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New Coach Handbag

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New Coach Handbag

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sazmubarak@megcatlew @kristinboniface interested ?
Nov 26 10:24AM
Nov 26 12:51PM
wildkatt07Love this bag
Nov 26 04:05PM
sazmubarak@wildkatt07 feel free to make an offer Hun ! And I gave better discounts with bundles :)
Nov 26 04:09PM
Dec 04 10:17AM
Dec 17 02:58PM
sazmubarak@mckirdy626 I can give you 2 slippers for free with this :)
Dec 17 02:58PM
mckirdy626Hi I wish I can't afford it now if still avail after Xmas lil high for me right now
Dec 17 03:01PM
sazmubarak@mckirdy626 ok I understand :) thank for all the shares and love :)
Dec 17 03:02PM
mckirdy626Anytime I will check back on it and I'll let u no later on slippers
Dec 17 03:16PM
sazmubarak@mckirdy626 ok thanks:)
Dec 17 03:17PM
sazmubarak@fendilover Interested hun :) ?
Dec 19 04:46PM
sazmubarak@alexa510 interested hun :) ?
Dec 20 06:29PM
sazmubarak@faircloth08 interested hun :) ?
Dec 22 06:06PM
faircloth08@sazmubarak just liking for now 😍
Dec 22 06:07PM
sazmubarak@mswest509 interested hun :) ?
Dec 30 06:43PM
sazmubarak@htpham0 interested hun :) ?
Jan 01 06:08PM
sazmubarak@katyjessen interested Hun :) ?
Jan 02 09:16AM
sazmubarak@m_kuhn interested hun :) ?
Jan 02 03:21PM
sazmubarak@valval1234 interested Hun :) ?
Jan 07 06:29PM
sazmubarak@strongwoman2 interested hun ?
Jan 10 07:33PM
strongwoman2This is nice but the price is too high I don't go through pp thanks for your time
Jan 10 07:37PM
sazmubarak@sprinkles89 interested hun :) ?
Jan 12 02:57PM
sazmubarak@jplata interested Hun :) ?
Jan 15 06:01PM
kimickWill u do 200$??
Jan 20 10:21AM
sazmubarak@kimick $260 pp including shipping
Jan 20 10:25AM
Jan 22 05:53PM
sazmubarak@pinkerly interested Hun :) ?
Jan 23 08:44PM
sazmubarak@kimick If youre still interested feel free to make an offer , I will most likely accept any reasonable offer
Jan 25 11:48AM
sazmubarak@@sivejey interested Hun :) ?
Feb 09 07:31PM
sazmubarak@cassdfashion interested Hun :) ?
Feb 09 07:39PM
sazmubarak@yhernandez63 interested Hun ?
Feb 24 06:59PM
sazmubarak@cryquan interested hun :) ?
Feb 24 07:30PM
sunkissed1243Fab bag love it...
Mar 01 06:57AM
Mar 01 08:08AM
Mar 07 12:44PM
sazmubarak@deede2014 really !!
Mar 07 12:47PM
deede2014No one else makes offers!
Mar 07 12:50PM
christy_wWhat kinda bundle would you do for this one and the pink duffle coach handbag? Do you know what one I'm talking about
Mar 08 03:50PM
sazmubarak@christy_w if you're talking about the $240 coach bag, I can do $480 for both
Mar 08 06:43PM
missamy1226Gorgeous bag!
Mar 09 10:51AM
sazmubarak@fireykorean Interested :)?
Mar 14 09:30PM
fireykorean@sazmubarak I like it, but it is waaay out of my price range. You have a great closet! :) Keeping in my likes for now!
Mar 14 09:35PM
Mar 20 05:37PM
addy10Love very nice
Mar 21 10:49AM
addy10Do you trade ???
Mar 21 10:50AM
Mar 27 02:06PM
sazmubarak@desireedayy $250
Mar 27 02:25PM
desireedayyI can't do that right now sorry
Mar 27 02:28PM
shannydale22Has it ever been used before?
Mar 28 07:29AM
sazmubarak@shannydale22 no never, I guarantee you its100% new
Mar 28 07:30AM
shannydale22Would you go any less than $300?
Mar 28 07:52AM
sazmubarak@shannydale22 I can do $250
Mar 28 07:54AM
shannydale22Wow. That would be awesome!! Do you do payment plans or deposits at all?
Mar 28 08:48AM
sazmubarak@shannydale22 sorry I don't
Mar 28 08:49AM
shannydale22Oh okay. Would you be able to give me the length and height of the bag?
Mar 28 09:13AM
sazmubarak@shannydale22 sure ! I'm at school now so I'll get back to you after school today :)
Mar 28 09:21AM
shannydale22Okay, great! Thank you so much!!! :)
Mar 28 10:16AM
shannydale22Hey girl.. Were you able to get the measurements for the bag?
Mar 28 05:48PM
sazmubarak@shannydale22 approximately 13" length by 15" width
Mar 28 06:29PM
Mar 31 09:20PM
sashab5Is the long strap removable?
Jun 06 09:16AM
sazmubarak@sashab5 I'll check for you now
Jun 06 09:19AM
Jun 06 09:21AM
jgiblin@sazmubarak 225?
Aug 27 04:23AM
jgiblin@sazmubarak what do you think? 225?
Aug 27 01:57PM
sazmubarak@jgiblin yes I can do $225 lmk when you're ready
Aug 28 11:20AM
jgiblin@sazmubarak I'm ready
Aug 28 12:29PM
sazmubarak@jgiblin price changed :) thanks
Aug 28 12:30PM
jgiblin@sazmubarak done! Thank you
Aug 28 12:31PM
sazmubarak@jgiblin you're welcome :) will ship out tomorrow
Aug 28 12:32PM
jgiblin@sazmubarak did this get shipped?
Aug 30 04:43PM
sazmubarak@jgiblin yes today !
Aug 30 04:43PM
jgiblin@sazmubarak I still don't have any confirmation this was shipped?
Sep 02 06:17PM
sazmubarak@jgiblin I swear I've shipped this item few days ago along with another bag I sold. And I received notifications from poshmark today asking me to ship the items out, however they are shipped but my scanned by USPS yet. If we don't receive shipment confirmation emails by tomorrow I will go to USPS tomorrow and ask why they haven't been scanned yet.
Sep 02 06:20PM
jgiblin@sazmubarak ok, let me know
Sep 02 06:52PM
shelbdog@sazmubarak I no this is already sold, but do you by chance remember the name of it? I'm in love with this bag and can't find it anywhere!! Thank you in advance for your time!
Aug 02 08:23AM

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