Gorgeous Teardrop Chandelier Earrings Bollywood


Gorgeous Teardrop Chandelier Earrings BollywoodNWT

NEW 2.5 inches long. Comes in all silver or silver & black. Please specify which one you want when you buy! Great for Sweet 16, prom, bridesmaid's gifts, weddings, or to give someone you want to make happy!
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
Feb 20 01:22PM
miami_wife🎉😊🌸👏WooHoo to ur amazing Host Pick!!! 👏🌸😊🎉
Mar 13 07:51PM
nerdynerss@northernkelbell Hi thanks for your likes! Just wanted to let you know I'm having a special sale this weekend only -10% off bundles and a free jewelry gift. Let me know if you have any questions. :)
Mar 16 05:08PM
nerdynerss@lvbag Here's the listing. 2 colors available. Let me know if you have any questions. :)
Mar 22 01:41PM
lvbagi like them but there too pricey for me
Mar 22 03:09PM
Jul 07 10:52PM
drfoss1913Hey! Thanks for all the shares! I appreciate the Posh love! 💛
Oct 02 09:24PM
nerdynerss@drfoss1913 You are very welcome. You have a great closet, great style! Thanks for your shares too :)
Oct 02 09:27PM
christaadkins@nerdynerss are they heavy earrings? Or light weight?
Jan 03 07:56PM
behhula@nerdynerss do u trade Hun ???
Mar 15 01:38PM
nerdynerss@cristaadkins hi sorry for the late response, these are not as heavy as they look so I'd say they're on the lighter side. Let me know if you have any more questions!
Mar 15 02:30PM
nerdynerss@christaadkins hi please see above comment!
Mar 15 02:31PM
nerdynerss@allycat50 thanks for your purchase! Will ship out tomorrow. Would you like the all silver earrings or black with silver?
Apr 22 07:49PM
nerdynerss@allycat50 Hi there, I was just about to ship out the earrings but I wanted to confirm which ones you wanted -all silver or silver with black. Can you let me know soon please? Thanks! :)
Apr 23 07:38AM
allycat50All silver
Apr 23 08:28AM
nerdynerss@allycat50 Great, thanks!
Apr 23 09:15AM
nerdynerss@allycat50 Great, so glad you like them :) thanks for your feedback!
Apr 27 02:52PM
homairaIs the first pair of earrings (silver) available? I will buy it right now. :))
Jul 03 10:03PM
Jul 03 10:03PM
nerdynerss@homaira hi, I'm sorry I don't have those available right now but if I get them again I will let you know for sure!
Jul 04 05:16AM
homairaOK thanks!👍
Jul 04 01:01PM

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