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Kate Spade"Learn the Ropes"link bracelet❌Reserved

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Kate Spade"Learn the Ropes"link bracelet❌ReservedNWT

Authentic Kate Spade 12k gold plated bracelet has the adorable spade dangle.💐💐Host Pick Totally Trendsetter Party💐💐 I have another one just like this, and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.💕
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helenln1would you be willing to lower the price to 40?
Jan 16 06:40PM
marifun@helenln1 I'm sorry that's too low. Thanks,
Jan 16 06:47PM
maddietheisenInterested in trading?
Jan 20 01:56PM
marifun@maddietheisen Sorry I don't trade :(
Jan 20 02:57PM
lhyWhat's the length?
Jan 20 05:23PM
marifun@lhy It's about 7" long.:)
Jan 20 08:07PM
snowjWould you be interested in trading for a Kate Spade bangle? It's brand new. Great condition. Dust bag included 🎀
Feb 02 07:06AM
marifun@snowj I'm sorry I don't trade, I do love your closet you have some pretty things.😊💕
Feb 02 07:38AM
snowjOh bummer 😔 I loooooove this piece.. I'll keep it in my likes for now then. Thank you darling you do as well 🎀☺️
Feb 02 07:39AM
camilleorja@marifun hi Hun would you consider trading with my gucci sunnies? 😊
Feb 02 04:55PM
marifun@camilleorja Sorry I don't trade.☺️
Feb 02 05:06PM
obliviousfun@marifun I can do $55, love this!! Can you hold until Wednesday?
Feb 02 05:49PM
marifun@obliviousfun ok I can do that. That is my absolute lowest, I love this bracelet also. :)
Feb 02 05:55PM
shekinahgLove this! Check out my closet and let me know if you would be interested in trading!
Feb 02 06:40PM
ksangasyHow long is the bracelet?
Feb 08 06:35PM
marifun@ksangasy It's about 7" long.
Feb 08 10:05PM
ksangasyOk a little short for me :/
Feb 08 10:17PM
jadleman88@marifun hi dear, beautiful piece would you be will to accept $50 for it? If so I can buy right now :)
Feb 11 02:49PM
marifun@jadleman88 How about if we meet at $55😊
Feb 11 05:00PM
meunice33•• So cosmopolitan, so unique... this piece is really Downtown Chic! Congrats on your Host Pick! Posh L💖VE @meunice33 Eunice ••
Feb 12 07:12PM
fmradiochick🎉CONGRATS on your Downtown Chic Party Host Pick!🎉 Sharing in hopes this totally chic piece finds a new home💕💕
Feb 12 07:15PM
sms2811@marifun Congrats 🎉You've got yourself one beautiful DownTown Chic Host Pic✨Time to celebrate 🍷 woo-hoo 💖 -Sammy
Feb 12 07:17PM
aluther420💞💞Congrats on ur gorgeous Downtown Chic Host Pick 💞💞
Feb 12 07:31PM
marifun@meunice33 I'm sure curating host picks is a tough job. Thanks for picking this item! 😊💐
Feb 12 08:09PM
Feb 12 08:27PM
marifun@jadleman88 If you're still willing to buy for $50, I will come down😊
Feb 24 09:44AM
jadleman88@marifun hi dear I would love to ! Thank you for thinking of me I just have to wait till tommorrow afternoon, as that will be when I get my pay. :) is this ok with u ?
Feb 24 08:28PM
marifun@jadleman88 No problem, I can reserve it for you and you can tag me when you're ready. 😊
Feb 24 08:31PM
jadleman88@marifun yay!!!! Thank you again I'll tag u tomorrow :)
Feb 24 08:37PM
jadleman88@marifun hi dear I still want to buy but my job told me payroll messed up everyone's check at the salon and we have to wait till tomorrow to get paid. I am so sorry I don't want u to think I'm flaking out or anything like that. Is this ok with u ?
Feb 25 03:19PM
marifun@jadleman88 It is totally ok, don't worry😊
Feb 25 03:46PM
jadleman88@marifun thank you :) can't wait to wear this ! I'm so excited
Feb 25 07:25PM
jadleman88@marifun hi dear I'm finally ready lol when you get a moment to please change the price thank you again :)
Feb 26 02:56PM
marifun@jadleman88 Sorry It's been a crazy day. 😊
Feb 26 07:23PM
jadleman88@marifun hi dear I can't apologize enough to you. I won't be able to buy this week. I can't seem to catch a break this week I had a bunch of things hit me at once and not enough funds for them all. I will buy it at soon as I get the cash together, hopefully by next week. I feel terrible. I hate when people do this to me so I know how u must feel. If you do find a buyer before end of next week please sell it of not I'll snatch it up :)
Feb 28 09:12AM
marifun@jadleman88 I understand don't worry about it I'm sure it'll be here for you when you're ready😊
Feb 28 04:16PM
jadleman88@marifun you're amazing!!!! Thank you so much for understanding :)
Feb 28 04:44PM
ivyanneHi! Is this available?
Mar 01 12:37PM
marifun@ivyanne Yes it is, she said if it was here next week she would buy.☺️
Mar 01 12:42PM
ivyanneOh okay! Would you take $35 right now? Any chance?
Mar 01 12:43PM
marifun@ivyanne sorry no $50 is the absolute lowest I will sell.😔
Mar 01 12:44PM
ivyanneOk :( I understand! & I will keep an eye on this as well.. :)
Mar 01 12:44PM
marifun@ivyanne no problem😊
Mar 01 12:45PM
jenny1965Love this too!!!!
Mar 02 12:11AM
Mar 03 05:58AM
valleygirltechsHow much to bundle this and the hummingbird? I love the anchor too so unsure
Mar 03 05:19PM
team1995Very cute, I've never seen this bracelet before.
Mar 08 04:44PM
krechad@marifun Are you still willing to take $50?
Mar 12 03:56PM
marifun@krechad Yes I am willing to take $50:) Let me know and I can change the price. 😊
Mar 12 04:50PM
krechad@marifun Ok I am ready to buy!
Mar 12 06:08PM
marifun@krechad All ready! You are going to love it! I love mine 😘
Mar 12 06:11PM
krechadThank you!
Mar 12 06:12PM
marifun@krechad You're welcome😉
Mar 12 07:19PM
marifun@krechad Yay! You got the bracelet! Hope you really enjoy it! :)
Mar 16 08:01AM
krechad@marifun I LOVE it!! Thank you so much 😊
Mar 16 08:27AM

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