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FINAL PRICE HP 6/28 & 6/29Chanel pink bag #5277655

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FINAL PRICE HP 6/28 & 6/29Chanel pink bag #5277655

"HOST PICK 6/28 Date night party" and Host Pick 6/29! Chanel pink shoulder bag serial # 5277655
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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Apr 24 03:51AM
elstyle@wicksandbubbles yes - selling counterfeit lux goods is a felony - I don't own buy or sell fakes
Apr 24 04:42AM
wicksandbubblesIt's gorgeous and I am drooling! I love everything in your closet!
Apr 24 04:45AM
wicksandbubblesI wanna kick myself for not finding your closet before, sooooo many beautiful things sold!
Apr 24 04:46AM
elstyle@wicksandbubbles friendly suggestion - I do see a lot of fakes on this site - easy to tell - apart from price they sell fake bags and no other designer goods ie no shoes or clothing that's designer - it's usually pretty obvious - it's not clear to me why Poshmark allows it since it's against the law
Apr 24 04:55AM
wicksandbubblesI am so sorry but it is sometimes Not easy to tell. Some bags are priced at 3000 and are clearly fakes, it is also very hard when viewing a bag on an iPhone with the pics being so small and a very short description. I did not mean to offend you by Any means but apparently I have! I am a cautious buyer who spends a lot of money on Poshmark on gorgeous items that I have found! This bag is absolutely adorable!!
Apr 24 05:22AM
elstyle@wicksandbubbles I am not offended at all - I agree with you it's better to be cautious - I am simply saying (as an example) my closet has Escada couture and Valentino jackets (not that mine are so great this is just illustrative) I have sold - the people selling fake bags aren't selling designer clothes - it's just another way to check reality
Apr 24 05:34AM
lucky5sgsI LOVE this!!! Is the price firm or is there some wiggle room?
Apr 27 06:19PM
elstyle@lucky5sgs just changed it to 625 - not totally sure about selling - so this is my wiggle room - hope that works if not I totally understand - it's really nice so I am torn!
Apr 27 06:54PM
mariamkazmiTrade for my Louis Vuitton bag alma or clutch bag ?
Apr 27 09:30PM
elstyle@mariamkazmi not trading - sorry
Apr 28 03:46AM
poshmark786May I Hey a pic of inside dear! I toooo wish I found you earlier... yes I also ran into a dc as mer judge yesterday. .ugh we really do Jane to be careful add buyers. . And as sellers
Apr 28 08:01PM
elstyle@poshmark786 pic of inside added
Apr 29 03:53AM
pilThanks for following me!
Apr 29 08:38AM
joanyouCould you model?
Apr 29 10:20AM
jinyong1624This bag is gorgeous! May I ask is this vintage? How old is this bag?
Apr 29 10:13PM
elstyle@jinyong1624 I believe I got it 2000 - never wore it and moved a few times - has been in a box
Apr 30 03:28AM
eleganttouchHello :) it's lovely !! Do u still have receipt ?. I know it's been a log time since u got it ... :)) d u do pp ?.. Thx !
May 02 02:15AM
elstyle@eleganttouch hi no receipt bc I have moved several times - I don't have pp and anyways pp not allowed on Poshmark against their rules
May 02 03:30AM
hecate67Omg I love this 😱
May 04 01:23PM
elstyle@hecate67 thanks !
May 04 01:39PM
fashioncraz@elstyle hi do u still have the original box and authenticity card for it? I'm very interest in this bag :)
May 07 06:50PM
elstyle@fashioncraz hi I have a Chanel box but can't find authenticity card - the issue is that I moved several times and I kept certain paperwork in another place - you can see the authenticity # clearly in the inner part of the interior bag which is the # I put on the listing
May 07 06:56PM
fashioncraz@elstyle I'm sorry I just realized how small the bag is... Thank you for replying to me so fast but I think this bag may be too small for me.
May 07 07:29PM
elstyle@fashioncraz no worries - glad you double checked the measurements also!
May 07 07:48PM
fashioncraz@elstyle I hope u can find a home for this little beauty soon :)
May 07 08:10PM
elstyle@fashioncraz hopefully and thanks !
May 08 04:25AM
tulipgirl6Hey does this come with box and bag Znd card? What year is this from?
May 13 12:18PM
tulipgirl6Is that an outside back pocket?
May 13 12:20PM
elstyle@tulipgirl6 yes that's an outside pocket year is 2000 when I bought it - no card lost it in a house move - it's totally authentic
May 13 12:36PM
elstyle@tulipgirl6 I listed the authenticity serial # in bag on the listing
May 13 12:36PM
beb0501350 plsss☺️
May 14 08:55AM
elstyle@beb0501 hi there - I am sorry but I can't even counter that price - apologies
May 14 10:15AM
sales4sureThis is soooo beautiful
May 14 04:03PM
elstyle@sales4sure thanks !
May 14 04:11PM
yuiHow is the condition? What is the lowest price ? Thx ☺
May 17 08:30PM
elstyle@yui this Chanel bag is in Excellent condition - this price has already been dropped a lot on Poshmark - I think it's already a very low price - if you want to offer a realistic price that's great -
May 18 03:27AM
sjeanniePlease let me know if you can do $350!
May 25 08:11PM
Jun 08 03:27PM
sjeannieSo.. Deliciously.. Tempting!
Jun 12 04:18PM
elstyle@sjeannie thx again! The bag is so beautiful - I am just out of closet space!!!! Saw you're selling Creed shared it LUV it my scent is fleuressimo (pardon the misspelling).
Jun 13 03:50AM
sjeannieThank you! My favorite Creed is actually the more masculine Royal Oud ;) and yes, a beautiful bag!
Jun 13 05:39AM
thruthewardrobeThank you got the follow!
Jun 17 03:04AM
kitten123Out of my league, but LOVE IT!
Jun 21 01:28PM
designervault@elstyle can you do $400?
Jun 21 07:30PM
elstyle@designervault the lowest I can go is 500 I will reduce it to that
Jun 22 04:03AM
allyd86Congratulations! I've chosen this gorgeous host pick for tonight's Date Night Party! 🎉🎉
Jun 28 07:08PM
janicegwCongratulations on your fabulous Host Pick at tonight's Date Night Party! ❤️🌹🎁
Jun 28 07:08PM
pamelam🎶🎤🎶under the boardwalk, 🎶🎤🎶down by the sea, 🎶🎤🎶on a blanket with my baby 🎶🎤🎶is where i'll be....🎊🎈😳as soon as I "🎉🎈🎊Congratulate you! 🎉🎈🎊on your wonderful 🎉🎈🎊"HOST PICK"!!🎉🎈🎊
Jun 28 07:09PM
cinemabeauteCongratulations on your Date Night Host Pick! I hope it sells quickly for you!
Jun 28 07:12PM
larochelleC O N G R A T S ❌⭕❌⭕ 🌷
Jun 28 07:19PM
Jun 28 07:24PM
heathershu🌹🌹🌹CONGRATS on your BEAUTIFUL 💫DATE NIGHT💫 🎉HOST PICK🎉💃💃💃🌹💃💃💃🎉🎉💫💫💋💋👏👏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💃🌹💋😘
Jun 28 07:24PM
elstyle@pamelam thx so much !!!!
Jun 28 07:31PM
elstyle@allyd86 thanks SOooo much !!!
Jun 28 07:32PM
elstyle@janicegw thanks !!!!
Jun 28 07:33PM
allyd86You're very welcome! 💕
Jun 28 10:50PM
lana_88🎉👏 Congratulations on your Date Night HP! 🎉 👏💕
Jun 29 01:27AM
elstyle@lana_88 thanks!
Jun 29 04:29AM
janicegwCongratulations on your Host Pick at tonight's Top Trends Party! ❤️🌹🎁
Jun 29 07:34PM
alba330🌷🌷🌷Congratulations on your Host Pick this evening! Cheers to you and may it sell stat! 🌷🌷🌷
Jun 29 07:55PM
pamelam🎶🎤🎶I'm on the top of the world🎶🎤🎶Looking down on creation🎶🎤🎶And the only explanation I can find🎉🎈🎊is that I was meant to be on top of the world so I could see your wonderful 🎉🎈🎊HOST PICK🎉🎈🎊 and 🎉🎈🎊CONGRATULATE YOU!!! 🎉🎈🎊
Jun 29 08:29PM
elstyle@pamelam tx !!!
Jun 29 08:44PM
elstyle@heathershu @alba330 @janicegw thanks !!!
Jun 30 06:15PM
elstyle@cinemabeaute thanks !
Jun 30 06:17PM
elstyle@larochelle thanks !
Jun 30 06:18PM
Jun 30 06:44PM
boutifiqueThank you for following! Feel free to leave me an offer on anything you see in my closet :)
Jul 02 04:15PM
sjeannieWould you take $350 and my Creed?
Jul 04 07:28AM
elstyle@sjeannie hi that's a super generous offer but I actually just got a couple of bottles at the store of fleuressimo so I am set for now on Creed - thank you regardless !
Jul 04 08:19AM
cocoa_chanellove your closet so much!
Jul 04 03:08PM
elstyle@cocoa_chanel thanks for the compliment have a great holiday wkd !
Jul 04 04:14PM
sjeannieAh, I understand :) I'll keep admiring for now! Thank you for getting back to me as always!
Jul 07 04:32PM
elstyle@sjeannie anytime - it was a good suggestion regardless so I appreciate it !
Jul 07 04:39PM
Jul 09 04:18PM
elstyle@sunj2 sorry no trades
Jul 09 06:12PM
lucky5sgsHi! How much can this hold?
Jul 10 06:59AM
elstyle@lucky5sgs definitely wallet keys sunglasses - measurements are above - the bag has a firm structure so hard to squeeze in addtl items ( if bag was soft w no structure ) it wouldn't be good for work papers - I would put this in the fancy lunch/event/party/going out category ESP given the color - I have worn it for particular occasions vs an everyday bag - it's in great condition - does that help? More of a statement handbag than shoulder bag
Jul 10 07:04AM
lucky5sgsExtremely helpful! Thank you so much! I am going to measure it out and get back to you. Thanks for being so descriptive!
Jul 10 02:28PM
lucky5sgsHi! Sorry it took so long to get back to you! I really appreciate all your help but I think the bag is too small for me. I hope it finds a good home!
Jul 12 06:49AM
elstyle@lucky5sgs ok no problem thanks
Jul 12 09:14AM
jacquelinedCan I buy this?
Jul 17 09:23PM
elstyle@jacquelined yes it's for sale
Jul 18 02:02AM
Jul 18 06:01PM
elstyle@tmher no trades - apologies
Jul 18 06:45PM
jacquelinedCan you post a pic of you holding it! :)
Jul 19 07:29PM
elstyle@jacquelined back Tuesday work travel can do it then -
Jul 20 05:04AM
frubingerDo you trade
Jul 21 03:32PM
elstyle@frubinger no I do not
Jul 21 04:04PM
elstyle@jackiedelreal back from trip early - just posted pic holding bag hope that helps.
Jul 21 05:25PM
elstyle@jackiedelreal sorry mistake
Jul 21 05:26PM
elstyle@jacquelined back from work early just posted pic holding bag
Jul 21 05:26PM
Jul 22 06:12PM
elstyle@tmher hi no trades - sorry - I think you already asked me a few days ago so apologies if my response then did not go through. Regardless thx for offer.
Jul 22 06:21PM
kaitlynthyIt ' s still avalable ?
Jul 23 06:15AM
elstyle@kaitlynthy yes it is still available
Jul 23 06:24AM
kaitlynthyWhat is the lowed price? Pls
Jul 23 12:39PM
elstyle@kaitlynthy hi - this is lowest/final price - I started listing this at $695 on Poshmark so have already reduced it - if below $495 I would just keep it - I have more flexibility on other items listed - hope you can understand thank you!
Jul 23 12:58PM
kaitlynthyCan u put Dow 350$ for me ?
Jul 24 12:47PM
elstyle@kaitlynthy hi I would be happy to accommodate you or be helpful but I don't know of any partial payment method on Poshmark - I think you can pay in full with your credit card....hope that helps.
Jul 24 01:29PM
korccooDo u still have it
Jul 24 09:38PM
elstyle@korccoo yes this Chanel bag is available for sale
Jul 25 02:51AM
kriversPurchased :) Can't wait to meet my new bag!
Jul 25 05:55PM
elstyle@krivers thanks so much - I am away for wkd so wanted to let you know can ship Monday - sincere apologies for the delay - I think you will love it !
Jul 25 07:33PM
elstyle@krivers hi - I just got an email from posh confirming shipment but I didn't ship yet - will do so later today - I am a little confused why I got that email in error so wanted to alert you - will ask for a new shipping label will send you tracking as well
Jul 28 03:33AM
elstyle@krivers hi I reached out to Poshmark support and they said We are aware of the tracking issue with USPS and are working on a resolution. So basically until I get a shipping label I am stuck....
Jul 28 04:12PM
elstyle@krivers good news they sent me a label included box and Chanel ribbon - enjoy it's a super cute bag !!!
Jul 28 06:41PM
elstyle@krivers USPS tracking 9410 8108 9935 9026 389574 enjoy the bag !
Jul 29 05:44AM
kriversThank you so much!!!
Jul 29 07:54AM
elstyle@krivers just enjoy it and wear it a lot !!!
Jul 29 08:00AM
kaitlynthyThay sold yet sorry I'm lost phone that's why
Aug 15 09:23AM
elstyle@kaitlynthy hi I just assumed you passed - sorry it didn't work out for you - I have a fantastic mint gucci for almost 1/2 the price which is a cross body or hand/shoulder bag when u use the bamboo - the cross body strap is detachable - just a thought given the great price point it's smooth black leather - great all year!
Aug 15 09:50AM
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