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Brandy Melville Leather Jacket

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Brandy Melville Leather JacketNWT

Black leather jacket with "belt" ❌NO TRADES❌
Seller Discount: 5% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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nelliescaliseCan you remove the belt?
Jan 12 12:11PM
malirandolph@nelliescalise no it's stitched on
Jan 12 12:29PM
carlycunningtonreal leather?
Jan 15 11:12AM
andraaGorgeous jacket!:)
Jan 16 07:55PM
malirandolph@andraa thanks!
Jan 16 08:03PM
andraaIs the zipper gold or silver?
Jan 17 06:16AM
malirandolph@andraa silver
Jan 17 10:01AM
andraaOh ok thanks:)
Jan 17 10:25AM
samarudaYou have an adorable closet! So chic and classy! 😘😘😘😘
Jan 18 01:35AM
neonrainbowCould you do a bundle for this Leather jacket, brandy Melville floral maxi skirt, and the brandy melville barlette? What would be the lowest price?
Jan 28 10:37AM
malirandolph@neonrainbow I can't bundle the leather jacket because it's at my parents house
Jan 28 10:40AM
neonrainbowCould you bundle the other items? What's the lowest price you can do?
Jan 28 10:40AM
nelliescaliseLowest price?
Feb 02 10:20PM
malirandolph@nelliescalise this is my lowest
Feb 02 10:22PM
fashionista96@fashiongal401 ^^^
Feb 13 09:02AM
fashiongal401Do you take pp?
Feb 13 09:45AM
fashiongal401Thank you😘 @fashionista96
Feb 13 09:45AM
malirandolph@fashiongal401 yes $40 plus posh shipping
Feb 13 10:12AM
fashiongal401Ok! I might come back for it! Thank you!
Feb 13 10:24AM
fashiongal401Just out of curiosity, would you ever take $40 flat pp?
Feb 15 11:05AM
malirandolph@fashiongal401 sorry
Feb 15 11:07AM
brittanybernierWould this fit a size M?
Feb 18 11:49AM
malirandolph@brittanybernier I think so
Feb 18 12:08PM
hannahlynn_How much pp?
Mar 09 08:27PM
jenjen976any lower since this is on the website again?
Mar 09 08:29PM
malirandolph@hannahlynn_ $36 plus posh shipping
Mar 09 08:29PM
hannahlynn_Great! I'll get back to you! I really like this
Mar 09 08:29PM
malirandolph@jenjen976 it's on the website for $55 and I have listed for $45 nwt...So no, sorry.
Mar 09 08:30PM
malirandolph@hannahlynn_ ok!
Mar 09 08:30PM
jenjen976I'm sorry! i love this ill let you know!
Mar 09 08:58PM
mmeganicoleHow much thru pp?
Mar 25 05:18PM
malirandolph@mmeganicole $35 plus posh shipping
Mar 25 05:22PM
mjkae369Hey girl :) I was just wondering if you're going to the LF sale?
Aug 16 01:53PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 I've already been twice so I'm probably not going to go back until they lower the prices again
Aug 16 03:28PM
mjkae369Ah ok :) when you go back, if it's not too much trouble I was wondering if you could get me a pair of bf jeans and I could pay you? If not it's totally ok!! I regret selling mine from last season before I even got to pop the tag off😭😂😩
Aug 16 03:30PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 yeah of course!
Aug 16 03:32PM
mjkae369Thank you so much 😍😊 I'm looking for either the light wash or the medium wash in a 22 or 23, they just put up an ig pic on the @ lfstores ig and both of them are in it. If you happen to find them just let me know how much I owe :)
Aug 16 03:36PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 ok I let you know
Aug 16 03:42PM
mjkae369Thank you 😊😊
Aug 16 04:47PM
tumadrevintagexWilling to do $35 I will buy right now
Aug 20 03:26PM
tumadrevintagexDuh sold lol
Aug 20 03:26PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 hey did you still want the boyfriend jeans?
Aug 24 12:33PM
mjkae369Yes!! Did you find any in 23?
Aug 24 12:49PM
mjkae369I'm looking for the ones like the pair I sold you hahaha with the two big holes in the knees lol
Aug 24 12:50PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 oh I was just asking because I am probably going to go sometime this week, maybe Wednesday and wanted to make sure that you still wanted me to look for them
Aug 24 12:51PM
mjkae369Yes please :) I took my chance and got a 25 from someone but it hasn't come yet and it'll prob be too big but I couldn't help it 😂 do you still have the 24s I sold you too?
Aug 24 12:53PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 yeah the 25's will definitely be too big because I got a 24 from this season and they're way too big on me. And yeah I still have the 24's you got me and I will look on Wednesday
Aug 24 12:57PM
mjkae369Yea the 25s I got from the girl were from last summer that she bought. I made her take pics against tape measure for me and it's so weirdly small, it was even smaller than some bf jeans I own so I was like might as well try it since they were only $60 . Crossing my fingers lol. Thank you so much!!! And if you don't find any and ever end up selling the 24s again could you let me know first 😂I'll buy them back hahahahha
Aug 24 12:59PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 of course I'll let you know
Aug 24 01:28PM
mjkae369Thank you!!!!
Aug 24 02:02PM
mjkae369Hey girl :) are you still going tomorrow?
Aug 26 06:05PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 I'm going to try. If not tomorrow then Saturday
Aug 26 06:11PM
mjkae369Ok sounds good!!!
Aug 26 06:11PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 actually I'm probably going to wait until Saturday because I know that there will be new price points on Friday
Aug 26 06:12PM
mjkae369Sounds good!! The 25s fit me alright but a 24 or 23 will still be better I think lol so hopefully if I get one I can just save my 25s for when I gain 10 more lbs hahaha
Aug 26 06:18PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 ok lol
Aug 26 06:26PM
mjkae369Hey girl! My cousins friend is also looking for 24s In the light wash, I don't know what the odds of you finding multiple light wash bf jeans are at the sale hahaha but if you could check for 23 for me and 24 for her that would be great! She doesn't have a posh :( or if you were willing to sell yours she's willing to pay $125 for them! I found her some here on posh but they're the Melvin cut so they're a little bigger than the ones you have :( so I haven't bought her those ones yet , let me know :)
Aug 27 06:39PM
mjkae369Are you still going today 😍
Aug 29 10:00AM
mjkae369Oh jk it's not Saturday sorry I felt like it was Friday all day yesterday 😂
Aug 29 10:01AM
malirandolph@mjkae369 lol yes I still plan on going
Aug 29 07:07PM
mjkae369Yay!! I did some looking and If you can find the same style distressing and in light wash, if they have it in relaxed or slim fit I'd take that too if you don't find them in the bf ones ! If you go to @ jomadre's page she has a looking for pic of the relaxed slim pair :)
Aug 29 07:11PM
malirandolph@mjkae369 ok!
Aug 29 07:14PM
mjkae369Thanks girl :)
Aug 29 07:30PM
mjkae369Hey girl! I ended up finding the exact pair I was looking for in my size !! I think I'm gonna pass on the different pair you found for now :( I'm sorry!! Thank you so much for looking and holding those ones for me today though , if you list them they'll sell fast so many people are looking for size 22 and 23 for some reason lol
Aug 31 09:20PM
haaaley@fashiongal401 I have this available in my closet if you are still interested!
Oct 26 12:13PM

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