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Earnest Sewn Pants - 🧵Earnest Sewn jean shorts🧵

🧵Earnest Sewn jean shorts🧵

Earnest Sewn
$30 $100 
Size: women’s 25 Waist: 29.2 inches Rise: 7.6 inches (mid-rise) Length: 9.5 inches Trouser style jean shorts by premium denim line Earnest Sewn. As you can see these shorts are a little too snug on me and are meant for a true 25. Would look much better a little looser &more trouser-y. These shorts are the perfect wash, a beautiful light-medium. Back pocket stitching is just for show, there to make your booty look 🔥 & give that perfect 70s look. these shorts because they are ssssssssmokin