Brandy Melville Accessories - *NEW* LA Bones Beanie

*NEW* LA Bones Beanie

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*NEW* LA Bones Beanie

Brand new without tags. I bought this on the Brandy Melville website, and it came in the mail without tags.
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
Price Dropped: 23%
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
csnow_momof2Trade? @hipsterclothing
Jan 11 06:03AM
yukueharaWhat's the lowest u can go??
Jan 22 03:02PM
hipsterclothing@yukuehara how much were you thinking
Jan 22 03:22PM
yukueharaCan u do 20?
Jan 22 03:26PM
hipsterclothing@yukuehara just changed for you
Jan 22 04:17PM
yukueharaThank you can u hold it until tomorrow bc I'm not home rn?
Jan 22 04:20PM
yukueharaAnd would u actually be able to do 17 bc shipping is 7 dollars?
Jan 22 04:21PM
hipsterclothing@yukuehara no sorry
Jan 22 04:23PM
yukueharaOkay never mind I'm sorry but I don't think I can get it. Thank you for lowering the price. I love your closet btw
Jan 22 04:28PM
ticklemepink4udo you know what the tank top she's wearing is called? i'm trying to find it everywhere
Jan 26 03:54PM
Mar 02 11:27PM
lobokaie0925 now pp love?
Mar 29 07:37AM
hipsterclothing@lobokaie09 sure! Send $25 f&f to include your address in the message part
Mar 29 07:45AM
lobokaie09I just saw before you would do 20
Mar 29 07:54AM
hipsterclothing@lobokaie09 shipping is $6 for me so I'll do $20 posh or $22 shipped pp
Mar 29 08:33AM
jencie22980$20? I can pay now
Apr 01 05:17PM
hipsterclothing@jencie22980 just changed the price for you:)
Apr 01 05:20PM
Apr 13 09:08AM
May 08 04:34AM
Jul 27 10:36PM
shoplenaaaHey There! I'm really sorry to bother you but I just wanted to let you know that theres a new app called Mercari, it's basically exactly like Poshmark & Vinted but right now they don't take any money out of your earnings. Also you can sell anything, there is no limits to only clothing items. If you join, you'll be able to earn $5 using the code Pgc982! Unlike Poshmark there is no limits to how much credits you can earn. You can even earn enough credits to get you an iPhone or even an Macbook. You should check it out! Thanks for your time!
Sep 03 10:03PM
Jun 20 08:22PM
Jul 27 06:25PM
hipsterclothing@jb2810 sorry I don't trade
Jul 27 07:16PM
scoobyfn8Weird question since you ordered from the accessories also come with stickers? I know stupid must need thing
Jan 20 04:14PM
hipsterclothing@scoobyfn8 no but in all my posh orders I include stickers :-)
Jan 20 04:16PM
scoobyfn8Good to know!! I know I need a hat cause I go to school upstate New York but I have to figure out the style lol
Jan 20 04:43PM

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