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Jeffrey Campbell Freca

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Jeffrey Campbell Freca

I've worn them once for about an hour. They are in Perfect condition. They run big.. One whole size. These are a 5.5 but fit like a 6-6.5 :) *imagine via google.
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dnzcWhat's your lowest?
Jan 23 12:32AM
ophi_jazzI wish these were a ten 😭
Jan 23 01:14AM
rubilove@dnzc hmm.. I just listed these so I'm not sure. I paid full price for these. But how much did you have in mind? :)
Jan 23 01:59AM
rubilove@ophi_jazz 😭
Jan 23 02:01AM
dnzc@rubilove $100 , I usually wear a 5.5 /6 you think these would be big πŸ˜–
Jan 23 08:07AM
vlovesclothesOmgggggg I love these
Jan 23 08:36AM
rubilove@dnzc I'm sorry but I'm not willing to go that low. I rather keep them for myself :( and I'm not sure because they run one whole size big
Jan 23 10:14AM
rubilove@vlovesclothes aren't they amazing!!! Hehe :)
Jan 23 10:15AM
dnzc@rubilove thank you ❀ no worries
Jan 23 10:16AM
branmreevesThese are to die for too bad not my size
Jan 24 04:25PM
friskydelightOooh I want these!!
Jan 29 03:00PM
rubilove@friskydelight they are still available ;)
Jan 29 03:05PM
tayelizabeth27Hey rubi! Im just wondering what kind of job it is that you have? It looks amazing what you do and something i could only dream of. You look amazing in all of your photos and the clothes are to die for😍
Jan 30 09:15PM
katef@rubilove ugh, I lovvvvve these. but I'm a pretty true 6. :(
Jan 31 05:22PM
cillamoon@rubilove do you do holds? I want these really bad!!
Feb 01 11:09AM
rubilove@cillamoon no, sorry!
Feb 01 12:07PM
Feb 09 09:38AM
jdelso12@65ds_do_it_btr Ugh Not my size😭Thank You though!!! I Freca'n Adore you!!!!😍
Feb 09 09:41AM
platinummermaid@jdelso12 item # 261390430161 an 8
Feb 09 09:41AM
platinummermaid@jdelso12 that was on eBay. There is also a size 7 on eBay the seller says they can fit an 8
Feb 09 09:42AM
sms2811@rubilove Congrats πŸŽ‰You've got yourself one Laid Back and Glamorous Host Pic✨Time to celebrate 🍷 woo-hoo πŸ’– -Sammy
Feb 24 07:09PM
little_bit_hpπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ congratulations on your glam host pick πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Feb 24 07:13PM
aluther420πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Congrats on ur Laid Back Glam Host Pick WHOOHOO πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Feb 24 07:40PM
Feb 25 07:37PM
rubilove@cigar1121 no way. Sorry
Feb 25 07:48PM
glammarg@courtneychan amazing!
Feb 26 11:19AM
courtneychan@glammarg to. die. for. 😍😍😍
Feb 26 12:20PM
alice2020@rubilove what size does this actually fit?
Mar 15 09:18AM
rubilove@alice2020 6.5
Mar 15 10:28AM
ccharnitskiWish they were my size!!
Mar 19 03:53PM
rubilove@ccharnitski you're an 8? Right? They wouldn't fit you ;(
Mar 19 04:54PM
vlovesclothesIs the metal on these silver? Still drooling over them!
May 11 12:17AM
rubilove@vlovesclothes yeah, they're silver! You'll love them πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‰
May 11 01:02AM
yacccccccyTrade with my nwt JC..? Same size and brand new too! Plz let me know!
May 15 02:14AM
yacccccccy@rubilove what s the lowest?
Jun 05 09:09AM
Jun 05 10:53AM
rubilove@yacccccccy @tanyafab you guys are more than welcome to make me an offer ;)
Jun 05 11:31AM
dannabheIs it a tight 6.5? I really wanna purchase!
Jun 08 09:45PM
rubilove@dannabhe no, it will fit you perfect :)
Jun 08 09:48PM
dannabheWill you consider going down to 100? I'll be able to purchase right now.
Jun 08 09:50PM
rubilove@dannabhe 118$ they're yours :)
Jun 08 09:53PM
dannabheI wish I can do it now. I'm a tad bit short on my debit card. Can you hold till tomorrow morning?
Jun 08 10:09PM
rubilove@dannabhe no problem!
Jun 08 10:15PM
dannabheReally!? YEY! Would you wanna do p/p?
Jun 08 10:17PM
rubilove@dannabhe I don't accept p/p so we can just do it through here
Jun 08 10:20PM
dannabheThat's fine. 118 + shipping, right?
Jun 08 10:21PM
rubilove@dannabhe yeah, which is 3.99 that posh charges
Jun 08 10:26PM
lydiachandler@rubilove absolutely gorgeous, I'm obsessed and if they were my size I would have bought the day it was posted! Loving your closet!
Jun 09 05:31AM
dannabheI was running late but I promise I'll get it at the end of the day. Ugh. πŸ’”
Jun 09 10:23AM
rubilove@dannabhe ok :)
Jun 09 02:41PM
dannabheIt'll come with its box right? Whenever you adjust the price, Im ready to purchase! :)
Jun 09 03:33PM
rubilove@dannabhe no box :(
Jun 09 03:40PM
rubilove@dannabhe I changed the price for you
Jun 09 03:41PM
dannabheThanks, love. Will it come with the dustbags? I just don't want it to be crushed during shipping... That's why I asked for the box.
Jun 09 03:45PM
rubilove@dannabhe I'll try and find the dust bags but there's nothing to worry I'll make sure I package them extra safe for you! Hehe :)
Jun 09 03:59PM
joeyannseseHi love I was wondering if you have sold these already? Thanks so much!
Jul 28 07:56PM

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