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Color Block Top Green Blue beige

Tops - Color Block Top Green Blue beigeTops - Color Block Top Green Blue beige 2Tops - Color Block Top Green Blue beige 3

Color Block Top Green Blue beigeNWT

Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection: Included
hamptongal@jules2209 I'm adding like crazy look at so far one blue has been asked if sold that I put up for u .. Lol
Jun 03 10:59AM
hamptongal@jules2209 the two tops and which beach cover up? Pink or the blue everyone is going after ? Put up black shift dress too
Jun 03 11:24AM
playingblogger@hamptongal Im asking if you have like the clear beach cover ones??🌴😎 The black dress is gorgeous but more for working career moms. Lol
Jun 03 11:34AM
hamptongal@jules2209 what do u mean clear beach cover ones? I have a white one just like the blue top u said to but not now lol that's what I use as a beach cover up it's very LILLY Pulitzer I also have pink they are beautiful !
Jun 03 11:40AM
hamptongal@jules2209 I have so much stuff I'll add more
Jun 03 11:41AM
playingblogger@hamptongal I add a pict here. Thats my last thing I need. Is like a long top!! Something similar?? We have same taste on clothes, shoes and accessories. No doubt.
Jun 03 11:44AM
hamptongal@jules2209 ok take another look and mark all that u definitely want ok
Jun 03 12:02PM
anna3942Hey! I love you're closet(: come check out mine I have great designer things for great deals(: happy poshing! I also love trading
Jun 03 01:06PM
playingblogger@anna3942 Hi 💋 Thank you for visiting my closet. Love yours and the beautiful color selection you have. Always feel Free to come and visit, chat, share, and shop!!
Jun 03 01:31PM
hamptongal@jules2209 your bundle is all set And I added a bunch of beautiful gifts !! It's all set and sissy will be getting shoes tom once hubby leaves for work Huggs 💐🌸🌸🌷🍃
Jun 03 03:40PM
hamptongal@jules2209 what brand is this ?
Jun 03 07:00PM
playingblogger@hamptongal Unbranded. You will love this so beautiful and perfect colors!!
Jun 03 07:05PM
hamptongal@jules2209 yes this and skirt just hold till u stated u were adding next week ; but I know she will get the 2 pr of. Tori shoes too !!!
Jun 03 07:08PM
playingblogger@hamptongal ok 😀 Will make a listing to hold. I have lots of stuff to list.
Jun 03 07:13PM
hamptongal@jules2209 I have been waiting for you doll to list!! 🙋💕🌸
Jun 03 07:23PM
alysha_worthen@jules2209 Is this the same color mint as the tulle skirt? 😄
Jun 03 08:59PM
playingblogger@alysha_worthen No. This is more of a teal color
Jun 03 09:00PM
alysha_worthen@jules2209 Would it look weird worn with the skirt?
Jun 03 09:12PM
playingblogger@alysha_worthen I will wear together 😀 it will look good with the navy combination!
Jun 03 09:19PM
alysha_worthen@jules2209 How much to bundle?
Jun 03 09:22PM
denvetauntdo u have this in any other sizes?
Jun 27 11:14AM
leahroos1108How long is this shirt hon?
Aug 01 07:37PM
playingblogger@leahroos1108 Is 62cm on length. Is a normal length 😀😀😀 I just reduced from $30!! Is beautiful 😍😍😍
Aug 01 07:43PM
bec22caWould this fit a medium too?
Sep 07 09:23AM
playingblogger@bec22ca yes 😃😃
Sep 07 09:41AM
becka23503@hamptongal what was the original price on this top??
Oct 06 12:35PM
hamptongal@becka23503 I paid 40$ from a gal on posh it's way to short on me I'm 5 11
Oct 06 12:44PM
becka23503@hamptongal thank you!💕
Oct 06 12:47PM
hamptongal@becka23503 your very welcome💕🌸 😽
Oct 06 01:05PM
jenaviWhat size will this fit? A misses 4 or 6?
Jan 04 07:21AM
playingblogger@jenavi Yes it does. It is beautiful and comfy to wear!! 😃😃😃
Jan 04 07:47AM
jenaviOk thx. I'm gonna look n see what I may bundle cuz I've spent a lot over the weekend. But for sure this top.
Jan 04 08:06AM
playingblogger@jenavi Ok no worries i will give u discount and free shipping!! 😃😃😃 Today only
Jan 04 08:16AM
Jan 04 08:19AM
babs135@jules2209 what are the measurements on this? i'm not sure if it will be too big.
Apr 27 05:41AM
playingblogger@babs135 Hi 😃 This fits true to size Nd should fit like on the second pict. Is a beautiful top
Apr 27 05:58AM
babs135@jules2209 ok thanks! i'll take the chance lol
Apr 27 06:02AM
babs135@jules2209 hi, just wanted to see when you were going to be able to ship this
May 01 06:35AM
playingblogger@babs135 This shipped already!! 😃😃 Not sure why is not updated. I always have that problem with my mail bc I shipped about 10-20 packages a day...i guess he doesn't like me
May 01 06:47AM
babs135@jules2209 haha no worries! just looking forward to receiving it!!😝 thanks!
May 01 06:48AM
playingblogger@mehanak808 This??
May 01 10:00PM
May 01 10:01PM
babs135@jules2209 hi jules! i still have not received this order so i just want to double check that it did go out last week!
May 06 06:20AM