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*HOST PICK* Citizens of Humanity Premium Denim

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*HOST PICK* Citizens of Humanity Premium Denim

These "Naomi #065 Argyle-Stitch Stretch - Low Waist Flair" jeans are sold out at Nordstrom! Per Nordstrom "fashionably flared stretch-denim style is livened up with bleached creases and whiskering. Pink & orange argyle style design brightens the back pockets." Zip-fly button closure, 5-pocket style & made of 98% cotton 2% lycra. Per tag, Cut#2053 Style#065-012, R/N#109670. *Please note hemmed 30" inseam & worn 1-2 times.* For fit, see Photo #4 (2 photos from Nordstrom & 1 photo of actual tag).
Seller Discount: 20% off 2+ Bundle
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sarahjosephineThank you for the like, @marietae :)
Feb 05 11:15PM
sarahjosephineThanks for the like @ancasler2009! Happy poshing :)
Feb 12 06:22PM
marinavivarWhen measuring the inseam is that from the waist to the bottom or from the crotch to the bottom❔
Feb 12 09:31PM
sarahjosephineThe 30" inseam is the length from of the seam from the crotch to bottom of the leg.
Feb 12 09:35PM
sarahjosephine@marinavivar - Sorry, I totally forgot to tag you on the comment above :)
Feb 13 06:47PM
sarahjosephineThanks for the like, @tinalock. :) Hope you're having a great poshing night!
Feb 13 06:48PM
marinavivarOk great thank you 😉
Feb 13 07:01PM
neelugI used to have these! Think my sister has them now bc they got too small for me.
Feb 16 08:32PM
sarahjosephine@neelug Yeah same here! :)
Feb 18 06:13PM
sarahjosephineThanks for the like @misssscarrie! Happy poshing! :)
Feb 18 06:14PM
sarahjosephine@smsgrant, thank you for the like! Happy poshing!
Mar 02 01:43PM
tpreje3True to size or have they shrunk a little? Thanks!
Mar 21 04:32PM
sarahjosephine@tpreje3 They should be true to size. These pants were washed, but I can't fit into them anymore (I gained weight) so I can't tell you if they feel like they've shrunk. I can measure the waist for you, if that's helpful.
Mar 21 04:42PM
tpreje3That's ok. Are they wide flare or more bootcut? Thanks for answering my questions. :)
Mar 21 04:45PM
sarahjosephine@tpreje3 They're more like a boot cut.
Mar 21 04:53PM
tpreje3Okay. Could you please give me a bundle price. :)
Mar 21 04:54PM
sarahjosephine@tpreje3 both are listed for $57 but I can bundle for $47 which is about 17.5% off per the St Paddy sale ;)
Mar 21 05:03PM
tpreje3Thanks sounds good! Thanks!
Mar 21 05:04PM
sarahjosephine@tpreje3 Hi there - I just got home and took a closer look at the jeans. Before we proceed, I wanted to describe the jeans more precisely. The tag on the jean says they are "Naomi #065, low waist flair stretch" so note that there is a slight flair. I found a picture of the jeans on the Nordstrom website -- please see the link: ...Alternatively you can do what I did a google "citizens Namoi jeans" and you should come across the Nordstrom website with two photos of "'Naomi' Argyle-Stitch Stretch Jeans". Let me know if you want to proceed given the more detailed information provided here. :)
Mar 21 05:30PM
tpreje3Okay. Thank you for that. I think I will still try them. You said the inseam was 30", right?
Mar 21 05:52PM
tpreje3Have they been altered to that length?
Mar 21 05:52PM
sarahjosephine@tpreje3 No problem and yes, I had them hemmed to a 30" inseam...which is why I only wore them once (turned out, I need something like a 31" inseam).
Mar 21 05:54PM
tpreje3Yeah, I'm sorry. I think i will just take the top. I measured my other pants and they are 31-32" for me to wear with heels. And I think flare jeans need to be worn with heels. Sorry for all the trouble. I appreciate you letting me know!
Mar 21 05:58PM
sarahjosephine@tpreje3 Not a problem at all! I think 32" inseam is pretty standard for jeans, so I totally understand. New, the inseam on these jeans is something crazy like 35". I'd rather have you know upfront than make a purchase that didn't work for you. :)
Mar 21 06:00PM
tpreje3Really appreciate it!!! That's why I asked. I read on Nordstrom that it was 35. That is way long!!! :)
Mar 21 06:02PM
sarahjosephine@tpreje3 Absolutely! I've highlighted the 30" inseam in the listing to make it more obvious - so thanks :)
Mar 22 11:18PM
sarahjosephineThanks for the like @emiems , @donnakarol, @pearlsposh @cjtang! Happy poshing! :)
Mar 22 11:18PM
mrsdiva703The “CoverGirl AWARD” Goes to you! Cover girl! Put the bass in your walk Head to toe let your whole body talk. Your covershots SPEAK a new language: BUY NOW! You covers are admired by many! Now pose for the camera; CLICK CLICK
Apr 01 08:05PM
katz2👏👏Congratulations on your chic Downtown Chic Host Pick. 💖💖
Apr 01 08:05PM
herparallaxCongrats on your Host Pick. Definitely chic!
Apr 01 08:06PM
motastiicCongratulations on your super chic host pick for tonight!🎉💕
Apr 01 08:06PM
jaismeenHi Sarah!! Congratulations on this Chic Pick perfect for a visit to a party in Downtown!! Have fun! Cheers, Jaismeen!
Apr 01 08:06PM
sarahjosephine@mrsdiva703 That awesome moment when you're congratulating your fellow poshers and BOOM! You see your listing amongst the HPs!!! Thank you SooOOOOooO much! I am truly honored!!!! :)
Apr 01 08:06PM
sarahjosephineThank you so much @katz2, @herparallax, @motastic, @jaismeen!!! Your kinds word made my day!! :)
Apr 01 08:08PM
sarahjosephineeep, I meant @motastiic
Apr 01 08:09PM
sonpaises@sarahjosephine Woo hoo! Congratulations on pick and award! 💕💕
Apr 01 08:26PM
janicegwCongratulations on your FABULOUS host pick at tonight's Downtown Chic Party!❤️🌹🎁
Apr 01 08:31PM
nkhob🎉CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome DOWNTOWN CHIC PARTY Host Pick!👏👏💃💃
Apr 01 08:43PM
mands13🎉Congratulations on your chic host pick Sarah ❤️❤️❤️🎉
Apr 01 08:57PM
classicpattyFABULOUS HP!!!🎉🎉🎉
Apr 01 09:02PM
Apr 01 09:31PM
sarahjosephineThank you for all your kind words! @sonpaises @janicegw, @nkhob, @mands13, @classicpatty @kimsthings! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart :)
Apr 01 10:49PM
nkhob💞🎀💞Your welcome💞🎀💞
Apr 02 08:35AM
sarahjosephineThanks for the like, @llowing, and welcome to Posh Mark! If you have any questions about PoshMark, feel free to ask me! I hope you're having a great weekend :)
Apr 12 06:49PM
vivapancho4393These are so cute💕and such a great price👌
Apr 17 06:08PM
sarahjosephineAww thank you, @vivapancho4393 :)
Apr 18 11:37PM
sarahjosephineThanks for the like @contessacouture @nepita1433 @charliewormser @slenway @snowqueen0109! Have a great weekend!
Apr 25 11:10PM
Jun 03 08:20PM
sarahjosephine@somsom Thank you!! :)
Jun 14 01:21PM
sarahjosephine@nlan123 Hi there! Thank you for your purchase. I will send the jeans with today's mail! :)
Jun 14 01:23PM
nlan123@sarahjosephine yay! Thank you! 😊💜👍💖
Jun 14 03:59PM
nlan123@sarahjosephine super happy with my purchase! 😊Thank you so much for your sweet card & cute wrapping too! 💜
Jun 16 10:39AM

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