Haters Sweatshirt

Worn. Let me know if you have questions.
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
keylou626Still available?
Mar 12 05:56AM
maryrod@keylou626 yes
Mar 12 05:05PM
kylierheannon❥ What's your lowest? I want this 😍😍
Apr 25 07:35PM
maryrod@kylierheannon price is firm(:
Apr 25 07:35PM
Aug 06 12:49AM
maryrod@ale463 didn't see anything I wanted, sorry.
Aug 06 12:51AM
ale463@maryrod No worries!
Aug 06 12:52AM
merlinfanatic77hello sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you do trades? I have an eBay store linked to my "about" and I have over 200 items on there. I also have at least 200 things that aren't listed and are folded up in bins. Feel free to request a size and a brand and I can see if I have it, check out my Posh store, and ask me to put specific eBay items on my Posh. Again, sorry to bother you - I just love your stuff
Jan 19 06:57PM
maryrod@merlinfanatic77 I already told you I don't trade
Jan 19 07:20PM
merlinfanatic77apologizes - didn't know it was the same person
Jan 19 07:22PM
ayecptswanHi! Are you trading this?
Jul 31 03:13PM
maryrod@ayecptswan no
Aug 07 07:25AM

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