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BUNDLE brandy pants, bracelet, and love pillow

Brandy Melville Pants - BUNDLE brandy pants, bracelet, and love pillowBrandy Melville Pants - BUNDLE brandy pants, bracelet, and love pillow 2Brandy Melville Pants - BUNDLE brandy pants, bracelet, and love pillow 3

BUNDLE brandy pants, bracelet, and love pillowNWT

Bundle :)
Seller Discount: 15% off 3+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection: Included
nvynzellCould you please do a try on? :) really interested and I'm your height so id wanna see how they really look
Apr 17 08:37AM
caarly15@nvynzell the lighting in my room is not very good but I did my best πŸ’–
Apr 17 08:42AM
nvynzellAw thanks Hun! From the front please?
Apr 17 08:42AM
caarly15@nvynzell got you.... Check the berkenstocks πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘‘
Apr 17 08:46AM
nvynzellHahahaha thanks girl! What size are you normally in pants? I'm usually a 7
Apr 17 08:47AM
caarly15@nvynzell I'm like a 29 in jeans idk what that is in pants probably an 8 or something?
Apr 17 08:49AM
May 17 08:57PM
May 23 08:15AM
Jun 04 07:02AM
caarly15@mmeganicole yupp!
Jun 04 08:57AM
jenna1995do you take another form of payment that starts with a p(they won't let me type it)?
Jun 05 07:00PM
caarly15@jenna1995 hahaha yes as a matter of fact I do it would be 40$ with shipping!
Jun 05 07:54PM
jenna1995@caarly15 okay, thanks! Is that your absolute lowest you can go?
Jun 05 08:17PM
luckycha2mz@caarly15 available?? and are these already priced at your absolute lowest?? lmk :)
Jun 06 10:08AM
littleitalianStill selling?!?
Jun 06 12:52PM
cleo160Lmk if this is still available I'm willing to buy!! :)
Jun 12 01:08PM
caarly15@cleo160 yes it's available
Jun 12 01:21PM
cleo160awesome!! :) do you have Instagram or Twitter so I could dm you?
Jun 12 02:26PM
caarly15@cleo160 insta is carlythekitty
Jun 12 02:42PM
toniypHey how much if you bundle the pillow these pants and the wrap around bracket?
Jun 15 09:44AM
caarly15@toniyp ill bundle for 62 :)
Jun 15 12:40PM
toniypOk bundle me please!!!
Jun 15 01:28PM
caarly15@toniyp bundled!
Jun 16 05:31AM
toniypThank you!!!!
Jun 16 09:27AM