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Black Mango Purse

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    Black Mango PurseNWT

    Chic black Mango purse. Shoulder bag, hand bag, or crossbody bag.
    Seller Discount: 15% off 3+ Bundle
    $5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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    Dec 24 01:41PM
    knhwang@ytarek90 this is the lowest. Thank u for taking a look! ☺️
    Dec 26 11:34PM
    livsan2003Is this one new
    Dec 28 12:00AM
    knhwang@livsan2003 it's new. I bought this from another posher. It's too big for me.
    Dec 28 12:02AM
    kattibenSo cute!
    Jan 25 08:38PM
    knhwang@kattiben thanks 😊
    Jan 25 09:59PM
    Feb 05 10:41PM
    knhwang@thebuffyj thank you! =)
    Feb 05 10:48PM
    mela87Is the price firm?
    Feb 10 07:34AM
    knhwang@mela87 I can do 40 for you.
    Feb 10 07:50AM
    mela87Ok ;) please let me know if still available on Friday...
    Feb 10 10:26AM
    knhwang@mela87 ok. Will do :)
    Feb 10 11:03AM
    knhwang@mela87 Hi! You had asked me to tag you. TGIF. Just wanted to see if you were still interested in this purse. =)
    Feb 14 11:05AM
    mela87Would u hold for me till tomorrow?
    Feb 14 01:05PM
    knhwang@mela87 Ok. =)
    Feb 14 01:06PM
    mela87Thanks 😊
    Feb 14 01:11PM
    knhwang@mela87 hi! Did you still want me to hold this for you or did you change your mind. Just let me know. =) Thanks!
    Feb 18 04:08PM
    mela87I'm so sorry my kids have been sick.. Can u give me a few more days?
    Feb 18 05:15PM
    knhwang@mela87 sure. No prob
    Feb 18 05:19PM
    knhwang@mela87 hi! I Hope your kids are feeling better. Did you still want to purchase? Heading to the post office today and wanted to see if I could mail this out for you. Thanks!
    Feb 24 09:35AM
    pursesnshoos@knhwang your closet is so cute : )
    Mar 21 03:07PM
    lizestradaCan u sell for 30
    Mar 22 02:15AM
    knhwang@lizestrada hi! I can do 45. let me know if this works.
    Mar 22 08:51AM
    knhwang@pursesnshoos thank u! You're so sweet. And thanks for the shares!!!
    Mar 22 08:51AM
    sandradx1Hi! Beautiful bag! Can Youtube post a pic of The inside?
    Mar 23 09:47PM
    fashionsnob26Very nice
    May 02 07:32AM
    shaycbWould you take $35? I would buy right now!! :))
    May 08 04:10PM
    knhwang@shaycb sorry. That's too low. Thank u for the interest.
    May 08 04:10PM
    May 08 04:11PM
    knhwang@shaycb I can do 45
    May 08 04:12PM
    shaycbOkay, thanks anyways! :)
    May 08 04:39PM
    jad331Just read where someone asked u to j's this bag. Why do people do that and when you r kind enough to oblige they "screw you ". Happened to me twice. Never again.
    May 25 04:32AM
    jad331* hold the bag (silly typo)
    May 25 04:33AM
    knhwang@jad331 yea. Not fun! :)
    May 25 10:27AM
    abegailj1Thank you so much for sharing! 😉😉😉
    May 29 08:47PM
    abhope26And this!
    Jun 01 08:41AM
    sassysuzzy@glamgirl79 :-)
    Jun 02 10:07AM
    glamgirl79@sassysuzzy Classic and cute!!
    Jun 02 11:20AM
    charlottefitzSuper cute!!
    Jun 02 04:23PM
    sassysuzzyIs this black patent leather? Can you take a pic of the inside & describe compartments, pockets, zippers plz?
    Jul 10 11:42PM
    lizestradaCan u do 15
    Jul 23 04:44PM
    ebonycocoasucreHi, can you sell this $30..... I will go ahead and pay
    Aug 02 02:46AM
    knhwang@ebonycocoasucre hi I can do 35
    Aug 02 09:33AM
    ebonycocoasucreI don have 35....., I have $30 set for it
    Aug 02 10:03AM
    ebonycocoasucreI want to pay for it..... Won't you sell for $30?
    Aug 02 10:30AM
    knhwang@ebonycocoasucre ok here you fo
    Aug 02 11:39AM
    zizyme@knhwang oh wow! I want this purse so bad! 💕😢 unfortunately don't have enough funds! 😔😊💕
    Aug 02 11:41AM
    zizyme@knhwang hi 😊what materials are these made of Hun? Thanks
    Aug 02 11:43AM

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