Tiffany & Co. Jewelry - 🔴Authentic Tiffay&Co Lariat Necklace 🔴

🔴Authentic Tiffay&Co Lariat Necklace 🔴

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🔴Authentic Tiffay&Co Lariat Necklace 🔴

Pre owned Authentic beautiful sterling silver open and closed Tiffay&Co heart Lariat necklace chain . It's retired .You can adjust the size up to your needs.minor scratches due to the normal wear . No pouch or box
Seller Discount: 5% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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sharon37@roxycat09. Beautiful
Dec 15 09:23AM
sharon37@gloria_glitter. This one is beautiful
Dec 15 03:11PM
Dec 17 05:34PM
Dec 18 02:26AM
sharon37@heathermd577 no trade , sorry
Dec 18 05:02AM
kgirl17Hello. What is the condition please? Thank u.
Dec 18 08:27AM
sharon37@kgirl17 Pre owned but very very good condition
Dec 18 08:33AM
hollyparikh19Are all of these pieces left already considered half price (what's listed as asking price)?
Dec 21 07:11AM
sharon37@hollyparikh19 The 50% is included in the current price which is very cheap compare to others listing
Dec 21 07:21AM
hollyparikh19@sharon37 oh yeah I know that. Just wanna clarify. 😊 Sure I'll take a look! Any rings? If you don't wanna do a whole listing, feel free to text 7853132150.
Dec 21 07:27AM
sharon37@hollyparikh19 ok great. Give me 30mints please
Dec 21 07:42AM
hollyparikh19@sharon37 No problem. I have a Tiffany ring already that I don't have posted. Would you be interested in a trade if you don't have this one yet? I did a trade and the seller was misleading and it's too big on me. 😔
Dec 21 07:49AM
sharon37@hollyparikh19 sorry I really don't do trades
Dec 21 08:00AM
sharon37@hollyparikh19 I did text you some pictures
Dec 21 09:25AM
sharon37@chloesgma. This one also
Dec 27 11:51AM
tempted1381oh my, this is absolutely stunning!!!
Jan 05 03:11PM
sharon37@tempted1381 thanks.
Jan 05 03:16PM
sharon37@garretts1 hello. Are you interested in this item ?
Jan 05 04:47PM
garretts1@sharon37 depends on price and yes I like it!
Jan 05 04:55PM
sharon37@garretts1 I know it's gorgeous necklace
Jan 05 04:56PM
scsu0701@sharon37 is this already reduced?
Jan 09 11:23AM
sharon37@scsu0701 hello Elisha thanks for your interest . Yes it is and I am ready to give it a new home open to offers
Jan 09 11:24AM
lvgirl26@sharon37 hi, are you open to offers? And is there any way you could take this to your Tiffany's and have it professionally cleaned? I want to ask for this necklace as a Valentine's Day present from my husband. 😂
5 days ago
sharon37@lvgirl26 yes
5 days ago
sharon37@lvgirl26 are you purchasing it now ?
5 days ago
lvgirl26@sharon37 I would be interested in making an offer & purchasing today if you got it cleaned before sending!
5 days ago
sharon37@lvgirl26 yes I can do that but it has to be a very close offer. I am sure you know how much it is to buy a new one which this necklace is almost new. Didnt wear it so much
5 days ago
lvgirl26@sharon37 okay sorry I think $169 is a little too high, I found a few others around $140 that are negotiable. Thanks for your time!
5 days ago
sharon37@lvgirl26 you can start your offer and we work it out
5 days ago
lvgirl26@sharon37 can you update the listing to describe any signs of wear or flaws?
4 days ago
sharon37@lvgirl26 it's on a good condition
4 days ago
lvgirl26@sharon37 I just like the condition to be described in the listing before I make an offer
4 days ago
sharon37@lvgirl26 I can't promise that Tiffany would polish this so I ha e to sell it as is
4 days ago
lvgirl26@sharon37 that's fine please just describe as is. I can get it cleaned.
4 days ago
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