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frecklesn@cjnectow Thought you might like this Romper
Jun 05 04:27PM
hnguy428@alynicole17 if you make changes to this listing to include the dress, I can pay in this one and just cancel the other one. How much with bundle discount?
Jun 17 03:35PM
alynicole17@hnguy428 I can bundle for $69
Jun 17 04:12PM
hnguy428@alynicole17 can you do an even $65 since im a returning customer? Please....
Jun 17 05:25PM
hnguy428@alynicole17 I will pay once you change this. :)
Jun 17 05:26PM
alynicole17@hnguy428 no sorry hun $69 is the lowest. Did you still want to bundle for just get the mint dress?
Jun 17 07:22PM
hnguy428@alynicole17 can you bundle? And I will cancel the other one soon.
Jun 17 07:57PM
alynicole17@hnguy428 bundled doll!
Jun 17 08:03PM
hnguy428@alynicole17 thank you :)
Jun 17 09:12PM
alynicole17@hnguy428 no problem:) I'll send it out tomorrow!
Jun 17 09:22PM

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