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🎀. 🎉❤️ HOST PICK ❤️🎉Red Heart Sunglasses


🎀. 🎉❤️ HOST PICK ❤️🎉Red Heart Sunglasses

these read heart sunglasses are super cute for 4th of July or Valentines day, or whenever!
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
agoodieany scratches on the lens?
Feb 25 07:03AM
chlofloresnope, mint condition! @agoodie
Feb 25 09:00AM
marissaabigail_Hi thanks for following! Anything you're in want or need of?
Mar 04 02:49PM
autumnnicoule@alwaysrachel saw you comment on a photo then saw these.
Mar 18 04:51AM
chloflores@autumnnicoule huh?
Mar 18 08:02AM
agoodieDid the price change on these?
Apr 15 10:20AM
chloflores@agoodie yes because of the new policy for items $15 and under I did change it
Apr 15 11:00AM
agoodieI just had this item in my likes as I collected for our upcoming beach trip. I must have missed that policy update, I'll check into it, thanks!
Apr 15 11:05AM
chloflores@agoodie yeah anything under under $15 they take a flat fee of $3 out instead of just the 20% so sucks to sell inexpensive items ): if you make a purchase of $10 or more I can give you the classes for free!
Apr 15 11:07AM
Apr 16 05:50PM
Apr 16 05:54PM
Apr 16 05:57PM
elainesfashionCongrats... I've choosen this as a HP for Back to Basics 🎉🎉🎉🎉 enjoy the night and relax🎉😎
Apr 16 08:50PM
Apr 16 08:50PM
little_bit_hpCongrats 😊💖
Apr 16 08:59PM
pinkfashionadeCONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR HOST PICK‼️‼️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Apr 16 09:03PM
treasuresbytracCongratulations On Your Fabulous Back To Basics Host Pick!!💕👏👏👏💕🎉🎉🎉💕💐💐💐💕🎈🎈🎈💕🌷🌷🌷💕 I'm So Excited For You! 💕😃💕
Apr 16 09:25PM
Apr 16 10:37PM
ilovesunset💗Congrats on your host pick💗
Apr 16 10:59PM
kyliebriennCongrats on your HP last night, doll! SO HAPPY for you!! Xo
Apr 17 11:33AM
aylahumphreyOMG love ❤️😍
Apr 21 08:28AM
chloflores@aylahumphrey I could do $10 if you're interested? :) and ship today!
Apr 21 08:30AM
aylahumphreyDo you trade?
Apr 21 11:40AM
chloflores@aylahumphrey no I don't, sorry! but I'm still doing but one get one half off if there's something else you like that's more than the glasses you could them half off and make it more worth while!
Apr 21 12:12PM
chloflores@baylyrenee hey girl I'm going a but 2 get 1 free so if you're interested in anything else you could get these for free!
Apr 22 12:11PM
Apr 28 04:16PM
chloflores@brittneyward11 hey girl if you're interested, I'm doing a buy one get one half off deal if there's something else you're interested in! :)
Apr 28 05:11PM
chloflores@amaure_lesean hey girl thanks for the like! I'm doing a BOGO 50% off deal for the end of the month, so if there's anything else you're interested in you could probably get these for half off!
Apr 29 11:41AM
chloflores@brandie475 hey girl the price on these is negotiable if you're interested! I'm also doing a BOGO 50% off right now so if there's something else you like you could get these for $6!
Apr 29 12:41PM
chloflores@nisamalyyy hey girl thanks for the like! today is the last day of my but one get one half off deal so if you're interested in something else you may be able to get these half off! :)
May 06 11:14AM
nisamalyyyThanks! I'm actually waiting on funds from a sale until I start shopping again lol but maybe I'll come by in the future or them! :)
May 06 11:30AM
allycase1my closet is closing at the end of May, so if you're interested in any listings let me know before it's gone! :)
May 06 08:01PM
chloflores@iruntrails hello! thanks so much for all the likes! I give really great discounts on bundles and I see you have a few things you like! I could discount quite a bit if you bundled them together :) let me know!
May 19 10:20AM
chloflores@tabelein I can give you the sunglasses for free with the purchase of the bag!
May 24 01:56PM
honeybunchs@chloflores hey girly what the best price is 9 $ possible I can purchase now😻😻
Jun 13 12:00PM
chloflores@honeybunchs yes I. changed the price to $9 for you! thanks so much!
Jun 13 12:08PM
honeybunchsAgh my card got declined I just have to add cash I will purchase for sure but can u hold till 7 PLeAse SO sORrY 😻😻?
Jun 13 12:17PM
chloflores@honeybunchs yes that's fine! I put them on hold so let me know when you're ready!
Jun 13 12:29PM
honeybunchs@chloflores hey girly I'm soooo sorry my bf bought some online for me as a surprise I tex him a pic & he said not to order because he already did 😹still can't believe it I'm sorry again though I won't be purchasing but will Share!!
Jun 13 12:32PM
chloflores@katieschultz hey girl I can give you the glasses for free with the purchase of the dress!
Jun 15 02:17AM
chloflores@ruthieh08 hey girl I can give you these free if you purchase one of your likes! :) or I can bundle all three and give you a really good discount!
Jun 15 06:55PM
chloflores@misscheeseball thank you for all the likes! are you interested in bundling any? I can give you a great bundle price!
Jun 15 10:52PM
chloflores@mickellebye3 price is negotiable! make me an offer if you're interested! :)
Jun 18 12:55PM
chloflores@goldiehappyfish hey hun! thanks for the like! make me an offer if you're interested because all my prices are negotiable! I also give great discount on bundles if you see anything else you like! :)
Jun 19 10:58PM
terliz99Are these still available? Do you know how wide they are ?
Jun 20 07:24PM
chloflores@terliz99 yes they are still available! and I am not sure. so I would say standard!
Jun 20 07:32PM
terliz99Are they big like oversized?
Jun 20 08:24PM
chloflores@terliz99 I measured them for you, from the widest point across they are 5 and a half inches. they definitely are bigger than normal glasses just because of the shape, but they're not like big and awkward on the face!
Jun 20 08:45PM
terliz99Is th
Jun 20 08:50PM
terliz99Sorry is price firm?
Jun 20 08:56PM
chloflores@terliz99 I will do $9 ?
Jun 20 08:57PM
terliz99@chloflores sorry can I still get them for $9.
Jun 22 11:44AM
chloflores@terliz99 yes I just changed the price! :)
Jun 22 12:07PM
chloflores@terliz99 hey girl sorry but as soon as I changed the price someone bought them! ):
Jun 22 12:15PM
terliz99@chloflores crap I was driving sigh :/
Jun 22 12:41PM

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