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Kelsi Dagger || Black Suede ROVER Boots

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Kelsi Dagger || Black Suede ROVER Boots

Absolutely amazing boots by Kelsi Dagger • Style is 'Rover' • Black genuine suede with silver studs • Gently used - excellent condition • Inside right boot suede was torn - I had it fixed • Suede isn't even worn in • Includes original box • NO TRADES
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krivera323Gm hun, would you be able to provide measurements of the calf. If possible, Please measure from the interior. Thank uou
Dec 11 05:26AM
roseellinaGood morning @krivera323! The calf circumference is 16inches. I'm not sure if that's what you're asking about, let me know if I can further answer any questions :)
Dec 11 05:32AM
vivacoutureGorgeous boots !!
Dec 11 10:34AM
sbrooksie75Thanks for the share 😁👍. Love these boots btw wish they were my size !
Dec 12 02:33PM
fashionistajayDo they fit true to size?
Dec 17 07:43PM
roseellinaYes @fashionistajay, but they'll also fit a 6.5 and a small 7.5 :)
Dec 17 07:59PM
stelllla21Can u please post more photos? Thanks!
Dec 20 05:39AM
roseellina@stelllla21 what would you like to see?
Dec 20 08:10AM
lilmscrys❄️ Congratulations ❄️ I have chosen this piece from your closet as a 🔱HOST PICK🔱 for tonight's ❄️ WINTER WONDERLAND ❄️ POSH PARTY 12/20/13. ❄️Thank you for following Poshmark's guidelines📜 ❄️ 🎁 HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🎄❄️
Dec 20 07:41PM
vivapancho4393Congrats🎉🎉👏on your very cool HP👌😊
Dec 20 07:44PM
elegantexpressCONGRATS ON YOUR 🎉💕🎈HOST PICK🎉🎈💕
Dec 20 07:48PM
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Dec 20 07:51PM
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Dec 20 07:51PM
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Dec 20 08:03PM
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Dec 20 08:06PM
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Dec 20 10:32PM
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Dec 20 11:13PM
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Dec 23 07:30PM
janicegwHappy holidays and congratulations on your fabulous Host Pick at tonight's Laid Back Glam Party!🎄🎅🎁
Dec 23 07:31PM
tamarismom🎉🎉Congratulation on your Laid Back Glam Host Pick. Well deserved🎉🎉 🎄Happy Holidays!🎁
Dec 23 07:38PM
cody7150Congratulations!! Your item is a Laid Back Glam Host Pick!! Woot!! Woot!!
Dec 23 08:40PM
sakshi9984Congrats on your beautiful Host pick 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Dec 24 12:11AM
shoppingmomaSo...I see how it is being new to the PoshMark community I wasn't sure, but it seems you can have me answer all your questions, meet your shipping directions, package my boots with extra care, and take extra care in protecting the quality of the original box, to then open an investigation with PoshMark saying they were not in condition as listed, and then put them up for sale... I set up my shop to get extra income for my son who has Neurofibromatosis 1 , to help pay for his medical bills, but I would rather go bankrupt than deal with his type of treatment...
Dec 28 08:47PM
roseellinaI really don't appreciate your accusations. I have not listed them for sale. This is my old pair that I was looking to replace. I opened a case because you said they were brand new. They, however, have very apparent wear to the rubber soles and the suede is worn in in several places. Before you accuse others, take a look that these boots were listed about a month ago, before I purchased your pair. I was looking for NEW ones to replace these as they are my favorite boots, but we both know that you sent me a pair of boots that were obviously worn, and more than a few times! @shoppingmoma I'm sorry about your sons problems, but that is entirely irrelevant to this situation. Btw bending a pair of boots in half is not packing with care. And you are the one attacking me, so I'm the one that needs to deal with 'this treatment.'
Dec 28 08:54PM
shoppingmomaFacts, you received my boots today, these boots went up for sale shortly after, ( enough time to take pictures) my boots sold to you are in the identical condition as these ones are...If you can live with yourself and lie that's fine, but it's not the way I work...I have deleted everything else from my closet and will close my account as soon as I receive my money that is owed...Living in Centennial, Colorado, right now I am trying extremely hard to have my Faith in humanity restored, this is not the place for me...In the spirit of Christmas I wish you well...
Dec 28 09:05PM
roseellinaCheck the date of the comments posted. That's the problem. The boots you sent me are in the same condition: used. Except I wore these for well over a year. You specifically mentioned they were brand new. What you choose to do is your prerogative, we can let poshmark settle this. And I have no problems living with myself, imagine my shock when I open a box and there are used shoes in there with hair hanging off the studs. @shoppingmoma
Dec 28 09:08PM
shoppingmomaI'm sorry I do not know how to contact you besides the comments...Yes you listed these on the 11th the same day you bought mine and I apologize, but I swear to you I bought the boots from Hautelook brand new, never wore them except to try them on in my carpeted bedroom, they have been boxed since then except for taking the picture to post them on PoshMark and then to ship to you, if one of my hairs fell out while packaging and I missed it well life happens...How they got to you is the identical way I received them brand new from Hautelook and that is how I sold them...I have not seen a pair of these in store so I would have no other reference point then how I received them so if they were not in the right condition then I apologize...If it's decided they need to be returned I will except that and not try and sell these as brand new again...You have an obviously vast following on here and I do. It mean to cause any trouble really...Thank you
Dec 28 10:12PM
lissettxx78Would you consider taking $75? 😃
Jan 11 04:14PM
roseellinaHi @lissettxx78, if you're willing to purchase now I'll do it :)
Jan 11 04:18PM
lissettxx78Do me a favor, I will like to see more pictures in detail of any defects if any? 😃 I want to see the front and the back of the boot.
Jan 11 04:21PM
roseellinaI've added the pics @lissettxx78. The only thing is the suede on the inside of the right boot is torn but I had it fixed (last pic). Otherwise the boots are in excellent condition, the suede isn't even worn in.
Jan 11 04:37PM
lissettxx78The bottom picture. Is the suede ripped? Inside?
Jan 11 04:37PM
roseellinaYes it got ripped but I had it fixed. @lissettxx78
Jan 11 04:38PM
lissettxx78Hmmm! Idk about the tear. Although its been repaired. Is that why you are selling them? Can you do $65, I will buy them now and we'll call It good? 🙏😃
Jan 11 04:42PM
roseellinaI'm selling them because I purchased another pair @lissettxx78 (I replace shoes if I really love them). The tear in no way affects the integrity of the boots and isn't even visible. I can't go lower than the seventy five though because I'll still need to upgrade the shipping label to accommodate the weight.
Jan 11 04:48PM
lissettxx78I understand, would please consider $70. So that within my budget I spend $75 including shipping? 😇 I promise I won't ask you to go lower than than. And I will make the purchase as soon as you update the price on the listing? 🙏👼 One more thing. Can you tell me approximately how many times these where worn ? 😃
Jan 11 04:57PM
roseellinaI had these for about a year and wore them last winter and this fall @lissettxx78. That's as close as I can say how much they've been worn. I'm sorry but I really can't go lower than seventy five. I'll update the price and you can decide if you'd like them or not :)
Jan 11 05:02PM
lissettxx78Thank you! I think I will wait a purchase them new when I have more money! If still available 👍 I greatly appreciate it😋... Happy poshing 🌸
Jan 11 06:20PM
Jan 17 07:34AM
lmflisa@tribalsister all you !!!
Jan 24 01:08PM
fluffysofaBeautiful!!! $70?💕💕💕
Jan 25 05:45AM
roseellinaHi @fluffysofa I can go no lower than 75 :) Let me know if you'd like me to change the price for you 💕
Jan 25 06:42AM
fashionkillaaaOmg - please let me know if the price ever drops. I need these in my closet.
Feb 04 02:25PM
fashionkillaaaDo you have paypal?
Feb 04 02:32PM
roseellinaHi @fashionkillaaa Poshmark doesn't support PayPal transactions :)
Feb 04 02:33PM
fashionkillaaaWell that's not enough to stop everyone so I was just asking!
Feb 04 02:37PM
kris_talWhy can't these be 6?! 🙈
Feb 08 02:09AM
Feb 08 02:29PM
roseellinaNo @josse
Feb 08 02:32PM
Feb 08 07:33PM
roseellinaThanks for sharing! Enjoy your fabulous party! Xoxo 💕🎉✨@finchen
Feb 08 07:35PM
cody7150Congratulations on your Fabulous Host Pick! 👏👏👏💃💃💃🎉🎉🌹👑🌹🎉🎉💃💃💃👏👏👏
Feb 08 07:37PM
tayresa83Congratulations🎉on your Date👫Nite Host Pick!!🎉🍸👠👗
Feb 08 07:39PM
vivapancho4393These boots are so cool😍Congrats🎉👏❤🎉
Feb 08 07:55PM
mands13🎉❤️ What a perfectly lovely date night host pick. Congrats! ❤️🎉
Feb 08 08:53PM
ehmmbeeTrue to size or are they big or smaller?
Feb 11 01:58PM
roseellinaTrue to size :) @ehmmbee
Feb 11 01:58PM
wssmithLove love these!!
Feb 13 08:20AM
roseellinaThey're amazing! Hands down my favorite boots of all time @wssmith Let me know if you have any questions or would like to bundle anything :)
Feb 13 03:29PM
wssmithYes they are very cute.!!♥♡♥
Feb 13 05:29PM
Feb 20 03:08AM
caligirl22Do you trade Hun?
Feb 28 01:30AM
vivacoutureGorgeous !!
Feb 28 11:33PM
Mar 03 06:11AM
tastebluebookI'm not even close to cool enough to be able to pull these off, but they're absolutely fab. The classic shape with the edgy details? PERFECT.
Mar 07 06:28AM
cody7150Congratulations on your Fabulous Host Pick! 👏💃🎉🌟
Mar 11 07:16PM
bwengerCongrats on your fabulous host pick tonight! I hope it sells soon 😘💕🍷
Mar 11 07:18PM
allureofbrazil.•*¨*.¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*• 🎉🎊  CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR HOST PICTURE FOR TONIGHT PARTY  ¨*.¸.•*¨`*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•.  ⒶⓁⓁⓊⓇⒺ ⓄⒻ ⒷⓇⒶⓏⒾⓁ
Mar 11 07:24PM
ginap7777Congratulations in your host pick!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
Mar 11 07:26PM
roseellinaThanks for the host picks! @acephalous Loving all your choices so far! 😘✌️
Mar 11 07:59PM
Mar 11 08:04PM
kayhezzI wish these were my size :(
Mar 26 12:27PM
nikkibuddyI wish these were my size. Love em.
Mar 26 05:38PM
aprils2ndcloset💖Oh, my, these are AMAZING!💖Shared💖
Mar 27 08:03AM
Mar 29 01:05PM
emilygeorge_777Can you go $70 please really like
Apr 01 03:10PM
roseellinaAre you ready to purchase now? @emilygeorge_777
Apr 01 03:13PM
emilygeorge_777Nope just asking cause they are torn
Apr 01 03:21PM
roseellinaWhy make an offer and waste both our time if you have no interest in purchasing? @emilygeorge_777
Apr 01 03:27PM
indigopuffinI really 💖💖💖 these
May 05 04:18AM
roseellinaThey're fantastic boots! @indigopuffin Let me know if you have any questions ✌️💕
May 05 08:55AM
indigopuffin@roseellina they are awesome! Makes me wish I hadn't bought boots already
May 06 11:32PM
stephraysalaI love your closet
Aug 31 09:52PM
hisangel01Are these sold
Sep 08 07:34AM
roseellinaNo @hisangel01
Sep 08 10:28AM
Sep 08 07:39PM
ksenia_shWill you take $50?
Sep 15 08:36AM
roseellinaI can't, sorry @ksenia_sh
Sep 15 10:06AM
marcybinLove these boots!!
Sep 30 09:15AM
roseellinaThank you for shopping my closet @sheriras. I'll ship tomorrow, hope you love them!
Oct 14 10:48PM
sherirasThx! Looking forward to getting them :)
Oct 14 10:51PM

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