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Yves Saint Laurent Shoes - YSL tribute stilettosYves Saint Laurent Shoes - YSL tribute stilettos 2Yves Saint Laurent Shoes - YSL tribute stilettos 3Yves Saint Laurent Shoes - YSL tribute stilettos 4

YSL tribute stilettos

Hardly been worn, color goes with everything! Makes your legs look like they go on and on so sexy! I got major compliments every time I wore them. 5 1/2 inch heels comes with original shoe bags and box! They never go out of style!
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mollieinseattleAre these a 38.5 or a 39?
Feb 14 07:42PM
damoses21They are 38.5
Feb 17 04:01PM
sfernandez@damoses21 can I see a few more pics, bottoms, closer of inside. Are these the higher ones?
Feb 17 11:16PM
damoses21Yes they are the higher ones I will take more pics when I get home tonight
Feb 18 03:16PM
sfernandez@damoses21 can I see a pic of bottoms? Any major marks or scratches? Thanks!
Feb 22 10:38AM
glammargThese are beautiful! Wish they were my size! Too amazing not to share! :)
Feb 25 06:47PM
damoses21Thank you! They are truly one of the sexiest shoes I have ever owned but I just can't wear that high of a heel anymore! I always got compliments when I wore them, thanks for sharing!
Feb 25 07:11PM
maria@mollieinseattle Just wanted to make sure you saw her response. :)
Feb 27 11:57AM
hawaiiangirl@damoses21 do u trade?
Mar 04 09:42PM
damoses21@hawaiiangirl I guess I would if it were something I really wanted
Mar 05 09:25AM
glammargWhat size do you usually wear?
Mar 20 09:51PM
damoses21@glammarg I usually/always wear 8 1/2. These shoes are just too high in the arch for me but I still love them.
Mar 20 10:01PM
c0nn1echungAuthentic ? Do you have box and bags ?
Mar 22 02:22PM
damoses21@c0nn1echung 100% authentic I have bags and you see the box in the pictures 😊
Mar 22 02:36PM
Mar 27 09:40AM
damoses21@jesseeccaa I will take a look
Mar 27 01:40PM
jesseeccaaDid you see anything you liked
Mar 28 08:27PM
damoses21@jesseeccaa sorry not at this time, but I will keep an eye out, you have a great closet!
Mar 29 08:21AM
stephanieh408How tall are these?
Apr 13 03:28PM
damoses21@stephanieh408 hi! They are 5 1/2 inches!
Apr 13 04:10PM
damoses21@stephanieh408 they come with box and show bags, only worn them 4 or 5 times, price is negotiable, thanks!
Apr 13 04:13PM
damoses21Thanks everyone for sharing! Appreciate it! 😊
Apr 15 10:55AM
c0nn1echungCan you do 250 via PP ?
Apr 15 09:35PM
damoses21@c0nn1echung sorry I don't do pp
Apr 16 07:41AM
c0nn1echung250 on posh ?
Apr 16 08:49PM
damoses21@c0nn1echung hi, the lowest I will go is $350, I think their worth it! 😊
Apr 17 07:23AM
lynds512gold, right?
Apr 17 03:40PM
damoses21@lynds512 yes! A very pretty pale gold, very flattering, can wear with any color!
Apr 17 04:08PM
divaxxAre you willing to trade Hun??
4 days ago
damoses21@divaxx sorry not into trades😊
4 days ago
damoses21Thanks for all the sharing!!! Appreciate it!!!😘
4 days ago
3 days ago
damoses21@beautifulbuys hi! Took a look at your closet great by the way but nothing caught my eye, not really into trading! Sorry 😊
3 days ago
alldivineposhTake a peek in my closet!!! Trade at all?? 🙏
2 days ago
damoses21@alldivineposh hi, great closet you got there, nothing caught my eye at the moment but I will check back periodically, my dream is to eventually get a Chanel but I have to save up the money! 😛
damoses21@melamedb great closet! Sorry I don't see anything at the moment! 😊
paulaflCan u take a look at my closet please?
2 hours ago
paulaflI can pay $350. Change the price and let me know And I will purchase today
23 minutes ago
damoses21@paulafl I will change right now!
18 seconds ago