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Authentic Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses!!!

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Authentic Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses!!!NWT

Comes with original case, booklet and cleaning cloth. Color is black. Style number is the RB4171. Style is the Erika. Lens width is 54mm Lens height is 39mm. 🚫NO TRADES🚫 ❗️PRICE IS FIRM❗️
Seller Discount: 10% off 3+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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Jan 04 01:29AM
carissaWhat's your lowest price??
Jan 12 11:15AM
sjeffrey71191@carissa $90 is going to have to be my lowest on these
Jan 12 11:16AM
sophiafink77If you ever want to trade. I'm here
Jan 12 11:29AM
kelseylaing3Trade??? @sjeffrey71191
Jan 12 05:12PM
kelseylaing3Nvmd just seen your no trade @sjeffrey71191
Jan 12 05:13PM
maryontel@sjeffrey71191 how much in paypa
Jan 13 03:29AM
sjeffrey71191@maryontel I don't do PP, don't have an account. So it would just be $90 on here. Let me know if interested :)
Jan 13 03:35AM
tcstatonSave for me to end of month
Jan 13 08:06AM
tcstatonAre they 30% off
Jan 13 08:07AM
sjeffrey71191@tcstaton these are marked down from original price of $115. The lowest I can do is $90 on these.
Jan 13 08:11AM
tcstatonOk if you still have them I will get them at da end of da month
Jan 13 08:28AM
sjeffrey71191@tcstaton ok :)
Jan 13 08:49AM
mktoweryAre these tortoise or black I can't tell!
Jan 20 07:37PM
sjeffrey71191@mktowery these are black
Jan 20 07:39PM
mktoweryAw I was looking for tortuous 😕
Jan 20 09:34PM
inesdoCan't you take $65 now?
Jan 31 11:18PM
sjeffrey71191@ivanafool I'm sorry $90 is the lowest. These are brand new with tags still on. Let me know of interested. :)
Feb 01 04:40AM
sjeffrey71191@ivanafool I'm sorry I tagged the wrong person!
Feb 01 05:32AM
sjeffrey71191@inesdo I'm sorry $90 is the lowest I can do. These are brand new with tags still attached and are authentic. Let me know if interested :)
Feb 01 05:32AM
sjeffrey71191@desper4ux hi! I saw you were interested in these in another listing but they were already sold. Just wanted to let you know I have them if you're interested! They are brand new :)
Feb 02 06:51PM
desper4uxI don't want to pay that much but thanks!
Feb 02 07:03PM
citibolo2Price negotiable??
Feb 17 04:38PM
sjeffrey71191@citibolo2 sorry price is firm for these
Feb 17 04:39PM
citibolo2Ok I'll think about it!
Feb 22 08:19AM
jdrr@sjeffrey71191 you think u can wear them to see the color of the sunglasses
Feb 22 06:53PM
sjeffrey71191@jdrr tomorrow I can. These are black
Feb 22 09:08PM
jdrr@sjeffrey71191 thanks
Feb 23 01:45PM
jdrr@sjeffrey71191 I'm trying to find some sunglasses similar like the Tiffany 4073 are these like them?
Feb 25 10:54AM
sjeffrey71191@jdrr yes I would say these are very similar. They both have the circular frame with the slight cat eye point by the arms
Feb 25 10:58AM
nico_leIs there any way you would lower the price through pp?
Feb 25 01:42PM
sjeffrey71191@nico_le I'm sorry I don't do pp :/
Feb 25 01:47PM
catkarasstill available?
Feb 27 04:53PM
sjeffrey71191@catkaras yes! :)
Feb 27 04:54PM
catkarasthey are gorgeous.. i found the erika in brown on here and i am in a debate if i want the black or brown. you say your price is firm but would you lower it at all?
Feb 27 04:56PM
sjeffrey71191@catkaras yeah I love these they look awesome on! I'm gunna have to stay firm at $90. These are brand new with the tags still on!
Feb 27 04:58PM
Mar 06 05:14PM
Mar 06 06:08PM
sjeffrey71191@msjbryant no these are not I don't think this style comes in polarized.
Mar 06 06:15PM
msjbryantOh ok Hun thanks 😁
Mar 06 06:15PM
sjeffrey71191@msjbryant no problem :)
Mar 06 06:16PM
danylamI know you dont trade!!!! But can you reconsider please
Mar 18 06:55PM
moniquejacobsStill available? :-)
Mar 23 03:35PM
sjeffrey71191@moniquejacobs yes! :)
Mar 23 03:41PM
moniquejacobsNo lower price on here ? /:
Mar 23 05:33PM
sjeffrey71191@moniquejacobs no sorry price is firm :/ these are brand new with tags still on
Mar 23 05:36PM
moniquejacobsIf I order them tomorrow will they be in San Diego by Thursday? ):
Mar 23 08:29PM
sjeffrey71191@moniquejacobs I definitely think that they would be. Depending on the time you purchase, if the post office is still open I could drop them off that day.
Mar 24 12:57AM
moniquejacobsWhat if I order today?
Mar 24 11:03AM
moniquejacobsOh nevermind you just answered lol! We'll let me ask my mom because I really wanted these by Thursday so I can wear them to Disneyland on Friday! Thank you!
Mar 24 11:04AM
sjeffrey71191@moniquejacobs ok no problem :)
Mar 24 11:13AM
chloat@sjeffrey71191 pp 100$?
Mar 25 07:12PM
sjeffrey71191@chloat I'm sorry I don't do PP. But they are $90 on here so why pay $100 through PP? Wouldn't that be more expensive?
Mar 26 04:21AM
vanessashanksHi There! I'll buy for $75.00 if you can confirm they are authentic and have no scratches. :) Thanks!
Apr 04 11:18AM
sjeffrey71191@vanessashanks price is firm on these at $90. These are brand new, never worn with the tags still on. And are authentic and come with all original stuff from purchase.
Apr 04 11:24AM
clarklorI could do 40.00?
Apr 07 02:19AM
sjeffrey71191@clarklor no these are authentic and brand new with the tags still on
Apr 07 06:09AM
Apr 07 09:00PM
sjeffrey71191@tseyang85 sorry no trades
Apr 08 06:03AM
jenellee_Are these still available?
Apr 09 09:03PM
sjeffrey71191@jenellee_ yes they are!
Apr 10 05:44AM
jenellee_How soon do you think I would be able to receive them if I ordered today?
Apr 10 08:58AM
sjeffrey71191@jenellee_ well I could ship out today if ordered within like 2 hours from now. And it usually takes about 2 days then.
Apr 10 09:06AM
jenellee_I didn't see the comment until now I'm sorry, would they still be able to be shipped today?
Apr 10 12:08PM
sjeffrey71191@jenellee_ I'm sorry I wouldn't still be able to ship today because I am not home right now and the post office closes in an hour. I could ship out in the morning for you though.
Apr 10 12:11PM
jenellee_That'd be awesome! I'll buy them in approx an hour, thank you!
Apr 10 12:12PM
sjeffrey71191@jenellee_ great! I'll have them all packed and ready to ship so early morning I can take them to the post office :)
Apr 10 12:15PM
jenellee_Thank you so much :)
Apr 10 12:16PM
sjeffrey71191@jenellee_ thank you for your purchase! :)
Apr 10 01:39PM
jenellee_Ah and thank you for your glasses! :)
Apr 10 01:41PM

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