💕#ClosetCrush @styled 💕

My Madewell boyfriend jeans from the beautiful and ever stylish Karina @styled 💗💗 thanks girl! Love Em' !!
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fccandles@styled not sure I did that closet crush thing right😁 you get the pic though😘😘😘
May 31 06:02PM
styledOhhhh Kim you are rocking them!!! ❤❤️😘 thanks for the pic!! 👏❤️
Jun 01 07:44AM
krissiebThis made the Posh blog! Congrats!!!
Jun 06 09:06AM
fccandles@styled 👆👆👆
Jun 06 09:07AM
fccandles@krissieb really? How do I get to it?? I'm a dork w/ that stuff 😋
Jun 06 09:08AM
krissiebLol!!! No problem. Here is the link: http://poshmarkapp.tumblr.com/
Jun 06 09:09AM
fccandles@stjames @vivacouture @britta21 @vacat @julie48 @moonbunnytoo @camposcc @meunice33 👆👆👆👆cool!!! Glad I cut my head off!!!
Jun 06 09:16AM
Jun 06 09:24AM
vivacoutureThat's awesome !!! And you look great ! Love it @styled
Jun 06 09:24AM
styledOm geeeez !! Im Such a pm dork!!! Kim yo are rocking them!!!!❤️🎉 woop hooo!! @mayrastyle - Kim is officially a posh celebrity @vivacouture - hi Sherrie!! ❤️
Jun 06 02:25PM
styled@julie48 - great to meet you! your closet is fav as welll!! ❤️I'm love with the " see" bag!! Isn't Kim a hot momma?! And now a pm celebrity. 😘😘
Jun 06 02:27PM
julie48Hi Girlie! Agreed, @fccandles is the best. I bought an AMAZING pair of DVF pants from her (I listed a photo as a #closetcrush). They are the best pants ever. Plus, she's just an amazingly genuine kind beautiful gal! 😘😘 You're closet is AMAZING!
Jun 06 02:51PM
mayrastyleYou are rocking them @fccandles !!..love it...I love the whole outfit...posh celebrity woop hooo..congrats
Jun 06 07:14PM
fccandles@mayrastyle 😘😘😘thanks girl!! It's the pants!! Lol💕
Jun 07 05:18AM
julie48@fccandles I have not forgot about you! I'm so sorry I was MIA. Guess who managed to wreck her car yesterday? Oh yes...that would be me.... I was stopped at a red light and got rear-ended which caused me to smash into the car in front of me. Everyone is okay but my beautiful car (I just bought it a year ago) took a beating.
Jun 09 12:14PM
Jun 11 02:07PM

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