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Used once! They're too tight on me though 🙈 so looking to sell so I can get a bigger size. Just because I wanted more of a boyfriend fit. Second pic you can see a slight snag it's not noticeably there though! Price reflects this
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shirakatzPrice negotiable?
May 09 01:27AM
jenlima@shirakatz price is not negotiable I'm sorry :(
May 09 01:49AM
elsaccLet me know if your gap jeans ever become available so I can bundle with these! :) thank you!!
Jun 03 08:40PM
jenlima@elsacc ah those were part of a bundle I'm sorry! My sister has the same pair she might be asking me to sell so I'll let you know. Anything else youre interested in though?
Jun 03 08:42PM
elsaccAwwwww! Let me know what she says! I would buy them right away :)
Jun 03 08:43PM
jenlima@elsacc hey so my sister is deciding to sell her pair for $40 let me know if you're still interested in bundling!
Jun 24 12:26PM
elsaccHi! Sorry to reply so late. Would you take $30? Thanks!
Jul 05 10:17AM
elsaccWould she * lol
Jul 05 10:17AM
jenlima@elsacc unfortunately she's not budging I'm sorry :( shipping is free until the 6th!
Jul 05 12:16PM
jenlima@elsacc If you bundle I can definitely work something out with you and they'll come out to 35 after the bundle discount
Jul 05 01:05PM
jenlima@kkg2013 did you receive your package?
Jul 09 11:54AM
kkg2013hi, no not yet, but our mail gets delivered pretty late everyday, so i'm sure it will come today! i really do like that french connection coat, any chance it is blue??
Jul 09 12:18PM
kkg2013@jenlima sorry, navy
Jul 09 12:43PM
jenlima@kkg2013 it's not it's black :/ but it's not a deep black so itlooks almost navy in the light
Jul 09 01:03PM
kkg2013oh my gosh @jenlima , received the package, and everything is PERFECT. thank you SO so much for the items and fast shipping :))) since the joe's jeans fit me pretty much perfectly around the waist (not super snug), do you think these would be too small? i usually wear a 25 in j brand.
Jul 09 03:20PM
jenlima@kkg2013 yay!! I'm so glad you liked everything :) and these would definitely be perfect although they do fit more like a jegging
Jul 09 03:22PM
jenlima@kkg2013 here you go!
Jul 09 04:20PM
kkg2013@jenlima awesome thanks! I'll send you the pay payment as soon as I get to school. Can't wait!
Jul 09 04:24PM
kkg2013@jenlima payment sent :) have a good weekend
Jul 09 05:30PM
kkg2013@jenlima hey! just checking if these were shipped yet? thanks!
Jul 14 05:17PM
jenlima@kkg2013 yes! In so sorry I got super sick for a few days and wasn't able to ship until this afternoon but you should get them by Thursday the latest they said!
Jul 14 05:34PM
kkg2013@jenlima awesome Ty!
Jul 14 06:01PM
jenlima@kkg2013 you're so welcome! Thank you again for purchasing :)
Jul 14 06:02PM
kkg2013@jenlima hey!! I got my package today and everything fits PERFECTLY! but there's a small hole in the J brand jeans :(( You can kind of see where it is in your second pic. I tried seeing if it would be all right when on b/c I love the fit, but its just in a spot too close to my butt and noticeable b/c how tight the jeans fit. Do you think I could possibly send them back or get a partial refund? I"m sorry! I really wanted them to work :( Also Did you accidentally send a top or did you mean to?? I can return it otherwise!!
Jul 18 07:07PM
jenlima@kkg2013 I'm so sorry I thought you were aware of the snag, it's when I sat down once it got stuck on a nail, I made sure to mention it in the pic. I sent the top as a gift you seem tiny and it doesn't fit me anymore and didn't want to go through the trouble of posting it and since you've been so sweet I sent it as a gift if it's not your style you're more than welcome to sell! And I can give you a bigger discount on future purchases but since I did photograph it and mention it in the pictures I'm afraid that's all I can do right now :(
Jul 18 07:10PM
kkg2013@jenlima oh sorry i must be blind! lol i didn't even read the description before purchasing
Jul 18 07:14PM
kkg2013@jenlima and thank you for the top!! :)
Jul 18 07:17PM
jenlima@kkg2013 that ok! You can easily get that fixed at a tailor btw the cost is 10-12 dollars I was told when I took it they showed me pictures of fixed snags and they really do a great job of hiding it
Jul 18 07:18PM
kkg2013@jenlima oh i didn't even know that! ill definitely get it fixed then b/c i love the fit!
Jul 18 07:19PM
jenlima@kkg2013 again I'm so sorry! I'll make sure next time to let you know of any defects :( I feel so bad!
Jul 18 07:21PM
jenlima@kkg2013 also I'm really interested in purchasing your jcrew bag/ trading
Jul 18 07:21PM
kkg2013@jenlima no no worries :) i love both pairs
Jul 18 07:22PM
kkg2013@jenlima sorry trying to juggle a crying baby. oh yes I'll definitely let you know about the purse. I actually decided to list it on eBay bc I think I can sell it for a higher price than it's listed here :o but if I change my mind or it doesn't sell id def be up for trading or selling if that works?
Jul 18 07:52PM
kkg2013@jenlima I also am going to try to find the dust bag
Jul 18 07:53PM
jenlima@kkg2013 lol! That's ok just let me know :)
Jul 18 08:02PM

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