Purple Betseyville Cheetah Print Glasses

Purple Betseyville by Betsey Johnson sunglasses with a cute cheetah print.
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
cometkid1944Would u take 10 for the watch .
Feb 04 12:41AM
vanillamelon@cometkid1944 hi, sorry do you mean these glasses? Or the watch in my closet?
Feb 04 09:30AM
lyfe21Hello, I'd like to buy your glasses! Would you please consider "holding/reserving" them for me? I'm low on funds don't receive my next ssdi payment until feb 1st. I'd really appreciate it. Please let me know😊
Jan 16 07:17AM
vanillamelon@lyfe21 hi, sure I can hold them for you :)
Jan 16 11:34AM
vanillamelon@lyfe21 Just please let me know when you're ready to purchase or if you change you mind!
Jan 16 11:35AM
lyfe21Ok, will do... And I almost forgot to ask, would you please consider my offer for $9.00 ?
Jan 16 01:03PM
vanillamelon@lyfe21 sorry I can't go lower than $15. Mostly because I actually reallllyyy love these glasses!
Jan 16 02:58PM
lyfe21I can respect that. Thanks for your consideration, though... So, please do not hold these for me; I don't want to hold up anything on your end.
Jan 17 06:45PM
vanillamelon@lyfe21 of course, no problem. Thanks for letting me know.
Jan 17 06:46PM
lyfe21Thanks for all your help☺️
Jan 17 06:51PM
vanillamelon@lyfe21 anytime!
Jan 17 06:52PM

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