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🎉 2X HP ❌ sold ❌ Pim Larkin Hello Goodbye sweater

Not for Sale
Pim + Larkin  Sweaters - 🎉 2X HP ❌ sold ❌ Pim Larkin Hello Goodbye sweaterPim + Larkin  Sweaters - 🎉 2X HP ❌ sold ❌ Pim Larkin Hello Goodbye sweater 2Pim + Larkin  Sweaters - 🎉 2X HP ❌ sold ❌ Pim Larkin Hello Goodbye sweater 3

🎉 2X HP ❌ sold ❌ Pim Larkin Hello Goodbye sweaterNWT

Gorgeous and super soft! Hello on the front. Goodbye on the back. Brand new with tags. Perfect as a gift or for yourself. ✨ host pick 2 times! 🎉
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trichel@calimom @megger
Jan 04 12:08PM
calimomCute! @trichel @megger
Jan 04 12:13PM
tevavoldLove this!!
Jan 07 10:04PM
pinkpanda@tevavold it's adorable! thank you. :)
Jan 07 10:04PM
eila@katef this looks like you! 😉
Jan 08 10:48AM
nicolerogers@pinkpanda Thanks, you too!! ;)
Jan 10 09:45PM
babygloves2shop@rebekah_allen Isn't this adorable?! I want it so badly but it's your size not mine~ :)
Jan 19 06:59PM
rebekah_allen@babygloves2shop Ooh, this is cute! Probably won't hang around long!
Jan 19 07:01PM
pinkpanda@babygloves2shop @rebekah_allen thanks ladies! 😊 it's super comfy too.
Jan 19 07:07PM
Jan 19 07:31PM
ultimatemakeupThis is super cute! How does it fit. I'm an XS petite :/
Jan 28 10:42PM
pinkpanda@ultimatemakeup hi! It's gorgeous. It fits true to size so would be a relaxed fit for you. 😊
Jan 28 10:44PM
ultimatemakeup@pinkpanda it's so pretty! Might be too big for me but I'll choose it as a host pick for tomorrow's party. It's amazing.
Jan 28 11:43PM
pinkpanda@ultimatemakeup awesome, thanks!
Jan 29 07:22AM
ultimatemakeupYour item has been selected as a HOST PICK for the Effortlessly Chic Party (1/29)! Congrats and happy poshing!❗️😀🎉
Jan 29 07:30PM
bwengerYay for a beautiful, fabulous and effortlessly chic host pick! <3
Jan 29 07:30PM
jferr114Congrats on your fantastic host pick! Well deserved!🌹💎❤️
Jan 29 07:30PM
jcrilly🎉🎉🎉Congratulations on host pick during tonight's effortlessly chic party! 🎀💜 1/29/2014
Jan 29 07:33PM
girl_73Congratulation on your Effortlessly Chic Listing 💄👠👖👗👚👛👜👝💍
Jan 29 07:35PM
specialk104This is awesome!
Jan 29 07:38PM
pinkpanda@specialk104 thanks! it's so cute!
Jan 29 07:46PM
classicpatty@pinkpanda Fabulous HP! 🎉🎉🎉
Jan 29 07:51PM
aluther420🎉🎉Congratulations on ur beautiful Host Pick I'm so happy for you yayyyyyyy🎉🎉
Jan 29 07:52PM
pamelam🎶🎤🎶Under the boardwalk🎶🎤🎶Down by the seaaaa🎶🎤🎶On a blanket with my baby is where I'll be🎶🎤🎶 🎉🎈🎊Just as soon as I finish🎊🎈🎉CONGRATULATING YOU🎉🎈🎊 On your HOST PICK!!!🎉🎈🎊
Jan 29 07:57PM
vivapancho4393YAY!!!! Congrats on your very cool and chic HP🎉🎉👏
Jan 29 08:02PM
tammysbeachwear🎉This is certainly a worthy choice for the Effortlessly Chic Party tonight! Congratulations on your Host Pick!🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉
Jan 29 08:28PM
vivapancho4393This sweater is so fabulous @pinkpanda👌Someone needs to buy it immediately😊
Jan 30 09:31PM
pinkpanda@vivapancho4393 thx! I hope so! Better than sitting in my closet. 😝
Jan 30 09:31PM
vivapancho4393I hear you. I'm in the same boat LOL!!!
Jan 30 09:33PM
kmb42@pinkpanda congratulations on your host pick. I thought this shirt was host pick worthy too. 👍😄
Jan 30 10:22PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 thanks Kelly!!😘
Jan 30 10:40PM
kmb42@pinkpanda i cant believe this hasn't sold yet. 🙉
Jan 31 04:55PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 I know. 😞 interested? Haha 😸
Jan 31 04:56PM
kmb42I love it its so unique & fun. Unfortunately I have to keep selling. I havent bought anything on Posh yet. My like closet is full but Im disciplining myself to sell not to buy right now. Im on here hoping to start a little lucrative business on here. So far so good. Do you know where alot of the ladies on here are buying there wholesale new items? Im goibg to eventually run out if inventory & need to replace it. Where did you find this hello goodbye sweater? 😊😊
Jan 31 05:01PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 you're so good! i don't know where they are getting it wholesale. all my stuff is just from my closet which i'm trying to downsize. Seriously, i'm shocked at the amount of things i have~ I got this from piperlime.
Jan 31 05:05PM
kmb42Im trying.....lol there is so much cool stuff here. I also work at a nationwide franchise resale shop & 90% of whats in my closet came from there. I would like to find some quality wholesalers, i just dont want to sell inferior cheap stuff though. Most everything is made overseas now & poor quality fabrics ect.
Jan 31 05:11PM
pinkpandaoh very cool! if you ever find a Kate Spade SEDGEWICK PLACE FAIRLEE, tag me! :)
Jan 31 05:14PM
kmb42Can you find one on here & tag me so I know what it looks like? We may have it, you would not believe how many woman sell us designer handbags brand new still with tags on them. Coach, MK, Kate Spade, Tori B. the list goes on. Lol 🙀
Jan 31 05:25PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 tagged, but looking for it in ballet slipper. oh wow, i can believe it. haahah. i have so many things in my closet brand new with tags. :/
Jan 31 05:28PM
kmb42Okay we dont have that at my store but I will look at our other locations. Its cute.
Jan 31 05:29PM
pinkpandacool, thanks! in light pink. :) @kmb42
Jan 31 05:31PM
kmb42You should wear this its so cute you sure would start up alot of fun conversation. Especially if your single. 😉
Jan 31 05:31PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 i have one! i bought 2 cuz i thought it was too cute. ahhaah
Jan 31 05:32PM
kmb42Well if I could afford it😒i would certainly take it off your hands. I usually take a medium too. Not sure with Piperlime designer we dont have those here on the east coast.
Jan 31 05:35PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 that's so sweet of you! xo
Jan 31 05:36PM
kmb42Your welcome its a Host Pick now it will be sold in no time. I have a 21 yr old son living in LA. I will be visiting him in a month or so. Cant wait to get out of the crappy weather & in the Cali. sunshine
Jan 31 05:42PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 yeah, i can't complain about the LA weather. :)
Jan 31 05:49PM
bluemay1@pinkpanda Adorable! 😍🎉👣 Shared!
Feb 01 03:07PM
pinkpanda@bluemay1 thx! 😘
Feb 01 04:36PM
vwhite1126I would trade for this :)
Feb 09 09:44AM
pinkpanda@vwhite1126 I don't trade. thank you.
Feb 09 09:51AM
shoogal82▪️◽️◾️So cosmopolitan, so unique... this piece is really Downtown Chic! Congratulations on your Host Pick! Posh L♥️VE @shoogal82 Ria▪️◽️◾️
Feb 12 08:13PM
open✨💛✨Congrats on a beautiful Host Pick✨💛✨❤️ & Shared
Feb 12 08:14PM
pandenguin🎉🎈Congrats on your host pick!! yay! 😄👍💕
Feb 12 08:21PM
vivapancho4393YAY!!!!! I ❤ this sweater. So cool👌Congrats🎉👏🎉❤
Feb 12 08:21PM
ilovesunset💗Congrats on your Host Pick💗
Feb 12 08:24PM
jimsprincessCongrats on this gorgeous host pick💃😘💃😘
Feb 12 08:25PM
aluther420💞💞Congrats on ur gorgeous Downtown Chic Host Pick 💞💞
Feb 12 08:28PM
fmradiochick🎉CONGRATS on your Downtown Chic Party Host Pick!🎉 Sharing in hopes this totally chic piece finds a new home💕💕
Feb 12 08:29PM
lizzydrew22🎉🎉🎉CONGRATS on your HP!! 🎉🎉🎉 So well-deserved!! 💕💕💕
Feb 12 08:33PM
pamelam🎶🎤🎶Sweet Caroline🎶🎤🎶Good times never seemed so good🎶🎤🎶I've been inclined🎶🎤🎶To believe they never would🎶🎤🎶🎉🎈🎊but then magically this 🎉🎈🎊HOST PICK🎉🎈🎊showed up and the good times were back!!🎉🎈🎊CONGRATULATIONS🎉🎈🎊
Feb 13 01:29AM
lexysigI am wondering if this is the lowest price you'd take?
Feb 16 12:22PM
nillie11I have the same sweater!! I love mine...
Feb 17 05:41PM
pinkpanda@nillie11 hehe! I always get compliments when I wear mine. It's so soft too! 💗
Feb 17 05:43PM
nillie11Yes..really soft indeed! I have an Autumn Cashmere sweater that says "POW" too :)
Feb 17 05:46PM
pinkpanda@nillie11 ohhh that one is cute too!
Feb 17 05:49PM
kmb42I will be in LA on the 4th of March
Feb 21 06:11PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 awesome! What part?
Feb 21 06:12PM
Feb 21 06:48PM
pinkpanda@diordiva it's available! 😉
Feb 21 06:53PM
diordivaThanks, but sadly my balance is at 0 😳
Feb 21 06:55PM
pinkpanda@diordiva 😞 shared some of your items! 😊
Feb 21 06:59PM
Feb 21 07:01PM
shastenrLove! Shared to Pinterest 💕
Feb 24 11:47AM
pinkpanda@shastenr thanks! 💗
Feb 24 08:39PM
kmb42Im getting closer to where I can afford to buys this adorable shirt. Maybe we should meet up so I can try it on. LOL wouldn't that be a hoot. Lol
Feb 27 09:14PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 haha! It's probably going to still be available. 😝
Feb 27 09:14PM
kmb42Yey!!!!!!!! You finally sold this cutie.
Mar 10 10:05PM
pinkpanda@kmb42 hehe, yay!! :)
Mar 10 10:23PM