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🐚 ALDO Butterfly Handbag

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🐚 ALDO Butterfly Handbag

Gorgeous butterfly handbag with two straps and three inside compartments. A must have in your spring outfits! Price is firm!
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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Mar 23 12:43AM
desert_diva@ohashleyd no trades on this sorry
Mar 23 09:12AM
Mar 23 12:01PM
sonyasstyles@desert_diva is this leather or all man made?
Apr 03 03:41PM
desert_diva@sonyasstyles I believe it's all man made but I'll check for you when I get home
Apr 03 06:11PM
desert_diva@sonyasstyles I found out it's leather and the body (the butterflies) is canvas
Apr 03 09:58PM
jazmin421What's the lowest?
May 13 09:43AM
desert_diva@jazmin421 make me an offer 😊
May 13 10:32AM
May 20 01:34PM
desert_diva@bjlights18 it is! Are you interested?
May 20 01:37PM
bjlights18I am thinking about it, I love butterflies...
May 20 01:38PM
desert_diva@bjlights18 I know it's such a cute purse! I'm doing a buy one get one free so you can get another item from my closet with this too. :)
May 20 01:43PM
desert_diva@bjlights18 are you still interested?
May 21 12:17PM
bjlights18Yes, but have to pay bills first...
May 21 12:37PM
desert_diva@bjlights18 are you still interested?
May 29 11:43PM
desert_diva@daf__daf interested girl? :)
Jun 04 07:11PM
daf__dafthinking about it ..,
Jun 04 07:14PM
desert_diva@daf__daf the price is negotiable so let me know. :)
Jun 04 07:23PM
desert_diva@loisina interested girl? :)
Jun 04 07:25PM
desert_diva@taylorzucco interested girl? :) I do great discounts on bundles!
Jun 05 06:51PM
desert_diva@lisasylaj interested girl? :)
Jun 06 06:51PM
desert_diva@autumnnatalie interested girl? :) I do great discounts for bundles!
Jun 09 03:54PM
desert_diva@cheetolover are you interested?
Jun 09 09:44PM
desert_diva@missjphillips interested girl? :) I'm doing a buy one get one free right now! :)
Jun 11 08:01AM
desert_diva@irishmv26 interested girl? I have a bogo free sale going on right now! 😊
Jun 14 09:13AM
natureloverjr@mariposhurtart @naturelover ❀️
Jun 23 06:34PM
natureloverjr@mariposahurtart ❀️
Jun 23 06:35PM
loisinaI don't wanna low ball you but I can't really afford anything more than ten right now
Jun 29 02:15PM
desert_diva@loisina no okay no worries! I have other items for $10 if you're interested lol :)
Jun 29 03:14PM
_mirandae13What's the lowest you would take I've had my eye on this bag, do you still have the matching wallet?
Jun 29 05:57PM
desert_diva@_mirandae13 make me an offer! I'm open to anything. :) I never had the matching wallet. I had other wallets but none for sale right now.
Jun 29 06:14PM
_mirandae13Would you go $17?
Jun 29 10:03PM
desert_diva@_mirandae13 no sorry
Jun 29 10:07PM
_mirandae13Would you go $30?
Jun 29 11:06PM
Jun 29 11:08PM
desert_diva@_mirandae13 no that's still too low. I would consider $30 though.
Jun 29 11:10PM
_mirandae13Would 30 be the absolute lowest?
Jun 30 07:08AM
desert_diva@_mirandae13 yes it would be.
Jun 30 08:00AM
_mirandae13Okay well let me know if it goes any lower or if you have any sales! (:
Jun 30 09:01AM
desert_diva@korinnem interested girl? :) I'm doing a buy one get one free right now!
Jul 08 08:17AM
desert_diva@sexyeyes007 interested girl? :)
Jul 13 03:05PM
desert_diva@amyrose818 interested girl? :)
Jul 15 11:57AM
desert_diva@naturelover interested girl? :)
Jul 15 03:03PM
desert_diva@gisaac interested girl? :) prices are negotiable!
Jul 19 02:08PM
desert_diva@calicoart interested girl? :) I'm doing a buy one get one free sale right now!
Jul 19 09:57PM
desert_diva@lynette333_ interested girl? :)
Jul 20 04:45PM
lynette333_Im in love with this purse! By any chance would you trade?
Jul 20 04:54PM
desert_diva@lynette333_ no trades sorry! If you're interested in purchasing let me know. :)
Jul 20 06:29PM
lynette333_I will most likely purchase soon (:
Jul 20 06:49PM
desert_diva@lynette333_ awesome! :) just keep me posted!
Jul 20 06:54PM
w112961New? Or
Jul 21 11:34AM
desert_diva@w112961 yes! I only used it once but it's in perfect condition!
Jul 21 11:49AM
w112961Ok thanks
Jul 21 11:54AM
desert_diva@w112961 are you interested in purchasing? :)
Jul 21 11:56AM
w112961Maybe ill lyk Hun I like the top too
Jul 21 12:04PM
desert_diva@w112961 well it's buy one get one free so let me know! :)
Jul 21 12:13PM
w112961Oh really?
Jul 21 12:16PM
desert_diva@w112961 yes! So you buy this bag and the top will be free
Jul 21 12:34PM
_mirandae13Hello again would you consider $22? I can buy right now
Jul 23 04:16PM
desert_diva@_mirandae13 yeah I'll do $22 buy when you're ready. :)
Jul 23 05:01PM
_mirandae13Awesome! And for the buy one get one free can it be that watch with the numbers jumbled?
Jul 23 05:09PM
timabeckkI can buy it right now lmk. !!!
Jul 23 05:10PM
Jul 23 05:12PM
desert_diva@_mirandae13 yes! Purchase now because others are willing to buy.
Jul 23 05:17PM
ojdcOh lucky, I was just about to buy this and the watches in a bundle.. Shoot
Jul 23 05:19PM

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