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Authentic Marc by Marc Jacobs pink satchel. Has a detachable shoulder strap!!
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Dec 10 01:55PM
loves1991Interested wats ur lowest?
Dec 29 03:24AM
raptureretail@loves1991 I can do $150
Dec 29 08:00AM
kemalicious@raptureretail ❤️❤️❤️ this color! Does this bag come with a dust cover?
Jan 23 05:26PM
kemalicious@raptureretail what's the condition?
Jan 23 05:32PM
raptureretail@kemalicious This MARC JACOBS is in excellent condition!!! I don't have the dust bag.
Jan 23 06:10PM
raptureretail@kemalicious Just double checked, and it does come with a dust bag!!!
Jan 23 07:05PM
kemalicious@raptureretail hi sorry I fell asleep. That's great that it comes with a dust bag! If it's not too much could you post pics of the inside? Pls and thank you
Jan 24 05:01AM
kemalicious@raptureretail will buy this bag today. Will you take $145?!
Jan 24 07:43AM
raptureretail@kemalicious Yes I can do $145.
Jan 24 09:00AM
kemalicious@raptureretail ok! That will great! Is the inside in great condition?
Jan 24 09:02AM
kemaliciousCould you post a pic of the inside?! @raptureretail
Jan 24 09:03AM
raptureretail@kemalicious Yes it is great & perfect condition inside & out!! I posted more pics!!
Jan 24 09:25AM
kemalicious@raptureretail thank you! No stains inside or outside of the bag?
Jan 24 09:30AM
kemalicious@raptureretail it does look to be in perestroika condition!!!
Jan 24 09:30AM
raptureretail@kemalicious No stains :)
Jan 24 09:31AM
kemalicious@raptureretail ok sold!!! Change the price pls!!!!😃
Jan 24 09:32AM
raptureretail@kemalicious Changed the price already!! I will ship it out today :). Thank you!!
Jan 24 09:33AM
kemalicious@raptureretail thank you so so much! 😃😃
Jan 24 09:35AM
kemalicious@raptureretail what's the style name of this bag? And where did you purchase this?
Jan 24 12:09PM
raptureretail@kemalicious I don't know the name/style of handbag. Rapture Retail & Resale is a resale store in Texas. We purchase items from customers everyday!!
Jan 24 12:47PM
kemalicious@raptureretail oh ok. Well this was good find! I'm glad this person decided to get rid of it lol! Thanks again
Jan 24 12:54PM
kemalicious@raptureretail hi thanks for the bag ❤️❤️ it! It's really in great condition! Just thought it would be as bright as the first pic! Doesn't pop like I though guy would. Thanks again! I'm sure I'll be back to shop in your closet!
Jan 27 07:11PM
kemaliciousAlso it's smaller than it looks on your arm.
Jan 28 01:50AM

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