Donut Tank! 🍩

Can be made in either black or white. Available in either this crop top form, muscle tank, or a regular crew neck tee :) Bundle for discounts! *****All the images shown on my shirts will be IRONED on by me. They did not come that way...***** ✋Price firm unless bundled!
Seller Discount: 20% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
biancarenee@valeries here it is!!!!!
Jun 06 10:44AM
fabashleyy87I want it!! After seeing it on insta lol
Jun 06 11:28AM
tclay1996@fabashleyy87 As in you'd like to purchase or just simply liking? 😊 Sorry I don't want to be pushy or anything, haha
Jun 06 11:31AM
Jun 06 05:02PM
imm263Opps sorry I just read no trades
Jun 06 05:02PM
tclay1996@imm263 No problem :) I do discounts though if you're interested!
Jun 06 07:17PM
valeries@biancarenee you want this one?
Jun 07 06:55AM
biancarenee@valeries or the skirt we saw! I'm in love with both. Whatcha think?
Jun 07 07:45AM
valeries@biancarenee - what size?
Jun 08 12:31AM
Jul 07 05:11PM
tclay1996@tmkelly96 Yes ma'am :) in all sizes!
Jul 07 05:37PM
crystaalynnDo you have any muscle tanks left where i can see it?:)
Jul 25 08:16PM
tclay1996@crystaalynn Well I make them to order so I don't have one ready right now to show you, but I can put up a pic of a muscle tank I did for another customer :)
Jul 25 08:22PM
crystaalynnCan you?:) and then tag me?:)
Jul 25 08:27PM
tclay1996@crystaalynn Ok it's up! :) The armholes are typically a little larger than the one shown in the pic. (Unless you like them this size) Let me know if you have any other questions! :)
Jul 25 08:42PM
crystaalynnHmm i actually really like the one with the bow! But is there any way you could do it not as a crop top?
Jul 25 09:01PM
Jul 25 09:02PM
tclay1996@crystaalynn Yeah, I can make it as not a crop top :) I've done that before. Just to make sure you know for sure though, the bow in the back is an extra $5.
Jul 25 09:03PM
crystaalynnDo you have any pics of it of it not being a crop top?:) and do you accept py pl?
Jul 25 09:45PM
tclay1996@crystaalynn No, I don't do py pl. or trades... I don't have pics of it as a non-croptop bc I make them to order but I can post it tomorrow if you're still interested!
Jul 25 11:35PM
beyjesuswhere do you get your tanks? what material?
Aug 10 10:39PM
Sep 01 09:18PM
tclay1996@toffeelover32 Sorry, I don't trade but I discount on bundles! :)
Sep 01 09:51PM
toffeelover32Could u lower the price on the donut
Sep 01 09:52PM
meme2323OMG! Love the pineapple!!! 😍😍 could u make one with the shirt on the first photo? And how much would it cost?
Sep 01 09:54PM
tclay1996@toffeelover32 No, sorry I don't discount unless bundled.... :(
Sep 01 09:56PM
toffeelover32Oh ok
Sep 01 09:57PM
tclay1996@meme2323 You want a donut top and a pineapple top?
Sep 01 09:58PM
meme2323No just a pineapple possibly. But in the first pic I love that shirt do u have that with a pineapple on it?
Sep 01 10:00PM
tclay1996@meme2323 Yeah I make them handmade. I leave for college on Friday though, so I'm not going to be taking anymore orders past tomorrow, so if you're interested, you should order before tomorrow! :) otherwise I won't be able to take your order until October... :(
Sep 01 10:08PM
meme2323What would be ur lowest?
Sep 01 10:09PM
tclay1996@meme2323 I don't discount unless bundled, so it would be $15
Sep 01 10:10PM
meme2323Bummer that's to much for me right now thank u tho:)
Sep 01 10:10PM
allisonscott178And also this in the bundle? Crop top
Apr 06 07:16PM
tclay1996@allisonscott178 Ok :) it'll be $35 with this one in addition just so you know
Apr 06 07:45PM
allisonscott178Okay can you make the price really high and then lower it after I like it to see if I can get cheaper shipping? :)
Apr 06 07:48PM
allisonscott178When you make the bundle they'll all be size medium :) do your sizes run small?
Apr 06 07:49PM
allisonscott178@tclay1996 ^^^
Apr 06 08:21PM
tclay1996@allisonscott178 Hi, sorry I'm at the store right now, I'll get back to you when I get home soon
Apr 06 08:25PM
allisonscott178K no problem
Apr 06 08:30PM
allisonscott178And can they all be size medium muscle tees. I don't think I have the tummy for a crop top haha
Apr 06 09:04PM

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