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Rebecca Minkoff Black MAC w/ Blue Zipper

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Rebecca Minkoff Black MAC w/ Blue Zipper

Excellent condition, beautiful black pebbly leather with Basketweave accents. Made in NYC exclusive, black dash lining and gold hardware with blue zipper. Dustbag included. Gorgeous!
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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lyss112Hi, @wineland25 ??
Dec 27 01:00PM
tabatha1267Thanks for the shares πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰
Dec 27 01:13PM
diamond1967Thanks for sharing my listing!πŸ’•
Dec 28 09:21AM
Dec 29 03:18AM
jen26vegas@thevelvetdress Sorry, I'm just looking to sell 😊
Dec 29 11:24AM
meghanbehrDoes the bag show any signs of wear?
Dec 31 04:17PM
meghanbehrAnd is it the mini or the regular?
Dec 31 04:18PM
jen26vegas@meghanbehr Hi, no this bag is in excellent condition and this is the regular MAC 😊
Dec 31 04:21PM
meghanbehrWould you be willing to negotiate price if I bought through PayPal?
Jan 01 09:36AM
jen26vegas@meghanbehr I'm sorry I don't use paypal, I only go through poshmark
Jan 01 09:42AM
crlygirlThis is a stunning bag. I love it!
Jan 01 08:18PM
jen26vegas@crlygirl Thank you! 😊
Jan 01 08:25PM
nik1385Wow! I've always wanted a black one! Love the woven detailing too! Would you be willing to trade or negotiate price?
Jan 01 10:43PM
jen26vegas@nik1385 Hi, I don't trade but I can negotiate the price somewhat, let me know if you would like to make an offer 😊
Jan 02 06:43AM
achiang2Could you post a modeling picture? :)
Jan 02 08:48PM
jen26vegas@achiang2 I'm not at home, but tomorrow morning I will tag you when I post the pic 😊
Jan 02 08:54PM
achiang2Thank you!
Jan 03 08:42AM
jen26vegas@achiang2 Sorry, not the best picture, hope it helps 😊
Jan 03 09:48AM
nik1385I know this is ridiculous, but would you be able to do $142? 😁
Jan 04 12:06AM
jen26vegas@nik1385 Hi, I'm sorry that's too low, thanks for the offer though 😊
Jan 04 09:06AM
nik1385@jen26vegas I know :( thanks anyways!
Jan 04 11:11AM
cammimccune13Trade by any chance ?
Jan 05 03:38PM
cammimccune13I have a great closet brand new Jeffrey Campbell boots, true religion, rebecca minkoff! Let me know if you would consider trading with me !
Jan 05 03:49PM
jen26vegas@cammimccune13 Hi, you have a great closet but I'm not looking to trade, sorry!
Jan 05 04:05PM
Jan 05 09:39PM
jen26vegas@rudie1964 Thank you! 😊
Jan 05 09:45PM
taylorjasperingPartial trade? Or $150?
Jan 12 09:38AM
jen26vegas@taylorjaspering Hi, I'm sorry I don't trade and that's too low, but thanks for the offer 😊
Jan 12 09:45AM
foxyalice@jen26vegas how much on PayPal?
Jan 12 03:46PM
jen26vegas@foxyalice Hi, I'm sorry I don't use paypal, I only go through poshmark
Jan 12 04:02PM
foxyalice@jen26vegas ok! What's your absolute lowest on this? It is quite a beauty😍
Jan 13 08:41PM
jen26vegas@foxyalice Thank you, right now the lowest I would go is $195 because I haven't had it listed for that long and it is kind of hard to part with, let me know if you're still interested 😊
Jan 13 08:57PM
foxyalice@jen26vegas def interested but also out of my budget :( would you consider $170?
Jan 15 10:16AM
jen26vegas@foxyalice Hi, $195 is my lowest right now, if I decide to lower I will let you know-thanks for the offer 😊
Jan 15 11:49AM
lboucherStill available for 195?
Jan 24 10:10AM
jen26vegas@lboucher Hi, yes it is-sorry for the late response 😊
Jan 25 01:48PM
lboucherCould you change the price?
Jan 26 11:35AM
jen26vegas@lboucher So sorry for the late response again, I was out of town-price changed for you 😊
Jan 27 12:12PM
Jan 28 09:44PM
akiahCan you hold until Thursday?
Jan 28 09:56PM
jen26vegas@lboucher Hi, are you still interested in purchasing?
Jan 29 07:48AM
lboucherI am but I'm going to have to wait a week. I understand if someone else buys it before I do
Jan 29 10:43AM
jen26vegas@lboucher Ok thanks 😊
Jan 29 10:55AM
jen26vegas@akiah Hi, did you want to purchase tomorrow, and if so did you want me to still hold it?
Jan 29 10:57AM
akiahYes please!
Jan 29 12:12PM
jen26vegas@akiah On hold for you 😊
Jan 29 12:27PM
riahdoesmakeupLet me know if this falls through!
Jan 29 12:29PM
jen26vegas@riahdoesmakeup Will do 😊
Jan 29 12:32PM
akiahMy money should be over shortly. . Can't wait ;)
Jan 30 10:32AM
jen26vegas@akiah Oh no worries, I'm at work until late tonight so I won't be able to ship until tomorrow, hope that's ok 😊
Jan 30 10:41AM
akiahOK that's fine. . I will let you know when I'm ready. :)
Jan 30 10:42AM
akiahI still want this!! For some reason my money didn't come over.. Please continue to hold. It should be some time tomorrow is that ok??
Jan 30 06:36PM
jen26vegas@akiah Sure, just let me know when you're ready 😊
Jan 30 07:19PM
akiahThanks hun!! I sure will ;)
Jan 30 07:27PM
jen26vegas@akiah Hi, are you still going to purchase? I'm going to take it off hold soon so please let me know, thx.
Feb 01 07:39AM
akiahOMG yes!!! I am still waiting on this money :( if you can still hold I would appreciate.
Feb 01 08:20AM
jen26vegas@akiah How much time do you need?
Feb 01 10:19AM
akiahCan you give It until Monday? If not I totally understand.
Feb 01 10:30AM
jen26vegas@akiah Ok, that's fine, but Monday is the latest I will hold 😊
Feb 01 10:42AM
akiahThanks so much sweetie! ! I understand I didn't think it would be this long..
Feb 01 10:43AM
lboucherIf it falls through I'd like to purchase now :)
Feb 02 12:02PM
jen26vegas@lboucher I promised to hold this for another buyer until tomorrow, I will let you know first if it falls through 😊
Feb 02 12:17PM
jen26vegas@akiah Hi, I'm sorry but I took this off hold, if it's still here you can still purchase 😊
Feb 03 06:13PM
jen26vegas@lboucher Hi, this is available if you are still interested 😊
Feb 03 06:14PM
jen26vegas@riahdoesmakeup This is still available 😊
Feb 05 06:32AM
fabspencerTrade. Check out my closet πŸ’ž
Feb 06 09:41PM
jen26vegas@fabspencer Hi, you have a great closet but right now I'm just wanting to sell 😊
Feb 07 08:53AM
lboucherI'm so excited!
Feb 07 01:40PM
jen26vegas@lboucher Sorry, I didn't notice that you purchased this-thank you so much! I will get this shipped tomorrow morning as I'm at work and won't be able to get this to the post office in time. Thanks again, I hope you love it! 😊
Feb 07 01:59PM
jen26vegas@lboucher Hi, I just seen that your name is not on the shipping label, it says "Home", was just making sure that is how you intended. Let me know thx 😊
Feb 07 05:08PM
lboucherLauren Boucher*
Feb 07 05:09PM
jen26vegas@lboucher Ok thanks, I'll write it in 😊
Feb 07 05:13PM
jen26vegas@lboucher Hi, I shipped this on Saturday and it's going to be delivered today but I didn't get an email saying it shipped-just wanted to let you know. Did you get the email that it shipped?
Feb 10 08:44AM
lboucher@jen26vegas I haven't gotten any emails regarding shipping
Feb 10 09:19AM
jen26vegas@lboucher I have the tracking # 9405510899359018164742 poshmark hasn't updated that it is shipped-it says out for delivery today so you should receive it soon 😊
Feb 10 09:59AM
lboucherIt just came!!! I love it thank you!
Feb 10 01:39PM
lboucherIt's also not letting me accept it because it says it hasn't been shipped yet?
Feb 10 01:40PM
jen26vegas@lboucher Oh good, so glad you love it! I emailed Poshmark this morning so hopefully they will update soon, this has never happened to me before, when they update the status I'll tag you so you can accept it for me. Thanks again! 😊
Feb 10 01:55PM

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