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Helmut Lang coat

Light gray Helmut Lang overcoat. Beautiful cashmere wool blend in great. More pictures upon request. This is a great deal considering the condition and brand!
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kimikoladaHi can you show a photo of the stain? Thank u!
Dec 30 10:40AM
helenafos@kimikolada hi, yes I can show you once I get back home later today
Dec 30 10:48AM
helenafos@kimikolada as you can see it's really minor, it's a small rust stain I think. It will come out with water. Let me know if I can answer any other question, thanks for your interest.
Dec 30 03:05PM
kimikoladaOh ok great, thanks for posting a photo. I'm definitely interested in it. Is your price firm?
Dec 30 08:24PM
helenafos@kimikolada I have to pay extra for shipping since it's a coat so I don't wanna go too much lower than this. I can hold for you for a few days if you're seriously interested.
Dec 30 08:53PM
kimikoladaNo worries about holding it, but I'll definitely keep it in mind! Thanks a lot! Btw how tall are you and if you don't mind, about how much do you weigh?? Just so I can gauge the fit? Thank you.
Dec 31 11:30AM
helenafos@kimikolada ok, no problem. I'm 5'3 and 115.
Dec 31 12:12PM
shireen1983@helenafos how big is the stain? I can't see it in the photo. Does it still have the helmut lang label on the inside? sorry for all the questions. thanks
Jan 01 07:27AM
helenafos@shireen1983 hi, there are no stains on the outside of the coat, there was a really minor rust stain on the inside which I easily removed.
Jan 01 07:38AM
helenafos@shireen1983 yes, all labels are still attached.
Jan 01 07:39AM
shireen1983@helenafos would you consider $68?
Jan 01 07:51AM
helenafos@shireen1983 I will meet you at $75. The coat will weigh over the 2lbs, meaning I'll have to pick up the extra shipping fee. You are still getting an amazing deal here :)
Jan 01 07:58AM
shireen1983@helenafos could you hold it for me for 2 days? I'm really interested.
Jan 01 07:59AM
helenafos@shireen1983 I sure can, I'll hold till Friday.
Jan 01 08:00AM
shireen1983@helenafos thank you so much. just have to convince the hubby to let me purchase it!!!!! : )
Jan 01 08:01AM
helenafos@shireen1983 good luck!
Jan 01 08:57AM
helenafos@shireen1983 hi, did your husband agree?? :)
Jan 03 09:51AM
shireen1983@helenafos he said maybe if it's still available in a couple of weeks. ; (
Jan 03 06:28PM
candyhuang815I am usually a size 4.. Would this be too big on me
Jan 06 09:50PM
helenafos@candyhuang815 no, it wouldn't be. I'm a size 4 and it fits very comfortably, it's not a very heavy coat.
Jan 06 09:59PM
candyhuang815Is there a easier way to contact you? I am buying this coat but I can only pay with my prepaid visa debit (50,30$). Can you make two listings and I can pay separately?
Jan 06 10:04PM
candyhuang815Like make an item for 30 and another for 50? Would that work? New to poshmark so I am not sure lol.
Jan 06 10:11PM
helenafos@candyhuang815 ok, this is what I'll do. I'm gonna create another listing for @candyhuang815 for the difference. Once you buy that one, I'll lower the price of the coat to 50.30 and then you can buy that one. Make sense?
Jan 06 10:19PM
candyhuang815Wait it has to be 50 and 30 because it's pre paid card I got for Xmas lol. Would that be enough? I can't do 50.50 with this stupid card. Sorry for the trouble! Lol
Jan 06 10:21PM
candyhuang815I meant 50.30
Jan 06 10:22PM
candyhuang815But yea go ahead and create it I will buy it. I am so sleepy haha hurry I need this coat in my wardrobe
Jan 06 10:25PM
helenafos@candyhuang815 lol ok got it. The first listing is a candle
Jan 06 10:26PM
helenafos@candyhuang815 yes, that's fine. You can now go ahead and do both listings :)
Jan 06 10:28PM
candyhuang815YESSSS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! sorry for being such a pain in the ass lol. I can finally go to bed!
Jan 06 10:36PM
helenafos@candyhuang815 yay, so glad it worked!!! No worries at all, I'll drop in mail tomorrow. Goodnight!!
Jan 06 10:39PM