Brandy Melville Shorts - Brandy Melville Floral Bruna Shorts

Brandy Melville Floral Bruna Shorts

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Brandy Melville Floral Bruna Shorts

Brandy turquoise stretchy, high waisted shorts. Fit from a size 00 to 3. Brand new :) shipping soon too! NO TRADES
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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Feb 21 05:52PM
aalexnelsonn@lovinlifee didn't see anything I wanted to trade for, sorry! :(
Feb 21 06:12PM
lovinlifeeWhat are you looking for?
Feb 21 06:21PM
aalexnelsonn@lovinlifee I don't do trades sorry
Feb 21 06:29PM
cynthiatn1@aalexnelsonn trade ? 😍 please lmk!
Feb 23 04:10PM
aalexnelsonn@cynthiatn1 I've already established that I don't like trading, I wish I could! Sorry!
Feb 23 04:13PM
jolenehawaiiAny zips?
Feb 26 02:01PM
aalexnelsonn@jolenehawaii yes there is a zipper on the side :)
Feb 26 03:46PM
aalexnelsonn@jolenehawaii interested?
Feb 27 05:21PM
jolenehawaii@aalexnelsonn I like the ones without a zip Hun thx
Feb 27 06:40PM
debbie1018Lowest price?
Mar 03 09:55AM
aalexnelsonn@debbie1018 this is the lowest sorry. I'll let you know if I lower!
Mar 03 02:31PM
debbie1018Okay thank you!
Mar 04 12:10AM
aalexnelsonn@debbie1018 I can do 32 :)
Mar 04 02:52PM
aalexnelsonn@debbie1018 I meant 30!
Mar 04 02:53PM
Mar 04 05:41PM
aalexnelsonn@debbie1018 No sorry
Mar 04 05:43PM
aalexnelsonn@tayelizabeth27 hi!! I know you wanted these! I could do 30 for you!
Mar 05 05:49PM
tayelizabeth27Thanks for the offer!! But i cant right now :)
Mar 06 07:02AM
cynthiatn1@aalexnelsonn could you ship for 25 please ?
Mar 13 09:17AM
aalexnelsonnI could do 30 @cynthiatn1
Mar 13 04:03PM
cynthiatn1@aalexnelsonn Do you accept concealed cash ? :)
Mar 13 04:04PM
aalexnelsonn@cynthiatn1 what does that mean lol
Mar 13 04:11PM
cynthiatn1@aalexnelsonn 30 including shipping :D
Mar 13 04:25PM
cynthiatn1@aalexnelsonn it means i'll mail you the money in an envelope since i don't have a paypal or credit card atm
Mar 13 04:26PM
aalexnelsonn@cynthiatn1 oh no I'm really sorry but no
Mar 13 04:32PM
aalexnelsonn@debbie1018 I can do 28
Mar 14 05:14PM
Mar 14 08:05PM
aalexnelsonn@debbie1018 didn't I just say no to that like a week ago.. Sorry
Mar 14 10:19PM
thaidolly@aalexnelsonn are these brand new never worn. If so would you take $28pp?
Mar 18 04:30PM
thaidolly@aalexnelsonn Nevermind :) purchased from another posher already :) thank you
Mar 18 05:32PM
aalexnelsonn@thaidolly no problem!!
Mar 19 04:07AM
aalexnelsonn@debbie1018 hey are you interested I can do 27
Mar 24 03:17PM
aalexnelsonn@cynthiatn1 hey I can do $25 concealed cash! Do you have buyer feedback?
Mar 24 03:17PM
cynthiatn1@aalexnelsonn i already bought from someone else sorry
Mar 24 03:40PM
debbie1018how much is shipping with it?
Mar 24 11:03PM
aalexnelsonn@debbie1018 $5
Mar 25 05:15AM
iirissssAre these still avaliable?
Apr 09 07:28PM
aalexnelsonn@iirissss Yes they are! :)
Apr 10 03:11AM
aalexnelsonnDo you want these? :) @iirissss
Apr 10 03:33PM
iirissssNo I don't think so :( sorry
Apr 10 05:07PM
aalexnelsonn@iirissss I can lower for you! But if not it's okay I understand :)
Apr 10 05:16PM
iirissssThanks for offering! But I actually already bought a pair yesterday from someone else.
Apr 10 05:17PM
aalexnelsonn@iirissss sure no problem !! 😊
Apr 10 05:22PM
jenna_elizabethAnyway you'd do $25? (:
Apr 10 10:39PM
klabeaulieuTrade ?:)
Apr 11 12:31PM
aalexnelsonn@klabeaulieu NO TRADES
Apr 11 12:43PM
klabeaulieuSorry I missed that part!
Apr 11 12:50PM
sofia_real@aalexnelsonn are they still available?? :)
Apr 14 02:14PM
aalexnelsonn@sofia_real yes they are :)
Apr 14 06:34PM
sofia_real@aalexnelsonn omg i am very interested in these.. hopefully i'll have the money and they're still available next week so i can buy them!! is $35 the lowest you'd do?
Apr 14 06:47PM
aalexnelsonn@sofia_real I'm pretty sure they'll still be available next week for you! And yes this is the lowest, sorry! I can reserve these for you if you want :)
Apr 14 07:19PM
sofia_real@aalexnelsonn okay its fine and if you could pleaaase do.. I really am gonna buy them! :) thank youuu
Apr 14 08:53PM
aalexnelsonn@sofia_real sure thing :)
Apr 15 03:09AM
aalexnelsonn@sofia_real hey when do you think you'll be able to purchase? :)
Apr 16 04:32PM
aalexnelsonn@sofia_real no longer on hold, sorry, let me know :(
Apr 25 07:44PM
salvviaaHey what area do you live in? Like California or somewhere?
Apr 28 05:18PM
aalexnelsonn@salvviaa MA
Apr 28 06:00PM
jessicaashoeei'm doing brandy orders online if youre interested ! (:
May 04 11:35AM
briana805Whats your lowest bc ir rally want to bus these and i have Been looping for them everywere
May 25 02:30PM
aalexnelsonn@briana805 what's your offer?
May 25 02:48PM
May 25 03:08PM
aalexnelsonn@briana805 that's soooo funny no.
May 25 03:17PM
May 25 03:33PM
aalexnelsonn@briana805 nope sorry'
May 25 05:35PM
May 27 02:48PM
aalexnelsonn@alexmariej I just wanna get back what I paid! What about $28?
May 27 04:22PM
alexmariejPaypal or concealed cash????🙏
May 27 04:42PM
aalexnelsonnI do concealed cash but only if you send me the money first. I'm sorry if you don't want to do that but I've just been scammed through CC so I'm very cautious :( let me know
May 27 04:47PM
aalexnelsonn@alexmariej actually I can just do $25 here on posh. No big deal
May 27 05:32PM
missizzyvoStill available? Lowest price ?
Jun 09 08:15AM
aalexnelsonn@missizzyvo I can do $25 :)
Jun 09 09:45AM
cartagena154Could you model these? And what size waist do you have? Sorry for all the questions but I really like these I just don't know if they'll fit
Jun 09 05:24PM
aalexnelsonn@cartagena154 hi! No worries at all. So I looked through your pictures and I really think these will fit. I am a size 3 in pants and shorts usually and these fit but they are also super stretchy and form to your body. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)
Jun 09 05:43PM
aalexnelsonn@cartagena154 and yeah I'll model soon
Jun 09 05:48PM
aalexnelsonn@cartagena154 I will post pictures tomorrow :)
Jun 09 06:46PM
aalexnelsonn@cartagena154 pics are up!
Jun 10 12:52PM
alexmariej20 p.p?
Jun 10 03:46PM
aalexnelsonn@cartagena154 would you let me know if you're still interested?
Jun 11 03:23PM
cartagena154I'm sorry currently I am not planning on buying them!
Jun 11 04:08PM
alexmariej23 shipped papal?
Jun 12 01:14PM
aalexnelsonn@alexmariej sorry for the late reply'! Poshmark won't even let me write that word. I don't have p. A. Y. P. A. L.
Jun 12 04:00PM
alexmariejCan you do 20?
Jun 12 08:39PM
aalexnelsonn@alexmariej I'm sorry, I spend $35 on these and will only make 20 back of I charge 25, so price is firm on 25 :(
Jun 13 03:13AM
alexmariejWhat size will these fit? Any flaws? Will you trade?
Jun 13 09:20AM
aalexnelsonn@alexmariej They are one size, they're stretchy and would fit from size 00 to size 3. No flaws, brand new without tags and never worn. And no sorry I'm not trading at the moment!
Jun 13 04:00PM
alexmariejLmk if you can do any lower than 25 cause I would be able to purchase
Jun 13 04:26PM
alidamontoyaHey doll, I'm selling some brandy if your interested🌸
Jun 19 08:00PM
aalexnelsonn@alidamontoya hi please don't call me doll. Thanks'
Jun 19 08:18PM
sydthesquid12Would this fit a waist size 23/24?
Jun 21 02:39PM
aalexnelsonn@sydthesquid12 yes definitely! :)
Jun 21 05:23PM
aalexnelsonn@sydthesquid12 anymore questions?
Jun 22 05:11PM
sydthesquid12No, don't think I can buy at the moment, sorry :(
Jun 22 07:18PM
morgan_hebertDudes she visually said NO TRADES .
Jul 12 02:32AM
kathleewongAre these still available
Jul 17 09:19PM
aalexnelsonn@kathleewong yes!! :)
Jul 17 10:07PM
aalexnelsonn@morgan_hebert THANK YOU!!
Jul 18 09:55AM
morgan_hebertHah welcome
Jul 18 05:19PM
Jul 28 01:36PM
aalexnelsonn@meowganiyall yes!! :)
Jul 28 03:09PM
abbykellyWould this fit a 6 US size??
Jul 28 05:03PM
aalexnelsonn@abbykelly there's a zipper on the side but the shorts themselves are pretty small so I'm going to have to say no, I'm sorry :(
Jul 28 05:30PM
ohsnapitsnashThere so pretty but I don't have that much Money :(
Aug 03 03:05PM
aalexnelsonn@ohsnapitsnash sorry I just lowered these a ton I can't go any lower :(
Aug 03 05:56PM
Aug 07 08:52PM
aalexnelsonn@marirose06_ no trades!
Aug 07 09:08PM
sam159Could you do $13?
Aug 09 11:13PM
aalexnelsonn@sam159 these are $35 in stores, so no sorry.
Aug 10 07:55AM
marty14Still available for said price $20?
Aug 19 12:03AM
hannybear1Love these! I'm interested in buying these! Are there any holes or stains on the shorts?
Aug 25 10:17AM
aalexnelsonn@hannybear1 awesome! No, these are in perfect condition I have never worn them!! :)
Aug 25 03:30PM

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