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Authentic Black Ray Bans, w/ case

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Authentic Black Ray Bans, w/ case

Authentic Black ray bans, polarized lenses, brown leather case included. Good condition!
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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asian10Would you go any lower on these
Feb 25 12:29PM
kshlaud@asian10 yes how much lower
Feb 25 03:48PM
Mar 02 08:49PM
jendefuscostill available?
Mar 05 02:24PM
kshlaud@jendefusco yes
Mar 05 04:51PM
jendefuscoWould you do 70?
Mar 05 04:53PM
kshlaud@jendefusco they're reduced to $65 if you're still interested!
Apr 01 04:25PM
ameza93Any scratches on them? Could u post a pic of them on
Apr 03 01:20PM
Apr 05 06:50PM
lynzeehalcott@kshlaud still avail?
Apr 05 07:24PM
vtran6Trade for My ray ban rb2132??
Apr 06 09:37PM
savannnnerswould you trade anything!? ill bundle!!😍
Apr 09 06:15AM
critesnWould you take $65?
Apr 13 11:03PM
critesn@kshlaud would you take $65?
Apr 13 11:03PM
kshlaud@critesn yes, let me know if you for sure want them and I'll change the price:)
Apr 14 02:33PM
critesn@kshlaud are these polarized?
Apr 14 07:27PM
critesn@kshlaud I'll take for $65!
Apr 14 07:28PM
kshlaud@critesn yes they have a p next to the ray ban logo on the lens
Apr 14 07:28PM
critesn@kshlaud awesome these are exactly what I've been wanting 👍! I'll buy.
Apr 14 07:30PM
kshlaud@critesn great!! Glad you found them:)! I'll change it right now
Apr 14 07:31PM
critesn@kshlaud good condition but lots of scratches. Please include in description next time.
Apr 21 01:46PM

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