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✋HOLD 4 @shoppinaddict34✋ H&M biker-style jacket

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✋HOLD 4 @shoppinaddict34✋ H&M biker-style jacketNWT

Brand new H&M jacket from this season! Fully lined, woven wool blend fabric, biker-style jacket with faux leather sleeves and lapel detail. Asymmetrical zip at front and side zip pockets. Bought online and never worn cuz I have way too many jackets.
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knhwang@rimistyles so cute!!! Too bad too small.
Dec 10 06:04PM
rimistyles@knhwang Thanks! 💕 Debated about listing this one, but I've had it for 2 months now and still haven't worn it. Guess that means I don't need it. Lol!
Dec 10 08:36PM
leesquared@rimistyles no keep this I wanted this but man I can't squeeze a size 2.
Dec 11 09:16AM
rachel0li@saraholicker could be cute for abroad, but may be too small! @rimistyles are you willing to negotiate?
Dec 17 06:29PM
rimistyles@rachel0li Sure! What did you have in mind?
Dec 18 10:55AM
cassied23Would this fit a small/medium?
Dec 18 07:02PM
rimistyles@cassied23 It might be a little snug for sml/med. I wear either a 2 or 4 in H&M and this fits me perfectly. Hope this helps! Lmk if you have any other questions. 😊
Dec 19 03:06PM
lyssaanDo you trade?
Dec 30 11:11PM
rimistyles@lyssaan Sorry I don't trade.
Dec 31 12:00PM
Jan 03 07:37AM
rimistyles@tymangan I'm not at home this weekend, but I found pictures of the model wearing it. I included both pictures so you can see it zipped up and open. I can model the actual jacket for you once I get back on Monday if you still want to see it on.
Jan 03 08:19PM
aliceanHi! Would you please trade?!
Jan 14 12:08AM
nicepieHi, could you go any lower? Thanks)
Feb 04 08:40PM
rimistyles@nicepie Hi, sure price is negotiable. What did you have in mind?
Feb 04 09:26PM
mjxl@leesquared lol!! I see you!!
Feb 05 11:55AM
leesquared@mjxl looool this is my other friend I live next too I saw the jacket in person it's soooo pretty!!!!!
Feb 05 11:58AM
rimistyles@mjxl Lol I see @leesquared all over your listings! Like all the lovely jackets!!!
Feb 05 11:58AM
mjxl@rimistyles thank you! @leesquared hahaha Im meeting all your neighbors!
Feb 05 12:37PM
leesquared@mjxl lol we are together everyweekend listening to our babies (aka the men) drunk debate over football 🍻 @knhwang and @rimistyles lol
Feb 05 12:55PM
mjxl@leesquared lol!!
Feb 05 01:05PM
rimistyles@leesquared @mjxl True story. Lol!
Feb 05 01:51PM
knhwang@mjxl shopping and poshing is the only thing that keeps us same from the drunkeness of football and the arguing back and forth. @leesquared @rimistyles Thank goodness for poshing!
Feb 05 01:53PM
beegeehi! is the gray being sold or black? if black, I will buy it for 50!
Feb 11 12:43AM
rimistyles@beegee Hi it's the gray one.
Feb 11 12:57AM
lukshop@rimistyles Thank you for sharing I love your closet :)
Feb 12 08:31AM
shoppinaddict34@rimistyles hopefully this is here Friday.. 😁
Feb 17 11:38AM
rimistyles@shoppinaddict34 😊
Feb 17 12:44PM
vtviolet@rimistyles hi will you take $45?!
Feb 17 08:29PM
rimistyles@vtviolet Hi, I can do $50.
Feb 18 12:40AM
shoppinaddict34@rimistyles ill buy right now if you change the price to 50.
Feb 18 03:49AM
vtviolet@rimistyles oh that's sound good! Thank you for negotiating with me. $50 sounds good please change price and tag me thxs
Feb 18 06:35AM
rimistyles@vtviolet Actually do you think $52 is ok? It looks like the package will be over 2 lbs and I'll have to upgrade the shipping label. Lmk and I will tag you with the price adjustment. Thanks!
Feb 18 06:19PM
rimistyles@shoppinaddict34 I feel really bad that both of you want this, but @vtviolet negotiated the price with me first. If she doesn't take it, then it's all yours. Hope you understand. Thanks!
Feb 18 06:22PM
shoppinaddict34@rimistyles Hun I totally understand.. No worries😘
Feb 18 06:27PM
vtviolet@rimistyles it ok..I'll pass. I can only do 50 thanks though😊
Feb 19 06:52PM
shoppinaddict34@rimistyles ill still purchase Hun
Feb 20 04:03AM
rimistyles@shoppinaddict34 Are you ok with $52? If you are then just lmk when you're ready to purchase and I'll change the price for you! 😊
Feb 20 03:43PM
shoppinaddict34@rimistyles yes 52 is fine for me, can you hold until tomorrow morning? I'm waiting for a deposit
Feb 20 04:21PM
rimistyles@shoppinaddict34 Sure np! 👍
Feb 20 04:41PM
shoppinaddict34@rimistyles you can change the price now, I'm ready
Feb 21 03:43AM
rimistyles@shoppinaddict34 Ok price changed and ready for you!
Feb 21 02:19PM
rimistyles@shoppinaddict34 Dropped it off at the PO today. Hopefully you'll have it by Tuesday! 😊
Feb 22 06:14PM
sarahek@rimistyles this was cute! Do you remember the brand name or where you got it?
Jul 18 10:02PM
rimistyles@sarahek I got it this past season from H&M. I'm sure you'll see these styles again this winter too. 😊
Jul 18 10:43PM

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