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Colorful.❤️.New.Jeffrey Compball shoes

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Colorful.❤️.New.Jeffrey Compball shoesNWT

New.pretty.have boxes.super comfortable shoes.
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matchingfreak94I wish they were my size 😩
May 23 07:53PM
dianapaz1985@xiongmao678321 would they fit a 6.5?
May 23 08:33PM
xiongmao678321@dianapaz1985 yes.
May 23 09:40PM
dianapaz1985@xiongmao678321 would you trade
May 24 04:25PM
dianapaz1985@xiongmao678321 would you do $30
May 26 03:11PM
xiongmao678321@dianapaz1985 sorry!I can't.My lowest 55.
May 26 05:25PM
maicheebang@xiongmao678321 proof of authencity?
Jun 07 09:10AM
xiongmao678321@matchingfreak94 anthentic.
Jun 07 09:21AM
xiongmao678321@maicheebang yes.
Jun 07 09:23AM
maicheebang@xiongmao678321 I don't usually trade but these are adorable! Would u consider trading? If so take a peep at my closet!
Jun 09 12:47PM
xiongmao678321@maicheebang sorry,no trade.
Jun 09 12:49PM
cazorI am selling Dr. Martens in the same size. Trade?
Jun 16 11:30AM
xiongmao678321@cazor sorry,no trade.
Jun 16 01:08PM
jcgirlAre they true to size or do they fit funny like the cj play sneakers?
Jun 23 04:12PM
xiongmao678321@jcgirl ture size
Jun 23 04:32PM
briclarfieldare these still available?
Jun 30 08:37PM
xiongmao678321@briclarfield yes.
Jun 30 09:35PM
briclarfieldwould you take 50 if i buy them today?
Jul 01 12:54PM
xiongmao678321@briclarfield you said one shoes or two shoes?
Jul 01 01:49PM
briclarfieldyes 2, the taupe as well. would you do both together for 100 and ill buy them today?
Jul 01 01:53PM
xiongmao678321@briclarfield sorry ,the blue one I can sold you $50! But the heels I can't do $50!$70 is my lowest.because two shoes are new.
Jul 01 01:58PM
briclarfieldok ill take these blue sneakers for 50 then today :)
Jul 01 02:00PM

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