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{sale} jc lucite wedges

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{sale} jc lucite wedges

Post-sale price: $78 Coming to grips with the fact that I'm not twenty-something anymore and can no longer be prancing around in crazy/ridiculous/amazing shoes like these. Worn a few times, great condition with the exception of a few nicks and cut on the woven part, and hole on the bottom sole. I purchased it like that and have no idea how/why it's there, but it never bothered me when worn. Please see pics for reference.
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clarkissesI'm interested upon arrival; is that the price???
Feb 13 02:08AM
siennethreads@clarkisses oh no, of course not! 😁 I have to find the time to update my descrips but everything is avail and ready to ship. These will be listed for $68 (pretty low for jc's imo 😉) due to the tiny imperfections. Thx for ur interest!
Feb 13 02:10AM
siennethreads@clarkisses oops, typo! I meant $78 - they retail for over $200!
Feb 13 02:11AM
clarkissesGreat, however I see in one pic that there is a hole, what is that from? If you don't mind
Feb 13 02:13AM
siennethreads@clarkisses I honestly have no idea lol. I bought these fr the Rack and the hole was there, so if course I'm disclosing it. It doesn't affect the wearability, tho, and isn't drilled all the way thru or anything. 😁
Feb 13 02:19AM
siennethreads@clarkisses these r avail just in case u were interested. ✌️
Feb 13 06:23PM
alvictoriaThe hole is to avoid retail returns FYI 😉 These are FAB!!!
Feb 14 03:15AM
siennethreads@alvictoria ah, I see! Good to have a friend that knows these things. 😉👌
Feb 14 05:36AM
siennethreads@clarkisses the mystery is solved! It's there to avoid returns.
Feb 14 05:37AM
meghanmaryThese are so fantastic! 😍
Feb 16 06:50AM
siennethreads@meghanmary I know! I wish I had a place to wear them to!! 😭
Feb 16 07:40AM
disa498@siennethreads Hi Michelle!! These are awesome!! I keep wishing I had bigger feet each time I visit your closet, lol :)
Feb 16 09:31AM
siennethreads@disa498 hahaha aw thanks, Dayna! I better tell my sis to list more of her shoes! 🙊 These r so incredible, just not practical for running after 3 kids. 😝
Feb 16 09:33AM
disa498@siennethreads Yes, not practical at all for running after your three little ones :)!!! But that's prob a good thing, otherwise I would do major damage in your closet, hehe!!!
Feb 16 09:36AM
siennethreads@disa498 hehe ur so sweet. 😘 Didn't get a chance to go to my Zara this weekend, will go tom bc I have a few customer requests to check on. I'll let u kno about those tanks! They're perf for HI weather!
Feb 16 09:38AM
disa498@siennethreads oh no, it's totally fine!! I know you're super busy :) I do appreciate you taking the time to check for me!! Yes, I agree those two are so perfect for HI weather :) and if no luck finding those specific items, maybe another will catch your eye......just saying :)
Feb 16 09:41AM
siennethreads@disa498 yeah that's why it's no prob for me...I enjoy doing it (even a little too much!) and will most certainly pick up a few more things while I'm at it. 😉 I've worked as a personal shopper so doing clothing runs is like, in my blood. 😁😜
Feb 16 09:46AM
disa498@siennethreads Well that makes total have such great taste and always know what I like :)!!! I love it, def in your blood, lol :)
Feb 16 09:49AM
Feb 18 07:39PM
omegachildVery nice! I wish I fit a 7😞
Feb 18 09:00PM
fiveoneforever@siennethreads I just discovered your closet today and can't believe I have been missing out! This is a complete Zara wonderland! Love it! 😍😍😍
Feb 18 09:23PM
siennethreads@fiveoneforever well thank u!! I live overseas so Zara is plentiful over here. 😉 I appreciate u taking the time to stop by!!
Feb 18 10:55PM
rallou24These are great
Feb 19 03:58PM
siennethreads@rallou24 thanks!! 😄
Feb 19 04:33PM
nljorda1So if I'm 30 and a momma of two, does that mean I can't either :(
Feb 24 08:00AM
siennethreads@nljorda1 I'm 30-dbsjkjsl and a mom of 3, so they're just not practical for me. 😂 U can prolly get a good yr or two out of them. 😉
Feb 24 08:05AM
elissaemotoThese are so cool!! 😍
Feb 25 05:58PM
elissaemotoHaha and your description 😂. I think you could still rock these though!
Feb 25 05:59PM
siennethreads@elissaemoto I totally would in Vegas or something. They're not too running-after-the-boys friendly. 😁
Feb 25 06:02PM
elissaemotoTouché, you're still one of the most stylish mamas I know !
Feb 25 06:11PM
randilynmeeeee, oh my! 👌👌
Feb 26 02:50PM
ananjHow high is the heel height? Thks
Feb 27 05:10AM
siennethreads@ananj they're 5" w a 1.5" front platform (so basically 3.5"). They're really comfy despite the height! 😉
Feb 27 05:19AM
ananjThey are adorable, absolutely love & can see myself wearing but too high for my arch - cant do 5" / 😞😔😣 thanks tho!!
Feb 27 05:34AM
siennethreads@ananj no prob, thanks for stopping by! Like i said, w the front platform it's really like a 3.5" wedge. Lmk if u ever change ur mind!
Feb 27 05:36AM
ojdcsize 7 is the only one of these you have?
Feb 28 10:59AM
siennethreads@oceanjewelers yes, sry!
Feb 28 11:21AM
tevavoldSpring is in the Air!! I picked this fabulous piece for the upcoming season!! Happy Spring Preview Party!! 🌺☀️
Mar 02 07:10PM
ex_globetrotterSpring is almost here, you can almost feel it!!! Congrats on your spring ready HP!!! 🎉💐🌸🌷🎉
Mar 02 07:10PM
charming_mhel🎉🎉🎉Congrats on your Host Pick🎉🎉🎉A must have for Spring🌸🌷💐🌻🌺🌹🌼
Mar 02 07:10PM
nkhob🎉CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome Host Pick! Hooray!!!👏🌹🎊
Mar 02 07:10PM
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Mar 02 07:10PM
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Mar 02 07:11PM
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Mar 02 07:12PM
Mar 02 07:12PM
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Mar 02 07:12PM
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Mar 02 07:12PM
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Mar 02 07:12PM
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Mar 02 07:13PM
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Mar 02 07:13PM
siennethreads@tevavold thank u SO much!! I appreciate it!! 💖💐
Mar 02 07:13PM
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Mar 02 07:13PM
siennethreadsThanks everyone!!!! 🎉🎉🎉
Mar 02 07:13PM
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Mar 02 07:14PM
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Mar 02 07:14PM
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Mar 02 08:25PM
hail2thevI wish i was cool enough to wear these!
Mar 13 06:50PM
siennethreads@hail2thev ok judging fr ur closet u are super duper cool. U can totally rock these!! 😉😍
Mar 15 05:31AM
Mar 25 12:36AM
siennethreads@summerlove20 I just reduced for my sale. Feel free to purchase if interested!
Mar 25 06:52AM
Mar 26 05:35PM
brook2lookWhat's the absolute lowest is this the absolute lowest dear
Mar 30 09:39AM
siennethreads@brook2look yes this is. They're in great condition and absolutely fabulous! I will be changing the price back to $78 after today and will be on vacay so this is the last day to purchase at this price. Hope u consider them!
Mar 30 10:16AM

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