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Louis Vuitton Handbags - ATTN: Jules 🤩VIP Date LV Emerald 🍾ChampagneTote

ATTN: Jules 🤩VIP Date LV Emerald 🍾ChampagneTote

Louis Vuitton
$469 $1,395 
A True Attic-Found-Treasure.... Louis Vuitton -80’s !!!!!! This timeless bag is in unreal condition & in This color ... original bags strap still has a new sheen on it!! Original interior & exterior are close great to excellent condition Apparent use of tie cord adds to this vintage totes So Iconic Louis Vuitton A Classic is a beautiful Bag.. pix as requested Bag is a beauty Just the definition of worn in comfort yet, -shiny parts w/sheen -(unreal) from comfy to old world LV class.