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Marc JacobsNWT

Large Eugenie Clutch
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ltle90will you trade for both of my gucci sunglasses?
Feb 06 01:00PM
cynthiab65@ltle90 Thanks for asking but I really in need of cashπŸ˜„
Feb 06 01:08PM
ltle90@cynthiab65 no problem, thanks for you reply!
Feb 06 01:09PM
cynthiab65@chaynes2004 thanks for sharing
Feb 06 01:44PM
cynthiab65@ametzger thanks for sharing'
Feb 06 02:10PM
cynthiab65@flygal thanks for sharing!
Feb 06 02:10PM
cynthiab65@flyygal thanks for sharing
Feb 06 02:12PM
cynthiab65@pastelsky thanks for sharing!!
Feb 06 02:13PM
cynthiab65@sjmurphy thanks for sharing!
Feb 07 09:27AM
sjmurphy:-) welcome
Feb 07 09:28AM
cynthiab65@andygurl333 thanks for sharing!
Feb 07 06:04PM
Feb 07 10:09PM
cynthiab65@k8oh thamks for sharing
Feb 09 11:12AM
cynthiab65@mayfaircloset thanks for sharing
Feb 09 05:56PM
cynthiab65@miami3 thanks for sharing'
Feb 10 09:44AM
cynthiab65@enigma thanks for the share
Feb 13 01:19PM
cynthiab65@marinaturner thanks for sharing
Feb 13 09:42PM
marinaturnerNo problem!
Feb 13 09:44PM
cynthiab65@altima2013 thanks for all the shares!
Feb 15 12:13PM
altima2013@cynthiab65 My Pleasure πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
Feb 15 12:39PM
stinky@cynthiab65 is this your lowest?
Feb 15 10:01PM
cynthiab65@stinky what price were you thinking?
Feb 15 10:45PM
stinky@cynthiab65 would you sell for $150?
Feb 16 06:40AM
cynthiab65@stinky 200 the lowest im trying to raise money to pay for my kids tuition that im behind on Sorry
Feb 16 09:01AM
cynthiab65@stinky I was just browsing Posh and saw another seller was selling this bag at 500 wow i marked mine pretty low
Feb 16 10:14AM
stinky@cynthiab65 I understand I have student as well. Im searching in ebay too, I'll let you know. Thank you.
Feb 16 04:38PM
cynthiab65@beckstraub thanks for the shares
Feb 16 05:08PM
marypala89Would consider trading? Check out my closet 😊
Feb 16 08:36PM
cynthiab65@marypala89 Sorry Im not trading this item
Feb 16 08:55PM
marypala89Ok thanks 😊 it's beautiful!
Feb 16 09:09PM
Mar 20 07:24PM
jetsetter123Is it a crossbody too? Can you do $150?
Mar 20 07:35PM
cynthiab65@jetsetter123 its a clutch and sorry 150 is to low
Mar 20 07:40PM
cynthiab65@jetsetter123 someone is selling a similar one for 300
Mar 20 07:43PM
jetsetter123I was looking for a crossbody. Thanks for ur response πŸŽ€πŸ˜Š
Mar 20 07:44PM
cynthiab65@jetsetter123 No Worries!
Mar 20 08:08PM
jaaayneeyCongratulations!!! I chose this item for my "Off Duty Style" party! This rocks and so are you. Want more host picks? Just always remember to stick with poshmark rules. Lots of love, Posh Princess :) xx
Apr 17 07:49PM
myrucca876✨✨Congrats on your HP✨✨
Apr 17 07:51PM
cynthiab65@jaaayneey Thanks !!!!😘😘
Apr 17 07:57PM
cynthiab65@myrucca876 Thanks!!
Apr 17 07:57PM
Apr 17 08:04PM
cynthiab65@vmtshop Thanks!
Apr 17 09:29PM
kyliebriennSuch a unique Posh Party theme last night! Congratulations on your item being selected for display! Hope it bring many followers and sales! Cheers, girl!! Xo
Apr 18 11:01AM
cynthiab65@kyliebrienn Thanks!!!
Apr 18 11:28AM
gordomom@andine @katantoinette 😍
Jun 08 10:17AM
dana_michelletxWhat's the condition? Is it new with tags? Thx!
Jul 23 10:58AM
cynthiab65@dana_michelletx if you read the description you will see NWT never been USED😁
Jul 23 12:58PM
Aug 22 10:15AM
cynthiab65@semza9 I dont Trade
Aug 22 01:04PM
dardaryanthe back kind of looks damaged. Is it?
Nov 30 09:19PM
cynthiab65@dardaryan new with tags never Been Worn!!!
Dec 01 09:56AM
gordomom@katantoinette have you seen this? 😍
5 days ago