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Set of Knuckle Rings

Comes with all 4! These are adjustable rings as well so it fits any size!
Seller Discount: 10% off 4+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
lovealwaysbaba@tayawade93 thanks for the like! Interested love??
Dec 18 02:51PM
tayawade93It's rad but I gotta save my money for holiday shopping 🙍
Dec 18 02:58PM
lovealwaysbaba@tayawade93 I know what u mean. I m trying so hard not to shop on poshmark cause I know I m going to spend what I don't have. Holidays r kickin me in the a$$
Dec 18 03:59PM
aryan28@lovealwaysbaba $10?
Jan 09 04:05AM
amandaaaaaaalHey love would you do $12?
Jan 13 05:33AM
lovealwaysbaba@lrodewald63 thanks for the likes beautiful. Interested in bundling? Pls don't hesitate to ask me any questions! Have a nice day.
Feb 26 10:48AM
lucifexxWould you sell the middle one separate on pp?
Apr 12 08:02AM
lovealwaysbaba@lucifexx sorry I don't do PayPal
Apr 12 10:58AM
ecgirlyAre these sterling silver or silvertone?
Apr 26 01:00PM
lovealwaysbaba@ecgirly this is just costume jewelry.
Apr 26 05:26PM
ecgirlyOk. Thanks for letting me know
Apr 26 07:30PM
sinfuleeCan I ask you if knuckle rings are made differently or if they're just smaller? Because I have smaller fingers and I'm always looking for a pinky ring but they're always too big so I was wondering if a knuckle ring could just do the trick?
May 18 10:28AM
lovealwaysbaba@sinfulee yes these should do the trick plus it's adjustable u can make them smaller
May 18 12:08PM
lucifexxHow much for one?
Jun 24 08:13PM
lovealwaysbaba@lucifexx this is sold as a set😉
Jun 24 09:38PM
bsharp34Love these!!
Jun 30 09:51AM
lovealwaysbaba@aryan28 @amandaaaaaaal 👆👆👆
Jul 02 05:42PM
lovealwaysbaba@bsharp34 thank u☺️
Jul 02 05:43PM
bsharp34Still available?
Jul 02 08:14PM
lovealwaysbaba@bsharp34 yes maam
Jul 02 11:57PM
lovealwaysbaba@rahab thanks for the purchase! I will be on vacay till wed and will ship this out no later than Thursday. Hope that's okay.
Jul 14 11:01AM
rahabThat's fine!!
Jul 14 04:23PM
lovealwaysbaba@rahab hello there! Unfortunately I was not able to find these rings, it's driving me nuts!💆 so sorry for the delay and thank u so much for ur patience. Is there anything else in my closet that u may like close to this price? I can ship out another item instead.. If not, I will be happy to refund u ASAP. Pls lmk and again so sorry, this has never happened to me before. Watch after all this guarantee those rings will pop up out of no where😖
Jul 19 03:27PM
lovealwaysbaba@rahab 👆
Jul 19 09:08PM

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