Authentic Christian Louboutin Lady Peep 150mm 36.5

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Authentic Christian Louboutin Lady Peep 150mm 36.5

Black Patent Leather Mint Condition. Only worn once. No TRADE. Will do $650 p.p.
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
Authentication: Free above $500
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
mistya82What was retail price and do you have a pic of the bottom front pic please?
Jun 21 10:59PM
ooobellusoooThis retail price is $1020
Jun 21 11:07PM
jurhelynWould you wanna trade for my Rossmore Red purse?­čśŐ and think about bit more $ the rest. Thanks­čśŐ
Jul 05 10:49AM
ooobellusoooNo trade
Jul 05 11:41AM
jurhelynHow many times you worn it?
Jul 07 11:32AM
ooobellusoooOnly one time
Jul 07 01:06PM
tweezerWhat is the lowest you would go out?
Jul 08 09:15PM
ooobellusooo$750 via P....a....y....p...a.....l
Jul 08 09:23PM
ooobellusooo@tweezer $750
Jul 20 01:57PM
ooobellusooo@jurhelyn only once
Jul 20 02:00PM
ooobellusooo@mistya82 hi are you still interested?
Jul 20 02:01PM
monuexHi I would love to negotiate with you
Jul 30 03:47PM
ooobellusooo@monuex ok what is your offer?
Jul 30 04:21PM
monuexCan I have your email
Jul 30 06:18PM
ooobellusooo@monuex ooobellusooo@yahoo
Jul 30 06:51PM
Jul 31 05:52PM
ivkvLove them! I would give you $600
Aug 07 09:16AM
ooobellusooo@ivkv I would consider $650
Aug 07 09:34AM
couturegirllWhat is your lowest if I pay through paid pal?
Aug 07 10:29AM
ooobellusooo@couturegirll $650
Aug 07 11:43AM
mrlynblkWhat would you be interested to trade for? Your Louboutin's are priced higher than mine I do like the MK bag though
Aug 12 01:34PM
ooobellusooo@mrlynblk I would like to trade my MK purse for your louboutin shoes.
Aug 12 05:37PM
alina_teplynskaHi! Take a look at my CL shoes. I think they can fit you:)
Aug 20 08:55PM
ooobellusooo@alina_teplynska sorry but no trade
Aug 20 08:56PM
alina_teplynskaI am not looking for a trade. Trying to sell for very low price!
Aug 20 08:57PM
ooobellusooo@alina_teplynska do you have any other styles for sale?
Aug 20 09:00PM
alina_teplynskaJust pink for now. I will have more boots soon
Aug 20 09:01PM
lebshortie3Are you interested in black daffodils ???
Oct 08 09:58AM
ooobellusooo@lebshortie3 hi, I didn't see any shoes in your closet
Oct 08 10:02AM
lebshortie3Hey sorry I just realized I'm on my sisters posh lol mine is @dodiii3
Oct 08 10:05AM
ooobellusooo@dodiii3 I am but right now I wan to sell my shoes since I have too many
Oct 08 10:07AM
ooobellusooo@dodiii3 want
Oct 08 10:07AM
dodiii3Totally understand. :) if you're ever ready let me know. I'm trying to sell mine cause I'm really bad in walking in them I look like a fool so I wanna sell these and buy shorter ones lol
Oct 08 10:10AM
seryiously@ooobellusooo do u have any black bianca's that u might be selling soon? :)
Oct 25 12:47PM
ooobellusooo@seryiously I do have the bianca in black patent.
Oct 25 01:02PM
seryiously@ooobellusooo if u ever decide to sell, please let me know ! ;)
Oct 25 01:16PM
ooobellusooo@seryiously I will list it shortly
Oct 25 01:17PM
adewiseWhat would your price viapaypal be for both lady peeps
Oct 30 01:26PM
adewiseI also noticed we are he same size!!! I have some Loubs up if you like any maybe a trade?
Oct 30 01:28PM
ooobellusooo@adewise I want $650 for the black one and $700 for the nude since I have only worn it once.
Oct 30 02:34PM
adewiseCan you give me a deal if I buy both and buy viapaypal?
Oct 30 02:35PM
ooobellusooo@adewise I can't. I would rather sell them separate
Oct 30 02:38PM
adewiseIs there anything you are interested in in my closet? I'd love to trade/buy both the peeps
Oct 30 03:22PM
ooobellusooo@adewise love your chanel bag
Oct 30 03:54PM
adewiseIf it was an even trade I would be all for it doll! Let me know if there's anything that catches your eye!
Oct 30 03:57PM
ooobellusooo@adewise how much do you want for the purse?
Oct 30 05:51PM
Oct 30 05:53PM
ooobellusooo@adewise how about we trade my shoes for your purse plus $500?
Oct 30 06:24PM
adewiseI can do the shoes plus $1000. The bag is brand new and $3000.
Oct 30 07:19PM
ooobellusooo@adewise oh ok then
Oct 30 07:20PM
ooobellusooo@adewise don't have enough
Oct 30 07:20PM
adewiseOk well let me know if you want to do a trade of any shoes and cash.
Oct 30 07:22PM
adewiseWould you take $1000 viapaypal for the black and nudes
Nov 05 07:06AM
ooobellusooo@adewise no way sorry
Nov 05 07:16AM
vanuhi$500 ? I'll buy it right now
Nov 09 03:35PM
ooobellusooo@vanuhi no thanks
Nov 09 03:36PM
kiannTrade Hun? Check out my closet
Nov 16 10:44AM
ooobellusooo@kiann no thanks
Nov 16 01:45PM
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