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JEFFREY CAMPBELL Distressed Black Spike Boots

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JEFFREY CAMPBELL Distressed Black Spike BootsNWT

Brand new w/ box & dustbags. Limited edition design. Beautiful, distressed, genuine leather boots! Please note that this is" distressed leather" so the light fake "scruffs" are part of the style. True to size 7. Very comfortable. Has back zippers for easy slip on & off. Spike heel details. Easy to dress & will greatly enhance even basic outfits. Great way to add an edge to your look.
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uniqu29Anything lower than that, so I can buy them right now ??
Dec 13 09:48PM
heyjnet@uniqu29 Lowest I can do is $120 so total is $121 since Posh is having a shipping sale right now.
Dec 13 09:52PM
elliestorm@heyjnet would you like to trade for my JC's? Please! :)
Dec 15 08:17PM
heyjnet@elliestorm U have awesome shoes but I need to make more room in my closet so I'm just selling at the moment.
Dec 15 10:57PM
elliestorm@heyjnet not a problem, if they are available in a week and a half I will buy k, after my vacation 😘
Dec 15 11:01PM
heyjnet@elliestorm Awesome, thx! Have a wonderful vacation! 😊
Dec 15 11:34PM
tonilouieLmk if u want to ever trade for my JCs!💋
Dec 16 12:50PM
heyjnet@tonilouie Hi Toni, I'm only selling at the moment but thx for reaching out!
Dec 16 03:43PM
jfzclothingWhat is your lowest $? I'm extremely interested
Dec 16 08:43PM
heyjnet@jfzclothing Hi Juliette, $120 is my absolute lowest. Let me know if u have further questions--thanks! 😊
Dec 16 08:52PM
vlovesclothesHAHAHA "don't call me hun or doll" 😂😂😂 why does everyone use those terms on here?!? Hilarious. Anyways I freaking love these shoes, if they're here after Christmas I will consider buying 😘
Dec 17 11:12AM
heyjnet@vlovesclothes Hi Vicki, thank u for your interest in purchasing. 😊 Hahaha yeah it really peeved me out--It's awkward to call another woman "hun" or "doll"' in person (Unless u r old) so I don't understand why ppl think it's acceptable on Posh! I've even had older women tell me on here that it really bothers them when an 18-year-old does it & they are 40+! 😁
Dec 17 12:53PM
fashionisfunI love these
Dec 27 10:14PM
Dec 29 06:51PM
heyjnet@amanda1227 I'm only trying to sell at the moment.
Dec 30 11:06PM
tonilouie@heyjnet hi there if you're ever willing to trade, i'd be down to trade either of my JC's for this. thanks!
Jan 28 02:34PM
tonilouieoh oops i forgot i commented on this a while back. sorry!
Jan 28 03:22PM
nicole0614Do you want to trade?
Feb 01 11:11AM
heyjnet@nicole0614 I'm only selling at the moment.
Feb 01 12:04PM
joey1234These r sooooo perfect!!!😊
Feb 02 09:10PM
bellarothIf u change the price to 120 I will buy now. These booties are so cute!
Feb 07 07:40AM
heyjnet@bellaroth Just changed for u! 😊
Feb 07 11:01AM
heyjnet@bellaroth Thx Bella! Will ship Monday morning at latest, but I'll try to get it out sooner. Since u live in LA, it will probably only take 1 day to get to u once I get it to the post office.
Feb 07 11:14AM
Feb 07 11:15AM

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