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2MX2 Tops - 🆕 Aztec Sun T-Shirt Ollin 2MX2 Band Merch Women

🆕 Aztec Sun T-Shirt Ollin 2MX2 Band Merch Women   


$20 $777 
100% Cotton. S-XL COMMENT YOUR SIZE & ILL MAKE A SEPARATE LISTING! Logo Meaning: The symbol is a derivative of the “Ollin” found in the center of the Aztec calendar, which depicts Tonatiuh the sun god. We chose to remove the skin on our Ollin to point out that beneath the skin and culture we are all human. About 2MX2: 2MX2 is a Latin hip-hop band. They are known for their modern renditions of traditional Latin music & focus on political and social matters of our times. Learn more at 2MX2.COM
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