😘
Mar 28 05:40PM
gggina169@erikagannon That length is too short for me also. And I just bought a pair of $110 Mother watercolor jeans on ebay! My hubby would kill me if I buy another thing this week!!! Lol. But I truly appreciate the heads up first!!
Mar 28 09:25PM
erikagannon@gggina169 I understand completely girl!!!! Watercolor jeans?!?! Gotta see a pic! Sounds too cool!
Mar 28 09:27PM
maxedoutDef keep me in mind if ya do decide to list, hopefully will have enough credits saved up😍😘
Mar 31 12:28PM
maxedoutDid u hear that? They callin my name-haha😘
Apr 15 12:38PM
erikagannon@chijapanesegirl Thanks so much for the like!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Me! cant beat the quality and detailing...not to mention the fit!!! 👖💖👍pls lmk if i can answer any questions for you!!🙋
Apr 19 09:57AM
maxedoutNOOOO u did not😱 lolol😘
Apr 19 10:32AM
erikagannon@maxedout I had to!! They were crying to be shown off and I need to make so e funds back from shopping! Lol
Apr 19 10:40AM
erikagannon@amand4_n1cole Thanks so much for the like!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Me! cant beat the quality and detailing...not to mention the fit!!! 👖💖👍pls lmk if i can answer any questions for you!!🙋
Apr 20 03:58AM
savvyj@erikagannon AMAZING!!! ( said in a high pitched squeal)
Apr 20 05:01PM
erikagannon@savvyj girrrl!!! I couldn't agree more! You're cuter than the Easter bunny btw!! Teehee
Apr 20 05:02PM
erikagannon@ashjmoreno89 Thanks so much for the like!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Me! cant beat the quality and detailing...not to mention the fit!!! 👖💖👍pls lmk if i can answer any questions for you!!🙋
Apr 21 05:33PM
erikagannon@wbragg Thanks so much for the like!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Me! cant beat the quality and detailing...not to mention the fit!!! 👖💖👍pls lmk if i can answer any questions for you!!🙋
Apr 22 03:40PM
savvyj@erikagannon Un-stinking-believable!!! These are gorgeous!!!! Somebody better buy these fast!!!! If I could squeeze my big toe in these they would be mine!!!!!
Apr 24 06:47PM
erikagannon@savvyj stoooopppppppit! I love these and wish they were an inch or two longer!!! Aren't they amazing?!
Apr 24 06:48PM
erikagannon@savvyj I flipping love u girl!!
Apr 24 06:48PM
savvyj@erikagannon Those are amazing!!! They MUST be a HOST PICK!!! Prettiest denim on POSH!!!
Apr 24 06:50PM
erikagannon@savannah93 I think they've been host picked in one of the other listings I'm pretty sure?!
Apr 24 06:52PM
babycakes804I think I'm going to have to get these ; )
Apr 26 05:27AM
babycakes804Can you go down in price
Apr 26 05:28AM
erikagannon@babycakes804 eeeeek! Will be so hard to let these babies go! I've been looking everywhere for another pair in 32" length or more. I was going to keep these but I could only wear flops and pull them off! Lol. You will ADORE them!
Apr 26 05:29AM
erikagannon@babycakes804 hey girlie! Unfortunately the price on these babies is firm. I paid full price so I am already losing $ on the sale 🙍
Apr 26 05:32AM
erikagannon@babycakes804 think on it sweetie ad lmk! I am making jewelry and packaging up posh orders all day today!
Apr 26 05:53AM
babycakes804@erikagannon ok hun thank you; )
Apr 26 05:55AM
erikagannon@gggina169 these are the HOTTEST new style this season!! Thanks so much for the like!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Me! cant beat the quality and detailing...not to mention the fit!!! 👖💖👍pls lmk if i can answer any questions for you!!🙋
Apr 27 07:42AM
gggina169@erikagannon Hi, the last time I looked you hadn't decided to sell these! Lol Anyway, I will let you know if I decide to get. I wear all of my jeans to work and hate to spend more than $50-60 in case I ruin them. But Miss Me's are usually an exception!
Apr 27 07:54AM
erikagannon@gggina169 oh that's right...we were supposed to share these babies this summer!! lol I wear mine to work too and my lab shoes make these babies a little too short so I never did wear them... think on it girlie... you know where to find me!!! ;)
Apr 27 08:55AM
gggina169@erikagannon Yea, I literally get compliments every day on all of my Miss Me jeans. I have 4 pair and I just rotate them. I will keep my eye on these. We are getting so busy at work, money is finally getting better. Have a great Sunday! The weather here in PA is a little chilly, but all sunshine! Makes me smile!
Apr 27 08:59AM
erikagannonNothing like a great pair of Miss Me's or some nice sunshine to make your day!!! All sorts of sun in NC...the chihuahuas are laid out on the patio soaking it up as we type!! Think its almost time to join them...almost...still poshing! teehee
Apr 27 09:02AM
erikagannon@tiger these are the HOTTEST new style this season!! Thanks so much for the like!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Me! cant beat the quality and detailing...not to mention the fit!!! PLease lmk if I can answer any questions for you!
Apr 30 07:30AM
erikagannon@afchick007 Thanks so much for the like!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Me! cant beat the quality and detailing...not to mention the fit!!! 👖💖👍pls lmk if i can answer any questions for you!!🙋
May 02 02:43PM
babycakes804@erikagannon so love these!!! ; )
May 03 06:22PM
erikagannon@babycakes804 me too girl!!! What can I say...we have GREAT taste!
May 04 11:10AM
babycakes804@erikagannon ; )
May 04 11:16AM
erikagannon@gggina169 @maxedout @babycakes804 check out the 3rd pick ladies!! Woooohoooo 👯👯👯
May 06 09:05AM
gggina169@erikagannon Yay!! I think that pic looks familiar! You excited?! I will share!
May 06 09:08AM
erikagannon@gggina169 super excited! How cool is that?! thank you so much for sharing my friend!! xo
May 06 09:12AM
erikagannon@amiekfreeland check it out mamasita! :D
May 06 09:12AM
adornedbyamieOMG-I WANT THEM!!!@erikagannon BADLY!!😻😻😻
May 06 09:15AM
erikagannon@amiekfreeland I too! I will have a hard time letting these babies go!!!
May 06 09:16AM
adornedbyamieRyan i really want these!!! @rfreeland Mother's Day present??? @erikagannon Ryan is my husband Erika! He joined so I could get my $5 credit! Lol!
May 06 09:17AM
gggina169@erikagannon I will say what I thought first, That butt looks familiar!!! Hahaha Posh is hoping it will sale jeans!!
May 06 09:17AM
adornedbyamieWhy are u? @erikagannon Don't u love Miss Me's? & these are do gorgeous and unique!
May 06 09:18AM
babycakes804@erikagannon yay!!!! Love them!!!!!! ; ) @gggina169
May 06 09:18AM
erikagannon@amiekfreeland I really need 32" length and these are 30" so I have to wear with flats only! @rfreeland good man!!!
May 06 09:19AM
adornedbyamieAnd OMG 30 is PERFECT for me! @erikagannon
May 06 09:20AM
erikagannon@amiekfreeland @rfreeland uh oh...was it meant to be?? ;)
May 06 09:22AM
adornedbyamieThat's what I'm thinking!! @erikagannon LOL! I just texted him (he's working in TX right now) & told him I tagged him on posh. To go look😊
May 06 09:27AM
erikagannon@amiekfreeland we sound SOOO much alike! I love it!!!
May 06 09:29AM
adornedbyamieEither I didn't realize, or I totally forgot you co hosted in November when I did! @erikagannon I've been extremely forgetful this past year, & it's getting on my nerves! Ugh, I wished they'd put us together this time!
May 06 09:32AM
erikagannon@amiekfreeland I am right there with you...on all accounts!! lol I'm wondering now...was it October when I hosted?!?! hahaha I will have to look now!
May 06 09:34AM
adornedbyamieYou better tell me if Ryan gets these for me, now! @erikagannon (fingers crossed)
May 06 09:35AM
erikagannon@rfreeland thank you so much for your purchase!! I am taking off a half day from work to wrap these babies up and get them in the mail to hopefully arrive Saturday in time for Mother's Day!!!💐💐💐
May 08 05:26AM
janismarieWoo Hoo!! Great Sale!!
May 08 06:18PM
babycakes804@erikagannon did you ever find these in 27/32 like you wanted???
May 19 06:06PM
erikagannon@babycakes804 hi Anna!! I sure haven't!! You have not happened upon them have you?!? 😍
May 19 06:18PM
babycakes804@erikagannon I sure have ; ) will be putting up !!!
May 19 06:29PM
erikagannon@babycakes804 omg omg omg pls give me first dibs!
May 19 06:30PM
babycakes804@erikagannon just wanted to let you know will be putting up the jeans in my closet tomorrow after work; )
May 20 05:52PM
erikagannon@babycakes804 I've been wondering! Fantastic! Pls tag me!
May 20 05:53PM
babycakes804@erikagannon I have a question I received the jeans but they look longer than 32. Where would it show how long inseam is ??? I can't find it.
May 21 04:17PM
erikagannon@babycakes804 oh no!!! I'm so sorry that happened to,you! This style should have the inseam printed on the miss me tag inside!!! Not the one on the back above the booty but in the front where it has the wash care, color you see that??
May 21 04:20PM
erikagannon@babycakes804 I would still be interested if longer. I have a great tailor. She charges $17 to keep the original hem but you cannot even tell they've been taken up.... Pls keep me posted!
May 21 04:25PM
babycakes804@erikagannon no I just see style number and color med 145. I measured there like 33 inseam; (
May 21 04:28PM
babycakes804@erikagannon I'm going to list them right now .
May 21 04:30PM
erikagannon@babycakes804 I hate that!! I don't know where you ordered yours from..... Is it someplace that you trust? If so maybe she mis-measured?!?$
May 21 04:35PM
babycakes804@erikagannon I'm thinking since it did not have inseam she probably measured from wrong angle.
May 21 04:39PM
read247I love these! If you ever get another pair tag me please 😍😍😍
May 21 07:50PM
erikagannon@read247 I LOVE these too! Sellers remorse on these babies! Actively looking for more!!!👖💖👍
May 22 03:09AM
preppyblonde7@erikagannon have you found a pair yet? I have these!
May 24 05:45AM

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