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This is gorgeous!! Totally mint condition inside/quilted inside- has removable pouch inside & top zipper area- rubber outside-super durable -gold accents- has wear on outside on handle (u can have it re-wrapped) & the sides have some wear where you can attach strap. Strap not included but any size can work. Size 16" x 20". Comes with DUSTBAG & LOCK/KEY. Vintage-- See other listing up next to this for more pics.
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starlina17Omg I've been looking for a suitcase forever that I like from fendi. I have to deposit a check at the bank tomorrow if u held if until tomorrow evening ill pay 320 hun. Please? ♥
Jan 18 01:54AM
ananj@starlina17 just saw the next message, yes I hold till tomorrow - reserving now
Jan 18 04:42AM
ananj@starlina17 I have 2 listings up so you can see many pics to review all angles
Jan 18 04:49AM
ananj@starlina17 hi! I haven't heard from you today- your getting this today right? Just let me know either way
Jan 18 02:14PM
ananj@starlina17 thanks for getting back
Jan 20 05:12PM
ananj@asm21 thanks!
Jan 26 03:27PM
ananj@nemonite thanks! Any questions, Lmk
Jan 28 09:45PM
Feb 09 08:17AM
his1wonderwomanStill available?
Mar 05 11:23PM
ldaecelwicksReally nice!
Mar 06 12:53AM
ananj@his1wonderwoman yes it is
Mar 06 03:49AM
his1wonderwomanIs this authentic ?
Mar 06 10:54AM
ananj@his1wonderwoman yes!!
Mar 06 10:57AM
his1wonderwomanHow much via PP?
Mar 06 10:59AM
ananj@his1wonderwoman I don't do pp - I will discount on here tho- shipping will definitely be extra so I have to keep that in mind- this includes the big dustbag & lock & key as well -
Mar 06 11:03AM
his1wonderwomanI saw you said 260$ on the other picture that's why I was wondering if it was through here or ppl
Mar 06 11:06AM
ananj@his1wonderwoman yes! That's for here
Mar 06 11:13AM
his1wonderwomanHow much is shipping ?
Mar 06 11:15AM
ananj@his1wonderwoman shipping is $4.99 for 2 pds. I think I will have to upgrade to a 5pd. Label - I have to check how much extra it will be If you want or I can ship as is & see if PO accepts it as is
Mar 06 11:20AM
his1wonderwomanOne last thing do you have the serial number / could take a picture
Mar 06 11:27AM
ananj@his1wonderwoman no this style since its vintage has no serial #, I even took it to a high end consignment retailer & they confirmed as well - you can see the other pics of the inside fendi stamp as well as the stamp on the lock pic
Mar 06 11:43AM
his1wonderwomanOk if I get it authenticated and it's not authentic will you take it back ? 😊
Mar 06 11:50AM
ananj@his1wonderwoman of course but it is authentic so it's not even an issue you need to worry about. I would never say it is, if it wasn't
Mar 06 11:55AM
his1wonderwomanOk great I'll buy in 2 hours I'm at work. So lower it when you are ready 👌
Mar 06 11:58AM
ananj@his1wonderwoman i reserved for u. is $265 ok, I'm going to upgrade the shipping & get extra pds. For it- trying to avoid you having to pay much more when you receive it - you will see the extra pds. I will buy on the shipping label
Mar 06 12:03PM
his1wonderwomanThat's fine thank you
Mar 06 12:04PM
jessica_2343@ananj who's buying this?!?!
Mar 06 12:05PM
ananj@jessica_2343 I know this lovely fendi will be going to @his1wonderwoman
Mar 06 12:08PM
jessica_2343@ananj I am so sad :(
Mar 06 12:13PM
jessica_2343@his1wonderwoman Please give her a good home
Mar 06 12:13PM
his1wonderwomanLet me know the tracking once you ship it ... Thank you 😊
Mar 06 01:50PM
ananj@his1wonderwoman I will - you will get an email same day I ship - you will receive it on Monday - thanks & enjoy!!!
Mar 06 01:57PM
ananj@his1wonderwoman hi! The strap dIdnt come with this but I included the one I had for this as a gift - just wanted to let you know
Mar 09 11:21AM
his1wonderwomanThanks love I'll let you know tomorrow once I get it
Mar 09 02:03PM
his1wonderwomanI just got it today and it's gorgeous 👌
Mar 11 07:26PM
ananj@his1wonderwoman yep! Pics don't do it justice at all! I'm glad it found a home that it will be enjoyed & take good care of it!! You will be one styling gal!!
Mar 11 07:35PM
ldaecelwicksAww, I wasn't paying attention and this sold. Dammmm!
Mar 12 06:57PM

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