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7 for All Mankind

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7 for All Mankind

White skinny jeans! Never worn! Price is NOT firm!!
Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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coutureslabels@dsoftic would you possibly be open to a trade for my likes? or how much would it be for a bundle deal? thanks! =)
Jun 18 06:22AM
dsoftic@coutureslabels hi dear!! Thank you so much for your interest in my closet! When it comes to bundling I could bundle everything for $200 here, $180 off! I wish we had the same shoe size and then I'd easily workout a trade with you! If you want you can think about it and let me know you if you put up any new listings! I wont be home from vacay until Sunday night anyways :) Thanks again!!
Jun 18 06:33AM
dsoftic@coutureslabels oh wait I didn't see the raybans and jacket! So it would $320 here, $305 off!
Jun 18 06:34AM
dsoftic@coutureslabels Hi! just wanted to check back and see if you were still interested in this bundle because my flash sale ends tonight and I've gotten offers on some of the items you like
Jun 18 12:00PM
coutureslabels@dsoftic hi sorry about that! I was so caught up in answering questions about my listings. You can go ahead and sell. It's a great price but I'm a compulsive buyer and trying to calm down with buying so much lol! I will def be back very soon for your ray band 😊
Jun 18 12:03PM
dsoftic@coutureslabels okay well let me know if you change your mind! I'd love to get rid of these items haha! Hope to hear from you soon :) Best of luck with your own sales!
Jun 18 12:05PM
dsoftic@coutureslabels sorry to send you so many messages today but I wanted to let you know that I'll be keeping my eye on your closet, maybe we can workout a trade in the future! Thanks again dear!!
Jun 18 12:28PM
coutureslabels@dsoftic LOL no worries dear! Please,write me all you want. LOL. I'm really cool! LOL! okay,let me if a trade is okay? I'm up for that as well! =) THANK YOU!!!
Jun 18 12:35PM
dsoftic@coutureslabels Thanks so much! Trade is totally fine with me! I'll let you know if anything of yours catches my eye!
Jun 18 12:37PM
dsoftic@rasheedah_215 @erynn hi ladies! I don't want to bother you but I saw that you all liked this listing and I have dropped the price to $65 from $100. Willing to drop lower if anyone is interested :) thanks for your time!!
Jun 20 12:26PM
erynnAre these size 27 or 28? What's the inseam? Really only trading right now, so let me know if you see anything :)
Jun 20 12:27PM
dsoftic@erynn they are a 27, thanks for catching my mistake!! I'm looking to sell right now but I will keep an eye on your closet. Thank you so much :)
Jun 20 12:33PM
rasheedah_215Thanks but not my size
Jun 20 01:00PM
dsoftic@rasheedah_215 oh I'm sorry! Thanks for your time anyways!
Jun 20 02:04PM
dsoftic@coutureslabels hi dear! Just wanted to let you know that I've reduced the price of these from $100 to $65 if you are interested in purchasing! I have reduced some of my other prices as well
Jun 20 02:05PM
anribWhat size is a 27?
Jun 23 06:30PM
dsoftic@anrib I'm a dress size 4/6 if that helps. I think it would lean more towards the 6 side just because I am larger on the bottom than on the top
Jun 23 06:31PM
dsoftic@anrib I hope that answers your question! Let me know if you need any more clarification on sizing!
Jun 23 06:32PM
anribOk thanks! They would probably be too big for me then
Jun 23 06:50PM
dsoftic@anrib Actually, I'm sorry I was incorrect! I just looked up the equivalent of a 27 online and its a size 4 while a size 26 is a size 2. I'm not sure what size you are but I would google it again just to be safe, I think I'm right this time hahaha
Jun 23 06:52PM
chelseacurrieYou've got such a cute closet!!
Jun 27 06:32AM
dsoftic@chelseacurrie oh shucks, you're making me blush 😊 thanks!!!
Jun 27 06:33AM
mcmilano77@dsoftic thank you so much for the 5 star rating! So sweet of you and much appreciated!!!!!! Xxoo!
Jun 27 07:58AM
dsoftic@mcmilano77 oh my pleasure dear!! The shoes are so amazing! I need to check out your closet more often 😊
Jun 27 07:59AM
hannahrheeSuch a cute closet!! 💕👏
Jul 02 09:36AM
dsoftic@hannahrhee thanks!! I feel the same way about yours 🙆
Jul 02 09:39AM
13mfos@skinnimarg white jeans!
Jul 03 07:26AM
mysticmandyWill you take $50?
Jul 04 03:06PM
dsoftic@mysticmandy yes! I can lower this now if you'd like
Jul 04 03:12PM
mysticmandyYes! I can purchase now :)
Jul 04 03:13PM
dsoftic@mysticmandy changed for you! I can ship it out now. Thanks dear 😊
Jul 04 03:13PM
mysticmandyThanks!! Happy 4th :)
Jul 04 03:14PM
dsoftic@mysticmandy thank you so much! Hope you're having a wonderful 4th of July as well!
Jul 04 03:16PM
dsoftic@mysticmandy thanks for the awesome feedback, you made my day! So glad you love your new pants 😊
Jul 08 04:37PM

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