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Current Elliott The Skinny in Love Destroyed

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Current Elliott The Skinny in Love Destroyed

These distressed skinny jeans feature 5-pocket styling and a single-button closure. Whiskering at front. Holes and moderate distressing throughout. 12" leg opening. 99% cotton/1% polyurethane. Inseam is hemmed to a 30" original inseam. Rise is 7.5". Worn a couple times and hung to dry. Really love this but just a little too small for me.
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kkaziCould I see what these look like on? :)
Apr 24 04:52PM
trichel@kkazi can I post a pic from online? They're a little tight on me and won't look as cute as it's supposed to be.
Apr 24 04:53PM
kkaziYes that would be fine!
Apr 24 05:00PM
trichel@kkazi Posted a couple celebrity pics. 😊
Apr 24 07:26PM
kkaziAh 😍 they're so cute. But so expensive. College student problems haha
Apr 24 09:01PM
trichel@kkazi It's super cute on!! Let me know of you'd like me to hold it for you. I can help with shipping. 😊😁
Apr 24 10:51PM
madeyoublushThink I'm in love with these. 😍 May need to meet up.
Apr 26 08:15PM
trichel@madeyoublush These will look so good on you! Let's do a meet up soon! Just say when!
Apr 26 08:44PM
trichel@madeyoublush Hope you are having a great birthday weekend! The God truly blessed you today with a beautiful day!! 🌞
Apr 26 08:45PM
madeyoublushYay!!! I definitely want to try these on. My bday is tomorrow... so let the sun gods keep shining!
Apr 26 08:54PM
bikinisoteeny08@trichel so you trade at all? Or partial?
May 20 10:36PM
trichel@bikinisoteeny08 sorry, not trading.
May 20 10:37PM
bikinisoteeny08@trichel is price firm?
May 20 10:40PM
trichel@bikinisoteeny08 If you're interested, I can take a little bit off cause I'm leaving for vacay and tomorrow and Thursday is my last day to ship out. 😊
May 20 10:44PM
bikinisoteeny08@trichel thats fine. 😊
May 20 10:53PM
trichel@bikinisoteeny08 Does $115 work for you? 😊
May 20 10:55PM
trichel@bikinisoteeny08 So are you interested?
May 21 07:47AM
bikinisoteeny08@trichel no its fine. Thanks
May 21 07:49AM
sevenangelsMight you consider a trade or partial trade?
May 21 05:41PM
trichel@sevenangels Sorry, not trading.
May 21 06:20PM
lilsoozCan u measure the waist?
May 22 09:14AM
trichel@lilsooz Hi! I'm on vacation and won't be able to measure it but I will do so when I get home.
May 24 02:21AM
lilsoozOk 😊
May 25 08:05PM
sevenangelsHow much could you so through pp?
May 31 10:20PM
trichel@sevenangels I don't do pp.
Jun 02 02:25AM
knl0627Want to trade? I have same ones way too big size 26
Jun 27 11:53AM
frogs4me430πŸŽ‰Congratulations on your Chic Host Pick!!!πŸŽ‰
Aug 01 07:29PM
jaaayneeyCongratulations to your City Chic host pick! :) 08.01.14 xx -Posh Princess
Aug 01 09:10PM
hoversarahhi! are these still available?
Aug 08 09:28PM
trichel@hoversarah Yes, they are 😊
Aug 08 09:31PM
lquinn23Would you take $75
Aug 16 10:52AM
trichel@lquinn23 Sorry, that's too low.
Aug 16 03:37PM
Aug 18 11:44AM
trichel@lquinn23 Sorry, I really can't go that low especially without a bundle. These are still selling over $200 full price and these are in excellent condition.
Aug 18 12:45PM
chelle1205How do current/Elliot's run ? I'm normally 23/24
Aug 23 05:45PM
trichel@chelle1205 They depend on the style. I think these run TTS since they are the skinny style. I'm normally a 25 in denim and these are too small for me and that's the only reason I'm selling. I would definitely keep them of they for me.
Aug 23 05:50PM
mjkae369Hi would you be interested in trading at all? :)
Aug 26 11:02AM
mjkae369Just saw your no trading comments, how low can you go on these? Would you take $100?
Aug 26 01:11PM
trichel@mjkae369 I really have this already priced low since PM will also take 20%. I'm saving up to get a bigger size since this is too small for me. I can do $110 to help you out with shipping and when I lower the price it'll also do $2.99 shipping.
Aug 26 01:33PM
mjkae369I understand! I'm Usually a 23 in currents Elliott but I've been steadily gaining weight lol so I'm hoping these could fit. Are you still able to fit them just to model them?
Aug 26 01:35PM
mjkae369Just so I can get an idea of how the 24 looks on a body
Aug 26 01:35PM
trichel@mjkae369 I wish they still fit 😞 really too tight for me. I could try my best to answer any other questions you have about fit.
Aug 26 01:41PM
mjkae369Would you be able to measure in inches flat across the widest part of the thigh?
Aug 26 01:43PM
trichel@mjkae369 Okay, I figured about 3 inches below the crotch would be widest part of he upper thigh, right? About 9.5" laid flat.
Aug 26 03:39PM
trichel@mjkae369 How is that for you?
Aug 26 04:57PM
mjkae369I just measured it against jeans that fit me and the thigh is too big πŸ˜” wish they would fit
Aug 26 05:01PM
trichel@mjkae369 It's not meant to be tight. 😁
Aug 26 05:03PM
mjkae369Yea but I saw a bunch of celebs in them wearing them fitted and that's the way I was hoping to wear them :(
Aug 26 05:09PM
trichel@mjkae369 ah okay 😊
Aug 26 05:16PM
mjkae369Thank you so much though !!!
Aug 26 05:18PM
punky729Hi there! Do these run small for 24 waist or did you purchase them smaller? I'm usually a 24 but don't own any C/E so not sure how it fits.
Sep 11 02:28PM
trichel@punky729 No, they definitely don't fit smaller than a 24 waist. I bought them thinking they would fit me but I'm normally a 25 in jeans and these are too small.
Sep 11 03:28PM
punky729The description says hemmed to original Inseam... Just want to confirm if that means 30" inseam and original hem?
Sep 12 06:49AM
trichel@punky729 I had it professionally hemmed at Nordstrom to a 30" inseam and they stitched back the original hem so the original CE hem is still intact.n it's not just cutting and sewing. They do this so the original h is preserved.
Sep 12 08:57AM
punky729Great thanks!
Sep 12 09:13AM
trichel@punky729 Thank you! 😊
Sep 12 09:26AM
ivyanne@punky729 If you ever sell these please let me know!😊
Dec 30 08:53AM

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