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Brandy Melville Daisy Floral Skirt

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Brandy Melville Daisy Floral Skirt

Great condition. Little charm on the back is missing but the zipper works perfect. That can easily be replaced :)
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
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meganmarie18I love this outfit. Espessially the sweater ^_^
Mar 05 07:58AM
_isaacdavinci@rubilove are the desert aztec pants on your website still available?
Mar 05 04:58PM
oliviaslaterWill you do $35?
Mar 07 07:10PM
rubilove@oliviaslater I wouldn't be making my money back going that low. Sprry
Mar 07 07:21PM
oliviaslaterWhats your lowest?
Mar 07 07:21PM
rubilove@oliviaslater I can do 40$ ;)
Mar 07 07:22PM
oliviaslaterI'll let you know as soon as I can! Thanks
Mar 07 07:23PM
Apr 21 04:24PM
May 01 10:34PM
rubilove@sydneyyrae what's your offer
May 01 10:54PM
sydneyyrae30 and ill buy it rihjt now
May 01 10:54PM
rubilove@sydneyyrae I can't go that low. Sorry.
May 02 12:40AM
sydneyyraeThats ljke ten dollars...
May 02 01:05AM
rubilove@sydneyyrae 14$
May 02 01:07AM
sydneyyraeThis is why i saud lowest lol
May 02 01:09AM
rubilove@sydneyyrae I don't know why you are arguing with me.. I said not to your offer. That's it.
May 02 01:12AM
rubiloveNo *
May 02 01:13AM
sydneyyraeYoure a stupid bitch. I just wanr the damn lowest price. Idiot.
May 02 01:30AM
rubilove@sydneyyrae sorry, you can't afford my listed price and you are so mad about it. #byefelicia
May 02 01:32AM
sydneyyraeYeah i can u cuntt.
May 02 01:33AM
rubilove@sydneyyrae you think by insulting me and calling me names your going to get your way? Lol. I feel sorry for you.. Want me to step down to your level? .. This skirt probably wouldn't even fit you. Instead of sitting on the phone exercising your fingers go to the gym and exercise! Goodbye!
May 02 01:36AM
summaootd@sydneyyrae wow! You are a complete bitch! If you can afford her listed price then why the hell are you trying to low ball her?
May 02 01:46AM
summaootd@rubilove don't deal with people like her.. Your closet is amazing btw 😘😘❤️❤️ you're the best!
May 02 01:46AM
rubilove@summaootd thanks girl!! ;)
May 02 01:48AM
summaootdNo problem!! Hehe!! I've actually have been eyeing this skirt for a while.. Did it sell? Or will you be re-listing it? I'm super interested
May 02 01:50AM
rubilove@summaootd yes!! I'll tag you :)
May 02 01:58AM

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