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🎉HOST PICK🎉Zara pants

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🎉HOST PICK🎉Zara pantsNWT

New with tag. Materials are 100% Polyester 100% Cotton
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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baby1019@wowenypon what does a small fit in Zara? And what's inseam?
May 10 04:00PM
wowenypon@baby1019 I'm not really sure, but I will measure when I get back home. Thanks again!!! :)
May 10 09:31PM
wowenypon@baby1019 The waist is 29", hips is 35" and the inseam is 28". Thanks
May 10 11:08PM
jennifernicoleb@wowenypon hi wowen!!! These pants look super comfy and i feel like i could live in them!!! I see in previous comments the waist is 29 inch. I normally wear a small in zara but my waist is between a 25 and 26. Would these be to big? Like do they run tts for zara small? Thanks hun!!!
May 25 01:20PM
wowenypon@jennifernicoleb yes, this is really comfy. This came only in small & medium and I have the medium size for myself. I laid the pants flat on the table and measured the top and it's 14.5" across so times two, I guess this is 29" waist. ;)
May 25 01:41PM
jennifernicoleb@wowenypon ok! That helps thanks so much 😘 they should work!!! Do you still have the black j crew jelly flats left in a size 9? If yes! 😍 how much to bundle the 2 of these together?! Thanks so much!!! 😘
May 25 01:48PM
wowenypon@jennifernicoleb Yes, I still have the size 9 in black, I can bundle both for $50. Thanks
May 25 02:07PM
jennifernicoleb@wowenypon ok that sounds perfect! One more question about the pants are they snug like leggings the whole length of the leg? Thanks!!!
May 25 02:30PM
wowenypon@jennifernicoleb they get narrow down to the legs, but see first photo for the fit.
May 25 02:40PM
jennifernicoleb@wowenypon ok.....they are super cute but I just measured my pants and I don't think they will fit me after all :( I'm super bummed :( I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions! I will just purchase the jelly flats if that's ok!!! Thank you!!!
May 25 02:44PM
wowenypon@jennifernicoleb no problem. I just found a discrepancy in my inventory record on the jelly flats so I'll double check on this when I get home today. I wanna make sure I have it in my inventory still.
May 25 02:55PM
jennifernicoleb@wowenypon ok! I hope you do 😍
May 25 02:57PM
wowenypon@jennifernicoleb I know... I will tag you again later when I get back home. Thanks
May 25 03:00PM
wowenypon@jennifernicoleb I'm so sorry :( I don't have size 9 in black anymore. Only in red and green colors. :(
May 25 09:19PM
jennifernicoleb@wowenypon oh no! Thats ok! The red ones are cute too, i might think about those! 😘 thank you for getting back to me and letting me know! Have a fabulous memorial day!!!
May 26 05:21AM
mm108012Can you go lower on the price?
Jun 11 10:57PM
wowenypon@mm108012 My lowest is $30. Thanks
Jun 11 11:00PM
kavia1988Is that a size small you have on in the picture?
Jul 16 06:53AM
wowenypon@kavia1988 I'm wearing a size M in this picture. Thanks
Jul 16 08:55AM
jdrr@wowenypon the shirt is cute are you selling that too?
Aug 21 09:30PM
wowenypon@jdrr No I'm not selling. If ever I sell :) I will let you know. Thank you.
Aug 21 09:32PM
jdrr@wowenypon thanks and hopefully you have these pants still for sell till Monday I get paid then. :) fingers cross
Aug 21 09:34PM
wowenypon@jdrr Ok 😊 just let me know. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the evening.
Aug 21 09:38PM
jdrr@wowenypon what's the name of these pants they are so cute
Aug 24 08:30PM
wowenypon@jdrr I'm so sorry I don't know the name. :(
Aug 24 09:07PM
jdrr@wowenypon I'm a size 6 in jeans you think I will fit in this?
Aug 24 09:54PM
wowenypon@jdrr I think so, but please read the measurements 👆👆👆 to make sure please.
Aug 24 09:56PM
jdrr@wowenypon thank you so much will measures myself tomorrow and let you know
Aug 24 10:00PM
wowenypon@jdrr Thank you and enjoy the rest of the evening. :)
Aug 24 10:01PM
jdrr@wowenypon just wanted to let you know that this pant will not fit unfortunately. If you get across a medium please let me know will really appreciate it thank again
Aug 25 12:12PM
wowenypon@jdrr Thanks so much for letting me know I have the M size for myself and if ever I decide to list it I will let you know and if I come across... I will let tag you.
Aug 25 12:16PM
jdrr@wowenypon thank you so much for all your time. And thank you again
Aug 25 12:19PM
blandw❤️💙💚💖 Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak - Rachel Zoe. Congratulations on a Host Pick that shows fabulous style! 💕💕CONGRATS TO YOU... WHAT POSH PERFECTION!! 💕💕 I'm so happy to share your HP with my followers! 💖💚💙❤️ Love Always, Bland ❤️ @blandw
Sep 09 08:38PM
Sep 09 08:39PM
wowenypon@alba330 Thank you Stymate!! 😚💖
Sep 09 08:40PM
lilmistam💃🎊Congrats on your Host Pick! 🎉💃
Sep 09 08:41PM
Sep 09 08:45PM
wowenypon@afashionfixatio THANK YOU FOR THE HP!! 😚💖
Sep 09 09:05PM
afashionfixatio@wowenypon You are welcome for both! I'm obsessed with your closet😍
Sep 09 09:06PM
wowenypon@afashionfixatio Awwwww ☺️☺️☺️ really appreciate all the HP from you. Thanks again! 😚💖💖💖
Sep 09 09:09PM
lwschlprncss👏🎉👏🎉👏CONGRATULATIONS on your "Borrowed from the Boys" Host Pick!!👏🎉👏🎉👏
Sep 09 09:13PM
maureen888Congrats on your super cute Borrowed from the Boys Party Host Pick!! 🎉🎉🎈🎊
Sep 10 03:51AM
closetchelle(Clears Throat) 🎤 "If I were a boy, 🎶 even just for a day, 🎶 I'd roll outta bed in the morning 🎶 and throw on this 🎶HOST PICK🎶 and go! 🎉CONGRATS🎉
Sep 10 04:38AM
showme2themall🎶🎤🎶Let's hear it for the boy Oh, let's give the boy a hand Let's hear it for my baby You know you gotta understand Oh, maybe he's no Romeo But he's my lovin' one-man show Oh, whoa, let's hear it for the boy🎶🎤🎶Congrat💞on your "Borrowed from da boyz" host pick👠💋💃
Sep 10 05:07AM
fifig23Congratulations on your host pick!!
Sep 10 08:42AM
carlysmommmaHappy for you on your Host Pick! Well done 👏👏👏👏👏. Enjoy!
Sep 10 05:51PM
starkdesignsLove that shirt!!
Sep 15 06:07PM
wowenypon@starkdesigns Thanks 😘
Sep 15 06:55PM
Sep 27 01:13AM
wowenypon@mm108012 Let's meet in the middle at $30. Thanks
Sep 27 07:26PM
kavero3279I love it I wish in large
Nov 20 01:30PM
tigie40Can you reduce to $30? I will purchase.
Nov 20 08:00PM
wowenypon@tigie40 here you go
Nov 20 08:43PM
wowenypon@tigie40 Hi, still interested?
Nov 21 12:15PM
tigie40😊 I am sorry. I thought I had the funds to purchase but I don't yet😞 hopefully these will be available still when I do.
Nov 21 02:15PM
Dec 20 01:49PM
wowenypon@dailyeleanor I'm sorry I don't trade. Thanks for the offer.
Dec 20 11:19PM

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