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Wedge sneakers

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Wedge sneakersNWT

Never worn bdg wedge sneakers. Runs small!
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Jan 29 01:32PM
lolohan11@lorinbeach yes! 😀
Jan 29 02:25PM
lorinbeach@lolohan11 would you take $15?
Jan 29 05:06PM
lolohan11@lorinbeach yea
Jan 29 05:32PM
lorinbeach@lolohan11 can you change the price please?
Jan 29 11:00PM
lolohan11@lorinbeach changed 😀
Jan 30 05:44AM
lorinbeachCan you ship tomorrow? :)
Jan 30 08:10PM
lolohan11@lorinbeach sorry the sale was canceled. The weather has been horrible around me (NJ) and I'm pregnant so I wasn't able to get to post office. If still interested let me kno
Feb 08 09:06AM
Feb 13 08:52PM
coralbVery chic closet! Followed! ❤️❤️
Feb 21 11:17AM
katfashbookCould you post more pics? Thanks
Mar 02 12:12AM
loverbooHow much is shipping and handling for these
Mar 03 11:49AM
loverbooI can make a deal buy paying eighteen dollars for everything shipping and buying them
Mar 03 11:52AM
deavo90Hey, do you still have these, if so I am interested in buying asap.
Mar 11 09:38PM
ambercarreonAnything wrong with them?
Mar 12 09:41PM
jeniefersantosHow small does it fit like? Size 8? Or 8.5?
Mar 14 06:00AM
ksmoorcrofti would really like to buy these!
Mar 17 11:43PM
estkueIs this still available?
Mar 24 07:12AM
Mar 24 07:26AM
ambercarreon@lolohan11 do you still have these 😊??
Mar 27 09:14PM
fashion721Are these still available?
Apr 09 09:27PM
nishaj13Available ?
Apr 10 06:54PM
veros16@lolohan11 Are these still available?
Apr 21 07:28AM
shmuupieStill available?
Apr 29 01:57PM
lealie12do u still have these
May 07 07:29AM
prettyhandsomAre these still avail?
May 12 09:21PM
Jun 07 04:57PM
almariobaesCan u ship out today?
Aug 08 05:59AM
almariobaesStill available?
Aug 08 06:00AM
naarah123Do you have more pictures
Oct 06 04:53PM
lastrueladyStil avail?
Oct 07 03:21AM
kavero3279Offer 10
Oct 07 10:09PM
mrseveHello are these still available? I will buy now if they are
Oct 10 02:03PM
Oct 14 09:33PM
melissayya@lolohan11 very interested will buy anytime, Anyday
Oct 17 04:57AM
brenda12Still available I want buy right now I as you tell
Oct 27 08:48AM
tannybooStill available?
Jan 09 09:11PM
nakitao042001When u say run small, do they fit like a 8 1/2?
Jan 22 05:57AM
lolohan11Yes @nakitao042001
Jan 22 12:31PM
veros16Any flaws?
Jan 22 10:33PM
casandra_bCan you post more photos and ones of the soles?
Jan 25 05:33PM
lolohan11@veros16 no flaws just didn't fit @casandra_b never worn clean soles
Jan 25 08:53PM
casandra_bCan you post more photos? And when you say they run small, are they smaller than a 9?
Jan 25 09:11PM
ileana82@lolohan11 can you either accept or decline my offer please. Thank you.
Jan 28 07:41AM
ambertiaraxo@lolohan11 would you like to trade?
Feb 08 05:01AM
wberlindaAre these still avail
Feb 14 05:51PM
semperbelleShipping soon?!? Hello??
Feb 20 05:27PM

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